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8 Effective Tips To Improve Hospital Management

Hospitals are complex organizations. There is so much going on every time that proper communication and effective management becomes a challenge. Many administrators worry...

Cost of Ultrasound Scan in Nigeria (2021): All You Need to Know

You may have heard its name before and may have wondered its use, or perhaps you may have heard it is used for pregnant...

Cost of Dental Braces in Nigeria (2021): All You Need to Know

Normally, children predominantly wear Braces as kids typically have dentition problems such as crowded or protruding teeth. However, nowadays, the demand for dental braces...

Cost of Treating Hepatitis B in Nigeria (2021): All You Need to Know

Today, we are going to be looking at Hepatitis B and the Cost of Treating Hepatitis B in Nigeria. What is Hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is a...

Cost of Endoscopy in Nigeria (2021): All You Need to Know

One of the most popular and most versatile of all these procedures in endoscopy, am going to tell you all about it including the...

The Average Physiotherapist’s Salary in Nigeria

The average Physiotherapist’s salary in Nigeria is over a million naira. One of the motivations for doing our jobs is the pay that comes...

Cost of Medical Check-up in Nigeria

The high cost of medical check-up in Nigeria, also called routine health examination, is one of the reasons you will find very few Nigerians...

List of Fatty Foods in Nigeria

It is difficult to find exclusively fatty foods in Nigeria. unlike other parts of the world, Africa, and Nigeria has limited food choices due...
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