9 foods That we Keep you Satisfied and Control Hunger


Ever feel like you’re always hungry? The problem may be what you are eating. Meals and snacks are meant to be filling and satisfy us. Otherwise, you end up feeding all day and never feeling truly satisfied. But the fact is, certain foods are a lot better than others at managing your hunger.

These are nine foods that will keep you fuller longer (some of these may surprise you!):

1. Pap (Ogi/Akamu)

Made from maize, millet, sorghum, akamu is a nutritious meal for breakfast which is a good source of carbohydrate, B vitamins (pantothenic acid – B5, niacin – B3, riboflavin and thiamine – B1), folic acid, vitamins A and C, potassium, chromium, selenium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium.  Those who takes this foods for breakfast with Akara recipes known as beans cake as found it to be a super foods because is a Good source of energy that we make you completely satisfied. Reduces the risk of blood pressure during the day,  Aids your digestion and 100℅ natural.

In addition, Yams with red stew or scrambled eggs with diced tomato and onion is good for breakfast too.

2. White Eggs

All, eggs are nutritional and taking them for breakfast foods means you probably won’t have mid-morning hunger and digestive pains. According to a group of individuals, they feel more satisfied while eating eggs as part of breakfast in the morning–and they ate less at lunchtime too.

3. Moi moi and akara balls (steamed bean pudding)

Moi moi and akara balls have all the proteins and energy to sustaining and power more than any other foods or intakes. They are light, refreshing and can be a healthy diet so if you are looking for a healthy diet and healthy foods advice, look no further.  Moi moi and akara attract numerous healthy companions like poached eggs, lobster, fish, roasted lamb or goat meat in Nigeria.

4. Plantain Chips

Treating Taking plantain chips is one of my favorite snacks because its parts play an important role in maintaining a healthy diet.

plantain and potato chips are fine when eaten in a balanced way and used as entertainments. Both plantain and potato chips offer some nutritional value.

Plantain and potato chips both contain almost 300 calories per 2-ounce serving and provide 15 percent of the daily energy intake in a standard 2,000-calorie diet. It provides abundant carbohydrates which empower your muscles, brain and other cells and tissues, and also offer a little amount of protein. Plantain chips contain slightly less fat than potato chips, at 17 grams compared to potatoes chips' 21.

Plantain chips offer more vitamins A and C compared to potato chips. Both vitamins help keep your skin healthy and benefit your immune system to keep you free of infection.

5. Pounded yam (iyan)

Pounded yam, which is also known as Iyan is a yam recipe. It is made by boiling the yam, pounding it in a mortar until it stretches like a dough. Yam is a source of cabohydrates, it contains 356.25 calories, 80kg cabohydrates, 0.8g fat and 7g proteins per 100g.  It’s beneficial for those that want to gain weight and consume at dinner. It can be taken with any type of soup.

6. Cassava Fufu (Akpu)

Cassava Fufu (Akpu) is very rich in carbohydrates and can give lots of energy. It is very low in cholesterol and contains a lot of potassium that makes someone completely satisfied and forget hunger. It is made from cassava and served with delicious soup.  All these are healthy locally made meals that can balance out the everyday junk taken. Good food enhances our lives and makes us live long!

7. Mushrooms

 Mushrooms have a low calorie and very effective in reducing hunger, even when swapped in for meat. In research published in Appetite, people who subbed in chopped white button mushrooms instead a place of meat in lasagna and sloppy joes took in 300 fewer calories than meat-eaters (and reported the meals were just as delicious). Those who made the swap three times a week had lost about 7 pounds after a year.

As part of regulating my diet, I tend to eat mushrooms on days that I want to take a break from eating meat. Mushrooms have a great taste, flavor, and texture which makes them a great substitute. They are also quite nutritionally balanced and offer some important nutrients minerals and vitamins.

Nigerian chicken mushroom soup is not only delicious but an ideal soup for a cold day.

8. Eat more Vegetables

Veggies are packed with hunger-satiating fiber, so eating more will fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. You can also eat a high volume of them without overdoing it on the calories.

9. Drink water

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so when you feel like you want to eat, drink a huge glass of water, wait 10 minutes, and see how you feel. Often you'll find you aren't hungry anymore. Drinking water throughout the day can also keep your belly full. Aim to drink 80 or more ounces a day. It prevents us from eating too many and gains too much weight.

I hope these lists of food we help you to eliminate hunger and keep you completely satisfied while controlling your hunger, and focus more on your daily activities, instead of looking for food here and there.


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