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How Rehab Helps People Maintain Sobriety

Addiction is an everyday battle for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Abstinence can be a very difficult task without the proper support...

Cost of DNA test in Nigeria in 2021: All you need to know

There are many reasons why people desire DNA tests and in Nigeria today, DNA tests have become very popular as it has been trending...

4 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home

Treating yourself might seem like a luxury, but it’s a worthwhile investment to improve your physical and mental health. Hence, take a day to...

Face Mask Dos and Don’ts in 2021

For months now, you have been taking every reasonable precaution to avoid getting COVID-19. You have washed your hands more times than you can...

How To Order Contacts Without Prescription?

Contact lenses are worn by individuals who have their eyes. Many people also opt for them as an alternative option for glasses. Many individuals...

Cost of Hysteroscopy in Nigeria (2021): All you need to know

A hysteroscopy is a procedure used to inspect, diagnose, and treat problems of the uterus or womb. The procedure involves a thin, telescope-like camera...

Strength training for runners

Having a good running exercise in your daily routine can be very effective in maintaining the fitness of your body. But, having run in...

How to Plank longer: Top 5 Plank tips.

A lot of people seeing someone plank thinks of it as an easy and effortless task. But, when they do it themselves, they realize...


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