Diabetes, hypertension, a weak erection, fast ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and the therapy of low libido have all been linked to abere seed (wonder seed) and coconut water.

The advantages of abere seed and coconut water will be discussed further down...

Health Benefits of abere seed and coconut water


Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas fails to accomplish its role of converting the sugar from carbohydrate to glucose for utilization in the body's metabolic system. It is a pancreas illness, not necessarily the rate of sugar intake.


The sugar ants will congregate where the pee is to feast on the surgical urine, resulting in general bodily weakness and frequent urination. Also, owing to frequent urination, a loss of bodily fluids occurs, resulting in a loss of body mass and weight.


  • Obtain Abere (Picture attached) (Seed of Hunttaria umbellata)
  • Coconut water is available.


Twice a day, drink half a glass of tumbler (morning on an empty stomach and last thing before going to bed)

Quick ejaculation, early ejaculation, poor erection, and low libido may all be treated with abere seed and coconut water.


Soak the abere seed in coconut water with four garlic cloves for 24 hours and then drink a teaspoon or a shot.

Abere may be chewed (it's really bitter) or ground and swallowed first thing in the morning. It can be mixed with pap (akamu in Igbo), (Ogi/Koko in Yoruba) and consumed first thing in the morning.

How to treat hypertension or high blood pressure with abere seed

Chew 2-3 seeds morning and night for high blood pressure (hypertension) and excessive blood lipids. It will aid in the regulation of your blood pressure, but you should still visit your doctor, particularly a cardiologist.

Abere is a fertility seed.

Many people, particularly women, utilize abere seed to improve their fertility and chances of pregnancy. Abere is a manpower resource for guys.

Abere seed is a fibroid seed.

Abere is said to reduce and treat fibroids in folklore. However, if you have fibroids, you should see a doctor, preferably a gynecologist.

Pregnancy and Abere

Abere is safe to use during pregnancy, but use caution and consult your doctor.



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