Quick Facts About Aphrodisiac

Definition Substance that is alleged to increase libido, sexual desire, sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior
TypesNatural (foods, herbs) and synthetic aphrodisiacs
Historical UseMany cultures have a history of using aphrodisiacs for enhancing sexual experiences
Mechanism of ActionNot fully understood, but is believed to increased blood flow to genitals, enhanced hormone production, blocked hormone production, or stimulated neurotransmitter release
EffectivenessLimited scientific proof of their effectiveness but anecdotal reports of positive results
SafetySome can be dangerous, especially in high doses or without medical supervision
AlternativesHealthy lifestyle choices such as: sufficient sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management, reduced alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, improved communication with partner, seeking medical advice for sexual health concerns

As a man, one of the biggest pressures you will face during the course of your life is to use drink to last longer in bed. In other words, you will seek out ways to help yourself last longer in bed, that is, sexually satisfy your woman, even on your bad days. The terms, “Indomie man”, “1-minute man”, “Man wey no sabi do”, are not names you will want to be called.

In Nigeria, there are some locally accepted and popular drinks that help men last longer in bed. Some of them are scientifically proven to help sustain erection for longer periods while others can elongate the period for sexual gratification by delaying ejaculation. However, there are some that have no proven efficacy but may be safe to use while others are outrightly illegal.

These drinks are mostly herbal and they may be alcoholic, although some of them can be prepared without alcohol. You can find them where herbs and concoction ingredients are commonly sold. Some are even hawked around the streets, especially in the evenings.

In this article, you will get all the information you need concerning drinks to help you last longer in bed. You will understand the probable causes of your short duration during sex with women, how you can tackle the problem of losing erection during sex, and putting a stop to premature ejaculation, especially when you’ve not gotten into the thick of things yet.

What Does it Mean to Last Longer in Bed?

To last longer in bed means to be able t o perform your sexual duties for longer than you usually do. If you are interested in this piece, it means you probably suspect that you do not satisfy your sexual partner because it takes little time for you to go from the excitement phase of sexual arousal to the climax, that is, orgasm. Due to this short sexual satisfaction duration, your sexual partner may not experience the same satisfaction.

The term “To last longer in bed” is usually used when talking about men who do not give their women sexual satisfaction, usually because they ejaculate on time or lose erection and are unable to continue the sexual act, leaving their women unsatisfied and frustrated.

Although the biological make-up of a man and a woman’s sexual journey to climax are similar, they still have some differences. To get the best out of yourself, sexually, and satisfying your woman, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, tweak some notions and thoughts you have taken as the sexual norm, and, in some cases, use some drinks to last longer in bed.

Why Can’t I Last Longer in Bed?

Lasting long in bed doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours on sexual intercourse without ejaculating or getting blue balls after sex. It means being able to give your partner the best sexual experience while you get the same sexual satisfaction. The common denominator in achieving this is time. While some people may need more than 15 minutes to go from excitement to climax, others may need less time.

Generally, the reasons behind not being able to last long in bed stems from one of the following reasons:

Stress and Anxiety

This is arguably the leading cause of weak sexual performance among men. It can be responsible for both quick ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men. Among younger men, whose bodies can better handle stress, anxiety has the higher likelihood of causing weak sexual performance.

The anxiety and stress may be work, relationship, family-related in older men. However, in younger men, it is usually anxiety about sex itself. They are unsure of what their performance will be and the type of reaction they will get from the woman concerned.

Stress hormone, Cortisol, is an inhibitor of libido as it is secreted when the body and mind is stressed. This may cause the sexual performance of some men to dip by increasing the blood sugar level, raising blood pressure and reducing the secretion of testosterone.


Sex is as psychological as it is physical. A distraction from the sexual act may have a negative impact on the quality of sex you and your partner can get. If a man, who has been unable to last long in bed, is to engage in a sexual act with a lady, there is a high chance he will perform as he usually does, provided all things remain the same.

The mind is a huge part of sex, which is why having sex when the mind is unstable, seem to help some men last longer in bed – especially when they have used alcohol.


Also, as men grow older, there is a reduced production of testosterone in the body. Also, the chances of having type II diabetes and high blood pressure increases. Therefore, it is expected that the excellent sexual performance of a man’s youthful days, cannot be maintained in old age.

How to Last Longer in Bed?

