When a girl begins to menstruate, a girl can become impregnated and bear a child, this does not mean that this should happen. Every girl is entitled to a normal childhood and youth, she should not be deprived of that. Every girl should be given time to develop physically and mentally before taking on the burdens of motherhood. I think the best age for a young woman to marry should be between eighteen and twenty-three.

  However, There are various abnormal conditions that cause discomfort in menstruation such as (painful menstruation, the absence of menstruation profuse menstruation and leucorrhoea menstruation). The average girl begins to menstruate at about age twelve, but in some, it may begin as early as nine years or may have delay till age fifteen.

  There are conditions that might cause an absence of menstruation (amenorrhea):

  • A girl suffering from tuberculosis.
  • Failure to menstruate may be due to an underdeveloped condition of the uterus and ovaries
  • Or to a closed condition of the vagina.
  • Also, a change of climate may cease the menstruation when experienced by the girl.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Other diseases that may cease it are typhoid fever or cold.

What is the treatment of absence of menstruation?

  Since the causes of failure of menstruate varied, the treatment may be determined by your physician or the treatment in every instance is to remove the cause if possible.  However, in the case of a married woman, it should be remembered that failure to menstruate might be that the woman is pregnant.
Menstrual Pain Treatment

menstrual pain treatment:

  • If the girl is poorly nourished she should be given more and better food (balanced diet).
  • The girl should not engage herself in too much hard work.
  • In this case, daily exercise is required. Preferably out of doors.
  • Plenty of rest is also required at least eight to nine hours of sleep every night is essential.

  Normally there may be some discomfort at the time of menstruation; but if there is a pain, it is due to some abnormal condition. Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation is the most common condition that does occur to girls.

 Profuse menstruation is a problem that might occur, and it often experiences after giving birth. It is possible that a small amount of after birth was left in the uterus. This usually causes considerable post part bleeding and if there is the large amount the patient must undergo surgery and the uterus must be curated.

  Profuse menstrual flow is often accompanied by pain.

  • In painful menstruation, the pain may be in the back or in the side. 
  • Sometimes there may be a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen, or there may be sharp pains in the region of the uterus. These pain are not constant, but there may be on/off or stopping and starting.

  Painful menstruation may be a functional condition; that is, one that is not caused by a physical defect. It is like molimen, this may be due to malfunctioning of the glands.

   Premenstrual nervous and circulatory disturbance is a very common complaint of women. 

What are the age of puberty and menstruation in girls?

  When a girl reaches the age of puberty which is usually from age nine to fifteen years old. At this time the girl notice some changes such as hair begins to grow in her armpits (axilla), and about the pubis; the breasts begin to grow, the whole body takes on a more rapid growth, and the girl begins to menstruate (all these signs we make her fit to bear a child).
  Menstruation occurs usually every twenty-eight days and lasts ordinary for five days. (In some rare cases it can last for six days have seen a girl that menstruate for six days). At the time of the girl’s menstruation, there is a partial sloughing or throwing off of the lining of the uterus.

The menstrual discharge contains both blood and mucus. Menstruation usually ceases about the forty to the fifth year of life. After it ceases, a woman can not bear a child.

What are the symptoms of molimen?

Symptoms may vary from comparatively mild to severe. 
  • During the premature period, many women become very tense and do not say things to their husbands and children they become very quiet. It is often said that many crime committed by women is done during this period of premature tension.
  • This condition occurs along with this nervousness and irritability the woman breasts become sore.
  • The abdomen becomes bloated.

A careful study of  the problem, made at the mayo clinic (U.S.A) revealed that the cause of this apparent flatulence was not an abnormal amount of gas in the intestines. The investigation, based on actual X-ray pictures, led to the conclusion that the bloating was due to the congestion of the blood vessels of the pelvis and the swelling of the tissues in the abdomen. It is a good for all women to know this fact, for a better understanding of it relieves mind. 

   There are physical conditions that might cause painful menstruation, but this should be determined by a gynecologist. It may be that the opening of the cervix is too small, so that great pressure is required to expel the blood. In this case, the doctor can do a dilatation of the cervix to offer relief.

  Many women notice they had severe pains during their menstrual periods until they had given birth to their first baby, but after their first baby, they no longer have pain. This is because the birth of the baby dilated the cervix. There are other ways of getting relief from menstrual pains, such as by the use of endocrine substances. These are expensive, complicated and should be administered by the doctor.

  However, the end of menstrual periods (menopause) may occur at the age of 45 or thereabouts. It has symptoms similar to molimen. The difference between these is that menopause continues after day and not just preceding periods or time like molimen.

What is the treatment of menopause?

  • By giving male and female sex hormones might relief and eventually become her normal self again.
  • Women’s should take plenty of rest and have less responsibility.
  • Taken of balance diet and fruits.
  • Pleasant surrounding and a reasonable amount of fresh air and sunshine will do so much good than taken much medication.

Other treatment guides that might prevent discomfort and pain during a menstrual period are:

Sex hygiene:
  It is very important to make your female organ clean at all time. These eliminate itching, burning, and sores at the opening of the vagina are often due to lack of cleanliness. Care should be taken to bathe the creases between the folds of the labia.
  Itching, redness and swelling around the mouth of the vagina may be caused by masturbation, gonorrhea, leucorrhoea, abnormal urine or by the use of coarse paper or dirty clothes for pads at the time of menstruation.
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