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This blog has been founded and is run by Isreal olabanji and a team of professional writers from different parts of the world.

About Isreal olabanji DST, RN CEO, Healthsoothe.com

Israel is a dental assistant with 10 years of experience in assisting dentists with all sorts of dental issues.

Am a registered dental assistant who earns a professional certificate in dental surgery assistant I have worked in several dental clinics including Federal and Private hospitals. I created Healthsoothe® as a health and dental care company that directly enlightened dentists, dental specialists, orthodontics, dental labs, fitness, weight loss, food & nutrition, skincare, home remedies and trustworthy medical news.


  • Founder and CEO Healthsoothe.com Health & Dental care, 2016 – Present
  • Clinical Director Healthsoothe and Isreal olabanji services world LLC 2019- Present
  • Community Dental Health Professions- 2016 present
  • Certificate of Induction -2016 present
  • Relevance of periodontal health to systemic health in contemporary dental practice. 2017


  • Federal university of technology.
  • College of Health Technology

Research Experience

  • Dept. of Endocrinology, Univ. of Connecticut
  • Dept. of Biology, Washington University (Laboratory Technician II)
  • Dept. of Nephrology, Washington University (Research Assistant)
  • Dental surgery Assistant
  • Dept. of Cell Biology, Washington University (Research Assistant)
  • Relevance of periodontal health to systemic health in contemporary dental practice. 2017


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