Nutritionists have long maintained that nuts are an essential component of any proper and healthy diet. And they recommend to eat them at least occasionally. We have collected several facts from scientists about the benefits of nuts for men and women.

1. For strong muscles

If you go to the gym to build up your strength, then nuts and seeds should become your constant companions. Firstly, they are an excellent source of protein. Secondly, Vitamin E, an antioxidant that plays a vital role in muscle gain. Besides, it reduces the effect of free radicals on muscles and accelerates their recovery after training. And almond contains the most easily digestible forms of vitamin E, according to scientists at Boston University. Therefore, the handful after training will benefit the whole body. And most of all, to the muscles.

2. From a mental eclipse

Probably, you guess what it will be about walnuts – it is not for nothing that their shape is compared with the brain. American researchers claim that only 5-6 nuts a day help cleanse blood vessels of bad cholesterol, strengthen the heart and nourish the mind with antioxidants. And healthy vessels are the correct blood flow and, therefore, a good memory. Walnuts also contain useful polyunsaturated acids – Omega-3. They also help the vessels and brain function well. In general, if you go through stressful situations at work and the head refuses to think, eat 30 grams of walnuts.

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3. For virile strength

Any nuts, but best of all, hazel, peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts, contribute to a long and happy sex life for men. It is all about a good effect on the vessels – the healthier and stronger they are, the more stable the male functional. No wonder Caucasians, adding walnuts to many dishes, are so passionate.


The Benefits Of Nuts For Men And Women: 5 Unexpected Facts

4. Against pain

University of Pennsylvania scientists ranked products to help relieve chronic and occasional pain. Whole-grain products that contain sunflower seeds and pumpkins are in the first place. And on the third – any nuts. We are talking about elements and minerals contained in nuts, for example, zinc and copper effectively relieve spasms.

5. Help to get pregnant

Vitamin E from sunflower seeds, flaxseed, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, and walnuts is an essential element for women’s health. Not without reason, Australian gynecologists strongly recommend that women who wish to become pregnant add them to their diet. Healthy minerals also contribute to conception. And sunflower seeds contain an essential component – folic acid, which protects the child from the development of various pathologies.

So if you want to become parents, you can chew nuts with your husband. And you will be happy!


If you have an overwhelming desire to eat peanuts

There are times when an update for roasted seeds or peanuts suddenly happens. Strictly speaking, sunflower seeds are certainly not nuts. But they are similar in composition. And if you suddenly violently felt like peanuts, pine nuts or seeds, it means that your body has experienced a temporary malfunction and needs antioxidants to protect it from free radicals, which provocates premature aging.


The Benefits Of Nuts For Men And Women: 5 Unexpected Facts

Or it was a nervous week, and the body needs zinc, copper, and B vitamins, which are used to feed nerve cells. First of all, the passion for nuts and seeds is inherent in the inhabitants of the nervous metropolis.

By the way, nuts, mainly hazelnuts and peanuts, and invincible short help to curb – because they have silicon and useful amino acids that help drown out appetite.


Daily intake

All nuts, of course, are very high in calories. At 100 grams – at least 500 kcal. And this is almost a third of the daily norm for women and a quarter of the standard for men. But scientists are reassuring: recent data show that calories from nuts, thanks in no small amount of fiber, are not absorbed by 100 percent. Put, calorie content from nuts is spent on their digestion. And assimilation occurs only 30-40 percent. But still, scientists make a reservation: this is only averaged laboratory data. Each body processes food in its way, so again is not a good idea to eat nuts in the evening, and even more so at night. They are perfect for a day or morning snack. In order not to sort out the calories, you need to eat about 20 grams per day. But how much will it be in pieces?


The Benefits Of Nuts For Men And Women: 5 Unexpected Facts


  • Walnuts – 6-8 pieces;
  • Pecan – 10-12;
  •  Hazelnuts – 7-10;
  • Peanuts – 20-25
  •  Pistachios 30-35;
  •  Almonds 15-18;
  •  Cashews – 12-15;
  • Pine nuts – 80-100;
  •  Brazil nuts – 3-4.


Give nuts to children carefully: up to three years, pediatricians recommend refraining from experimenting. Nuts can easily provoke an allergy. And if the child is allergic, then it makes sense to wait until seven years. And before giving nuts to try, it is better to conduct allergen skin tests.

Also, people with a tendency to migraine should avoid eating nuts: nuts contain tyramine, which can trigger a headache.

The Benefits Of Nuts For Men And Women: 5 Unexpected Facts

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