Any movement we engage in to make the muscles in our bodies work and burn calories is what is known as an exercise. Exercising is one of the primary reasons why people head to the gym.

The gym may motivate you to be consistent with your exercise goals and weight loss journey. The emergence and spread of the novel coronavirus have changed how we carry out even the most basic activities of our lives. Going to the gym is one of the things we cannot do.

Thanks to the global pandemic, we are forced to observe social distancing and quarantine to keep us safe, reduce the spread of the virus, and flatten the curve. Keeping our distance not only ensures that we are safe from the virus, but we also help to keep others safe too. Hopefully, we will win the fight against the virus.

The quarantine may have put a tab on many things, including going to the gym for your exercises. In this piece, we will be looking at how you can have the ultimate gym experience right from the comfort of your homes.

You can squash those fitness goals, work towards your daily reps, continue your exercise routine and weight loss without missing the gym. You can make your home into a perfect gym personalized to you.

Let’s take a look at how.

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Home Quarantine: Ultimate Workout Area

Combining strength exercises with your exercise routine makes for a well-rounded exercise routine. It is recommended by experts to carry out muscular strength training exercises twice weekly at a minimum.

Having a yoga mat in your home gym allows you to practice different strength training exercises. Squats work your glutes, hamstring, abs, calves, and quads. Make sure your backstays straight and that you keep your abs tight in the seated position. Holding out for more extended periods while in the squat position will help you improve muscular strength and endurance.

Other strength exercises you can include are lunges, bridges, and planks.

Apart from the mat, a weighted jump rope is another excellent way to improve muscular strength from the comfort of your home. A weighted jump rope benefits your body with improved use of the upper body muscles and high-calorie burns.

The heavy ropes in a weighted jump rope require that your upper body be strong to be able to keep spinning the jump rope for multiple jumps.


Home Quarantine: Ultimate Workout Area

Dumbbells and kettlebells are must-haves fitness accessories for your home gym. Dumbbells are versatile, affordable, and easy to use weights that you can include in a variety of workouts to improve your health and strengthen your arms. Dumbbells help you burn calories, enhance your cardiovascular health, and strengthen your muscles and muscle endurance.

To strengthen your arms power and build muscles, use heavier dumbbells. Apart from muscular strength, regular use of dumbbells will enhance muscular movements and help you build muscular endurance. This is especially important for sports and activities that require consistent muscular movements.

Kettlebells improve core power, overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. A kettlebell allows you to combine strength training with cardio while improving your functional strength by targeting multiple groups of muscles.

The kettlebell is a compact and portable fitness accessory that offers a variety of exercise possibilities for a fun and diverse workout.


Home Quarantine: Ultimate Workout Area

Bumper plates are made of dense rubber and are solid rubber plates that sport an iron hub meant to shape and protect the center hole. A significant advantage of rubber plates when compared to steel plates is that the plates are safe for dropping from high distances such as overhead positions.

Bumper plates are great for strength training. Include them in your home gym and use them to build your chest muscles and muscular strength. They are also used for different exercises, including Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit training.

Bumper plates are generally safer compared to other weight plates. They are also practical to put down and lower after a lift.

Apart from the fact that they are safer to use for building chest muscles, they can also be incorporated into a variety of exercises and used in different styles of training.


Home Quarantine: Ultimate Workout Area

Your home gym will not be complete without a home gym mirror. Gym mirrors offer a plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of even in the home.

The essential one is that home gym mirrors motivate you to carry out your exercises and pursue your fitness goals. When you see yourself in the mirror every time sweating it out, it serves as a boost.

Besides the above, working out in the mirror allows you to take note of the progress you are making. Seeing your chest muscle get tighter, observing your arms getting toned amongst other goals will push you to do more to hit and smash your fitness goals.

Furthermore, a home gym mirror allows you to track your movements while performing your exercise routines. Without a mirror, you are not certain if you are doing the exercise correctly or not. With a gym mirror in place, you can view in real-time how you are doing in your workouts.

Similarly, tracking your movements will, in turn, lead to improvements in technique. Observing how one performs each exercise routine in the mirror will allow you to notice if anything is out of place in your form. Once you see your style is wrong, adjust to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. It also ensures that your technique is perfect.


Home Quarantine: Ultimate Workout Area

Balance ball, also known as stability balls, is a dynamic fitness tool that can be used in nearly all types of workout to give your body a challenge and take your health and fitness to the next level.

Regular use of stability balls will improve your flexibility. Just using the ball to warm-up and stretch your muscles before a full-blown workout is enough to keep your muscles flexible.

Medicine balls, also known as weighted balls, help you to build body strength and explosive power. Combine your medicine ball with squats for body strength building and explosive power.

Ensure you observe your form in the home gym mirror when using a balance ball or medicine ball. This is to ensure you are doing your exercises using the right techniques because a balance ball especially may be tricky to get used to and maintain balance.


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