One of the surest ways to sell a product in Nigeria (and in the world) today, is to market it as an aphrodisiac that help men satisfy women better in bed. The stigma attached to not being able to sexually satisfy a woman, although not often talked about, is enormous. This is probably due to the societal perception of men as sexual beings and women as being less so.

However, the strength and quality of a romantic and sexual relationship is greatly improved when sexual satisfaction of both partners are met. This is the reason you need to be able to last longer in bed. Here are some ways you can employ to last longer in bed.


Adequate rest to recover from stress and anxiety, helping the body get rid of cortisol, is one of the best ways to help you last longer in bed. When the body is rid of cortisol that inhibits the production of testosterone, causes increased heartbeat, and reduces the chances of maintaining erection, there is a general improvement in the sexual experience of the concerned male and his sexual partner.


Exercise To Help Last Longer In Bed

Exercises help the body to improve the cardiovascular health, which is important in keeping up with the rigors of sexual intimacy. Exercises also help to burn excess fat in the body, increase blood flow, instigates good rest, all of which consequently improves the physical and mental well-being of a man. It also helps to last longer in bed as you do not go out of breath easily, and the increased blood flow means your penis remains turgid for longer.


We are what we eat. Therefore, there are foods and drinks to help last longer in bed. Some of these foods are common foods but there is a high chance that some of the drinks that help last longer in bed may be strange to most men.

Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish are good for improved sexual performance. Also, there are proven drinks, such as herbs for hormonal imbalance that influence how long a man lasts in bed.


While there are medications called Viagra, available for men to use in order to improve their sexual performances, such as lasting longer in bed and maintaining stronger erection for longer. There are also local herbs and drinks that help to last longer in bed.

Common Drinks to help you Last Longer in Bed

Some of the drinks that can be classified as diets and medications that help men last longer in bed include the following:

  • Bitters

Bitters are herbs that are infused with alcohol or water. They are common among men in Nigeria, and they are said to be good at helping men perform better in bed. Some of the common bitters that you can drink to last longer in bed can be identified by their names. Some of them include agbara, baby oku, dadubule, opa eyin, bajinotu, erujeje, and many more. Others include kayan mata, kolaq, and so on.

These bitters are usually made with alcohol, making the mind numb and helping to relieve anxiety and stress temporarily. However, its effect can be increased if the herbs used for the bitters are especially known to contain aphrodisiac properties, as in Tribulus terrestris.

  • Burantashi

Burantashi is a powder used as an additive to eat protein delicacies popularly called suya. It literally means penis get up and is gotten from the bark of Pausinystalia johimbe tree. Studies have been carried out to verify the claim that it helps men last longer in bed.

A particular study tests the impact of the Burantashi tree bark on sperm cells and it states that it increases the erectile strength of the penis and maintains the erection for longer.

  • Tiger nut and date combo drink

Another common drink to last longer in bed is the combination of tiger nut milk and dates. They individually have aphrodisiac properties and when combined, produce a profound increase in the libido of men.

Blood flow to the penis increases, making erection stronger. Prolonged use also influences cardiovascular health, reducing tiredness, stress, and anxiety. This consequently increases testosterone production.

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  • Roots soaked in liquor

Liquor on its own may cause the senses to reduce in its efficiency by inhibiting sensations. However, when aphrodisiac roots, such as ginger and ginseng, are soaked in liquor, they increase the desire to have sex, improve blood flow to the genitals, while the liquor deadens the sensations of the glans penis, consequently making you last longer in bed.


There are many drinks available in Nigeria to help you last longer in bed. However, it is important that you choose a drink that agrees with your health. While many drinks are labelled bitters, most of them are detrimental to your body and have no measure of dosage.

Therefore, use bitters sparingly and consult your doctor before you use them as a quick fix.

Editorial Review Ratings
Some drinks are believed to improve blood flow and circulation, which can lead to increased sexual stamina
May help to reduce anxiety and stress, which can interfere with sexual performance
May improve mood and increase feelings of arousal and desire
May help to increase natural lubrication, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable
For some people, drinks may be a more natural and potentially healthier alternative to medications for sexual dysfunction
May increase blood flow to the genitals, which may lead to better erections and arousal
May interact with medications or cause side effects, especially for people with certain health conditions
Sexual dysfunction can have underlying medical causes. Relying solely on aphrodisiacs drinks may not address the root cause of the problem and could delay necessary medical treatment
There is limited scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of most aphrodisiacs drinks
Some aphrodisiacs drinks can have side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness
People may become dependent on aphrodisiacs to have a good sexual experience

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