Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts Dates and Coconut Drink.


The benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is found in the combination of three individually healthy and nutritious fruits to make a milk-like drink popularly called Kayan Mata and Kayan Maza in the Hausa language of Nigeria. This drink combo is an effective aphrodisiac that is used by both men and women as it helps the women become more lubricated in preparation for sex and helps the man more aroused by aiding in maintaining erection for a long time, among other things.

The quest for satisfying your partner sexually has led to the massive demand for the tiger nuts, dates, and coconut drink combo that it became an instant recommendation from those who have either used it or know someone who has, and can testify to its effectiveness.

In this article, we will consider the properties of each constituent of this combo drink and figure out how each contribute to the aphrodisiac effect it has. We will also see the other benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink combo.

Tiger Nuts

Although it is called a nut, it is the tuber of the crop, Cyperus eculentus, commonly called yellow nutsedge. Among the Yorubas of Nigeria, it is Ofio, the Hausa call it Aya, and the Igbos, Aki Hausa.

It is a round, yellow-colored fruit that tastes like almond when eaten. It also leaves a considerable amount of shaft in your mouth after the juice has been sucked out. It can be eaten raw or cooked, some people even grind it to make flour for baking. Tiger nuts can be macerated or grounded to extract its milk for a sweet drink.

Tiger nut has been used to treat some ailments traditionally and it has proven effective due to its antibacterial properties and high fiber content. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body. we expect more medicinal use of tiger nuts to be revealed as studies on it improve.

Chemical Composition of Tiger Nuts

Nutrient Concentration
Moisture 42.4%
Ash 1.18%
Crude Fiber 13.1%
Fat 17%
Protein 8.51%
Carbohydrates 17.82
Magnesium 118.14 mg
Potassium 267.18 mg
Phosphorus 158.86 mg
Calcium 43.36 mg
Sodium 17.02 mg
Iron 2.82 mg
Vitamin A 0.87 mg
Vitamin C 30.7 mg
Zinc 1.39 mg




You must have come across these elongated, wrinkled, brown-colored fruits on the wares of Hausa men that sell fruits. Your curiosity might have kicked in and you have taken a bite of the fruit. That fruit is called date and it is gotten from date palm.

Date palms are common in the tropical countries, just like other palm trees, and its fruits are very nutritious and a common part of diets in some part of the world and in Nigeria. the fruits are exceptionally sweet and contain a good number of antioxidants, making them suitable for consumption for health reasons.

Its high fiber contet and other nutrient composition has made it a fruit that aids in mental health improvement, control blood sugar, aid digestion, among others. It is also a rich source of vitamin B6, magnesium, Iron, and potassium. Polyphenols are also major health-related composition of dates.


Another fruit from the Palm family. Coconut, Cocos nucifera, is known to be useful from its meat to its water. The meat can be eaten raw and processed to get oil and milk. The popular dish, coconut rice has coconut as one of its major ingredients.

benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink (coconut)

It is an abundant tree in the tropical regions of the world and is an economically important tree all over world. It is rich in protein, fats, and many minerals. It is a good source of the B vitamins and contains very little carbs, making it a healthy choice of food. Other nutritive elements it contains include copper, manganese, Iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and the scarce selenium.

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts Dates and Coconut Drink.

  1. Improves Immunity

The immune system is concerned with protecting the body against attack from external microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. When the body’s immunity is weakened, there is a very high chance for infections to arise.

One of the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink helps to boost the strength of the immune system because it contains vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. coconut contains minerals such as selenium and iron, while dates contain Iron; all essential for boosting immunity.

  1. Fights Insomnia

Being tense can be one of the reasons you find it hard to sleep at night. Minerals such as potassium and magnesium help to relax the muscles and will consequently aid in fighting off insomnia. it is another one of the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink as these minerals are found in dates and coconuts.

Vitamin B6 is available in dates and coconut and it is known to help to improve the quality of sleep.

  1. Prevents Constipation

Date is high in fiber, so is tiger nut. Fiber helps the digestive system move food material along in the stomach. The complex carbs that makes up fiber is not digestible by the enzymes in the small intestine.

Constipation can be a cause for bad sleep quality and once it is avoided, your chances of sleeping well is increased.

  1. Improves Heart Health

One of the health benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drinks is that it helps to enhance the health of the heart. The heart works tirelessly throughout the day and is,therefore, not to be handled lightly.

For a good heart, it is essential that potassium is present in your diet as it regularizes muscular actions. Fiber, magnesium and vitamin c are also important and all of these are present in the tiger nuts dates and coconut drink. 

  1. Stimulates Blood flow

Blood flow issues are usually associated with certain medications. However, when they are not, they could be as a result of obesity or heart conditions. Since the tiger nuts, dates, and coconut drink helps to improve heart health, it can also help blood flow easily.

Polyphenols are also good in helping with blood flow as they act as vasodilators. Another constituent of this combo drink which makes blood flow stimulation one of the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is antioxidants, vitamin c being an important one.

  1. Anticarcinogenic

Cancer growth is a big concern, especially now that processed foods are the choice foods. Cancer is the abnormal growth and multiplication of cells in different organs of the body.

Anticarcinogens are chemical materials, mostly found in foods, that help to fight against cancer growth.

One suspected cause of cancerous growth is the presence of toxins in the body. Effective chemical substances that help to get rid of these toxins are antioxidants. They are also anticarcinogens because they help to stop the abnormal growth of cells. Vitamin c and some polyphenols that are present in the tiger nuts dates and coconut drink and they are effective as antioxidants. 

These nutrients make the fight against and protection from cancer one of the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink.

  1. Improves the flow of breast milk

an addition to the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is breast milk production increase. It is worrisome when you get your bundle of joy and your breastmilk doesn’t seem to be sufficient to feed him/her. This is because the prolactin, the hormone produced from the pituitary gland that is responsible for breast development and breast milk discharge, level in your blood may be insufficient.

Normally, during and after pregnancy, prolactin levels should be high. A contrary situation points at the production of Prolactin Inhibitors like Dopamine. Tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is effective in balancing the level of dopamine inhibiting the production of prolactin.

  1. Treats Sexual Dysfunction

One of the major health benefits of the tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is that it works as an aphrodisiac. The combo drink increases blood flow and therefore helps to transport hormones such as testosterone, in men, and oestrogen, in women, preparing them for sex.

Tiger nuts dates and coconut drink also contains zinc, potassium, and phosphorus, minerals that are important in increasing the level of testosterone in men.

  1. Lowers Blood sugar

Blood sugar increases when the body fails to produce enough insulin or the insulin it produces is not effectively utilized. One major nutrient that influences the level of blood sugar is vitamin c. The tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is rich in vitamin c, an excellent antioxidant that helps to remove oxidative toxins from the system, and is therefore important in reducing blood sugar level.

Magnesium is another mineral that influences the reduction of sugar in the blood as it influences the production of insulin. This mineral is also present in abundance in the tiger nuts dates and coconut drink.

  1. Slows down ageing

Vitamin C, an important nutrient and ingredient in every anti-aging supplement is abundant in tiger nuts dates and coconut drink. Vitamin c helps to remove toxins, leaving the body healthy and young. Its benefit also extends to the skin as it helps to maintain an even skin tone and offers protection against ultraviolet rays.

remaining forever young is one of the benefits of tiger nuts dates and coconut drink.


The health benefits of the tiger nuts dates and coconut drink is innumerable. It is mostly used as an aphrodisiac in Nigeria but the attached health benefit it gives through the antioxidants and phytochemicals it contain makes it an excellent drink for multiple reasons.


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