The Common Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms are the signs your period is coming soon. They vary in the combination of signs, intensity, and person, from person to person and among menstrual cycles. However, when you begin to feel unusual, about two weeks from your expected menstrual period date, know that signs your period is coming have started.

While some women have subtle signs of their impending period, others may have symptoms that render them unable to carry out their normal daily activities. However, every woman, at one time in their productive life, has or will experience premenstrual syndrome. Generally, the signs that your period is around the corner are influenced by the dropping and rising levels of hormones in the body.

In this article, we will help you identify the signs you should look out for to ascertain that your period is around the corner. As an incentive, if you read this article to the end, we will also answer some top questions you have asked search engines about signs to look out for if your period isn’t coming.

 What Are the Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow?

The signs of an impending period are commonly referred to as a premenstrual syndrome, PMS. Therefore, we can tag this article to be talking about signs of PMS. However, the signs we will discuss usually appear and last for some days before your menstruation, helping you know that your monthly flow is only some days away.

Without delay, here are some of the signs your period is coming tomorrow:


One of the common signs your period is coming is your inability to get adequate sleep despite being tired. This may be due to an increased sensitivity to light and sound, or as a result of an increase in your core temperature. Whatever the reason may be, it is usually associated with the fluctuation in the amounts of progesterone and hormone in your body.

Some days to your period, the endometrium begins to shed as the levels of progesterone drops in the body. The activity in your uterus also increases your core temperature. The combined effects of these may cause a lack of sleep.


Facial and skin breakouts are common when your period approaches. Acne and pimples begin to pop out from different parts of your face and skin. In some cases, this is a reaction to the changes your body is going through.

However, it can also cause some emotional and physical discomfort, depending on how severe the breakout is, and when it occurs. Regardless, there are some treatments for acne breakouts.

Heavy and sore breasts

signs your period is coming - heavy breasts
Heavy and sore breasts

You may feel that your breasts are heavier than they used to be. You may also notice that the areola and nipple area is tender to touch, probably when you’re wearing a bra. Remember that before menstruation occurs, your body prepares itself for pregnancy. Therefore, the level of progesterone in your body increases.

One of the signs that announce the increase in the progesterone level in a woman is the preparation of the breasts for feeding an infant, hence, the heaviness and tenderness of your breasts.


Most women feel abdominal cramps during their monthly period. However, it is a sign that your period is around the corner for some women. It may last till the first day of the period for the latter set of women, and in the former set, it may last till the second period day.

Abdominal cramps that tell of an impending period usually affect the lower part of the abdomen. It may be attributed to the muscular contraction that occurs when the thickened endometrial layer of the uterus begins to disintegrate.


You may experience some headaches when your period is close by. If you usually get migraines, you can expect to have headaches before your period. Although there are claims that some chemicals in the brain influence the signs that predate your period, they are not proven.

However, there is a possibility that the stress of being unable to get adequate sleep contributes to the premenstrual headaches you feel.

Mood swings

Shuffling between feeling happy and sad, to different degrees is common when your period is almost here. Mood swings are one of the common signs that women experience before and during menstruation. It may be due to the fluctuation in the brain chemicals.

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Mood swings may also include crying spells and feelings of anger and irritation.

Digestive Issues

It is possible that you are unable to digest food as well as you normally would. When this happens, you may have diarrhea or get constipated. However, after some days, you’ll be able to feed, digest, and excrete as you normally do.

Note that some over-the-counter medications may help to relieve constipation and diarrhea. However, if the diarrhea is severe, consult your doctor.

Feeling bloated

While some people may have diarrhea, others may find it difficult to pass stool. Also, some people may pass stool, but feel bloated and gassy. This is usually because of hormonal fluctuation, leading to water retention in the body.

You can reduce this by cutting down on your salt consumption and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, don’t neglect exercise.

Pain in the lower back

signs your period is coming - lower back pain
Pain in the lower back

The pain of premenstrual and menstrual cramps is not isolated to the abdomen alone. When the uterine lining is being disintegrated, the muscular contraction may extend to your lower back, and sometimes, thighs.


Anxiety levels during periods leading to menstruation usually increase, as do depression. This is usually due to the unbalanced prostaglandins, especially in the brain, causing the hypersensitivity or inhibition of certain brain chemicals.

What Are the Signs That Your Period is Not Coming?

An absent period when it should be present points to two things – pregnancy or late period. when your period does not appear when it should, it is either because your body is late in breaking down the uterine walls that have thickened in preparation for pregnancy, or pregnancy has occurred, if you had unprotected sex during ovulation.

However, there are signs that may point to pregnancy, but they do not confirm your pregnancy status until you undergo a pregnancy test.

On the other hand, signs that your period isn’t coming may point to a late period, and the signs may present as pregnancy symptoms, such as:

Flash Heat – the sudden hotness that occurs, usually during the night. It is one of the reasons many pregnant women experience difficulty sleeping at night.

Frequent urination – you may begin to visit the toilet to urinate more frequently.

Nausea and morning sickness – by far the commonest symptom of pregnancy. It is usually common during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Note that these signs that your period is not coming may appear as a result of your thoughts, that is, they may be psychological. Do a pregnancy test and other necessary tests, such as testing for PCOS, to ascertain the absence of your period.


The menstrual cycle includes the monthly shedding of the uterine lining through menstruation. However, there are signs that point to how close your period is, and they include insomnia, breast tenderness, and breakouts, among others.

When you feel your period is late, do a pregnancy test to be sure you’re not pregnant. Then, visit a doctor to ascertain the cause.

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