20+ Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper


You may be wondering why would anyone choose an alligator pepper over a regular pepper, like what's really the health benefits of alligator pepper, and why is it a little costlier than regular pepper.

To West Africans, the spice alligator pepper is not a strange name. If you've ever been to the Western portion of Africa and sampled some of the native foods, you've probably heard of the spice.

After reading this article you will understand why this spice is so costly and only used in little amounts? you will however learn more about the spice and what it brings to the table in terms of flavour.

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Health Benefits of alligator pepper

This spice has a variety of healthy components that help with a variety of health problems, including erectile dysfunction and weight reduction. Here are some of the advantages.

1. Increases ovulation in women

Alligator pepper + bitter kola steeped in coconut water helps women enhance their chances of conception by boosting ovulation. For ladies who are attempting to conceive, alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water are beneficial.

2. Helps women become more fertile.

Both men and women may benefit from soaking alligator pepper and bitter kola in coconut water and drinking the mixture after two days.

3. Aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Soak Bitter kola for two days in coconut water to boost your libido, erection, and heal your premature ejaculation. A combination of alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water may help a guy stay in bed longer. It promotes the synthesis of testosterone. To do this, drink a cup of coffee every day.

4. Makes menstruation is more regular.

Alligator pepper and bitter kola soaked in bitter kola aid in the restoration of halted menstruation and the regularization of menstrual flow. Women with irregular periods should consume a mixture of coconut water, alligator pepper, and bitter kola. Take a cup of this mixture in the morning and in the evening.

5. Helps with constipation

If you're having trouble passing gas, try a cup of coconut water laced with bitter kola and alligator pepper.

6. Helps you have a good night's sleep

Every night, a drink of alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water improves sleep and alleviates insomnia.

7. Helps to lower blood pressure

In a bowl of coconut water, soak bitter kola and alligator pepper. For hypertension, consume a cup every day for two days. Blood pressure is reduced by combining alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water. However, this is not a replacement for your blood pressure medication.

8. Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

Excess cholesterol in the blood is harmful to the body because it may lead to cardiac arrest or stroke. To help eliminate harmful cholesterol from your blood, eat a combination of alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water.

9. It helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Diabetics may consume it because the combination of alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water decreases blood sugar. To make the combination, soak alligator pepper and bitter kola in coconut water for 5 days and consume it every day. If you have diabetes, this should not be used in place of your sugar medications.

10. Helps with weight loss

Bitter kola, coconut water, and alligator pepper help you lose weight by burning calories.

11. Boosts sperm count

For approximately a month, a man suffering from oligospermia or azoospermia should take a daily dosage of alligator pepper and bitter kola steeped in coconut water. The number of sperm will rise.

12. It boosts libido.

Both men and females benefit from alligator pepper and bitter kola steeped in coconut water.

13. Alligator pepper shrinks fibroids

Bitter kola and alligator pepper water, as well as coconut water, are said to help reduce and melt uterine fibroids, although this is not scientifically proven.

14. Helps with lactation

Breast milk production and lactation have enhanced in nursing moms who consume a combination of bitter kola, alligator pepper, and coconut water.

15. It is used to treat breast discharge.

Is there any water coming out of your breast? One week of soaking alligator pepper in coconut water is thought to help reduce blood prolactin levels and manage breast discharge... galactorrhoea. Please contact a doctor if you have breast discharge while you are not breastfeeding...it might be something more serious.

16. Helps to get rid of belly fat

To burn extra belly fat and achieve a flat stomach, ladies and men with a large stomach drink a cup of alligator pepper, bitter cola, and coconut water first thing in the morning.

17. Encourages clear eyesight.

Take a cup of alligator pepper and bitter infusion soaking in coconut water for two weeks and see how your vision improves.

18. Alligator pepper improves intestinal health

Drinking alligator pepper and bitter kola soaked in coconut water boost intestinal health by encouraging the formation of beneficial bacteria.

19. Serves as an Immune system booster

The combination of alligator pepper, bitter kola, and coconut water boosts immunity and helps fight infections.

20. It is used to treat vaginal infections.

Douching in coconut water with alligator pepper and bitter kola is said to help cure vaginal yeast infections. Do not attempt this at home... It's burning too...

21. Relieves the symptoms of malaria.

The combination of alligator pepper and bitter kola in coconut water is said to help alleviate malaria symptoms... However, this should not be used in place of your antimalarial drug.

22. Improves memory

The combination of bitter kola, alligator pepper, and coconut water has been shown to aid memory in the elderly.

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Other Uses of alligator pepper

  • The alligator pepper is often used in cuisines and is utilized for medical and cultural reasons. Its pungency and spicy scent may be detected in soups and stews from various West African cuisines. However, since it is costly, it is only utilized in modest amounts.
  • You may be wondering whether alligator pepper has anything to do with high blood pressure. As a result, since it is high in antioxidants including alkaloids, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, and other phytonutrients, it is beneficial to the heart. These antioxidants aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the destruction of bodily components. Furthermore, it protects against free radicals, which cause blood pressure to rise and fall.
  • In Yoruba culture, babies are given a little taste of alligator pepper immediately after birth as part of the community's welcome ritual.
  • When in-laws or diverse families join together for customary get-togethers, the ingredient is also utilized.
  • In naming rituals in Igboland, it is blended with koala nuts.
  • They also give it to visiting visitors first thing in the morning, before any meal or entertainment.
  • The blend of kola nuts and alligator pepper is used to make prayers and libations.
  • It is used to treat snake bites, particularly in Asia, because of the large number of snake species found there.
  • Crushed seeds are used as a skin irritant, while the root is used in a combination to expel tapeworms and prevent constipation.
  • Asthma is also known to be cured by it.

Here's a video that explains more uses of alligator pepper:

Alligator Pepper and Pregnancy

Despite its numerous benefits, Alligator pepper might be harmful to women who are pregnant.

One of the side effects is that it may cause the pregnancy to end within the first trimester. An experiment was conducted on a group of pregnant female rats that received alligator pepper, with a control group of rats who did not take it.

The first batch of rats failed to produce a litter, but the second set produced one. Aframomum melegueta should also be avoided by lactating moms since it inhibits the development of prolactin, a hormone that increases milk supply after delivery.

Final Words

Many people prefer alligator pepper seeds and their by-products because of their numerous advantages. At the same time, given its role in various cultural settings, you can't ignore the plant's various uses.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.


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