How hormonal changes affect sexual desire

If somebody is experiencing a lack of interest in the bedroom, there could be several causes. People with a low sex drive can rest assured, it is very normal. There are many things to consider when addressing the loss of sex drive.

They may be going through something that is physically, mentally, or hormonally affecting their sex drive. Testosterone is the hormone that affects sex drive in the body. Men have more testosterone in their bodies than women.

The dominant sex hormones in women are estrogen and progesterone but females also naturally produce testosterone. Sex drive, or "libido" can be affected by various internal and external aspects of a person's lifestyle. Adopting healthy behaviors and routines can help regulate hormone levels naturally.

Men and women can both suffer from various causes of sexual dysfunction. Men and women of all ages can experience reduced sex drive if they have low testosterone levels. Taking medications like birth control, also known as hormonal contraceptives, will affect testosterone levels.

People who suffer from physical pain in their bodies may experience sexual dysfunction. Severe mental stress can also contribute to sex drive loss. Many factors must be considered to find the root cause.

What conditions can cause hormone decline?

When men experience low testosterone it can be a symptom of other underlying medical issues. Testicle injury and infections can cause hormone levels to change. Chronic illnesses, hormonal disorders, as well as men with testicular cancer can experience a decrease in testosterone after surgery or chemotherapy.

Some medical conditions can be hard to detect but can be very threatening to a person's health. Due to the serious nature of some ailments, it is important to seek medical attention to prevent further illness.

Prolonged periods without regular physical activity can cause men and women to develop health challenges that can affect testosterone levels. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and type 2 diabetes can all cause testosterone levels to drop. Keeping an active lifestyle is best for a healthy libido.

What affects testosterone levels?

A person usually has very high levels of testosterone when they are young. When a young person experiences low testosterone they should seek out a doctor's opinion. Adolescents with low testosterone may have serious medical conditions contributing to hormone levels. The amount of testosterone a person has is reduced as they age. It is normal to go through this over time.

Other external factors experienced in life such as substance use affect libido. Drugs and alcohol may affect sex drive. A person's mental state can also contribute. If the passion in a relationship has gone, the sex drive may go with it.

A couple may take steps to reignite the fire in their relationship or explore other causes of the lack of passion. Leading a passionless life is not good for anyone. Outside of hormonal irregularities, psychological state play a role in a person's sex drive as well. A person might seek out counseling if they are experiencing other frustrations with their life.

A medical professional can rule out serious medical conditions and prescribe a care plan. Hormone replacement therapy can easily be used to regulate testosterone levels in the body. Deficiencies in hormones and psychological conditions can be addressed with the help of a specialist.

What to change?

Lifestyle changes may also be required to treat libido issues. If a person is willing to make some slight changes to their lifestyle, low sex drive can be a thing of the past. It is normal for people of all ages to experience hormonal irregularities. It is important to seek out the help of a doctor to address all serious conditions.

Lack of interest in sex can be concerning at first. With the proper help of a professional, both men and women can easily address hormonal irregularities and any sexual dysfunction. Modifying components of one's lifestyle may benefit testosterone levels.

Lifestyle changes should be determined by your doctor. People suffering from a lack of interest in sex do not need to feel ashamed or alone. Low libido is common among all genders and age groups. Luckily it is easily treated. When feeling low sex drive, it is helpful to seek out the help of a professional. They can help to prescribe the correct treatment to help reignite the passion in the bedroom.


Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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