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According to well-known experts, underwear should be changed every 6 to 9 months. According to doctors, according to contemporary experts, ladies should switch up their underwear every six to nine months. Here are the opinions of the professionals.

Women are advised to replace their underwear every six to nine months by a well-known doctor who is now making the rounds.

This is amusing to many people. One lady said, "I absolutely don't do that," in response to the question, adding, "I guess I have underwear that's maybe a decade old. And … Do I stand alone? Is anyone aware of the nine-month rule?

It's not just her. That individuals think their underwear has an expiry date astounded several physicians.

"Somehow, between six and nine months, your underwear transforms into some kind of contagious calamity, but that's just not true, When people tell you that you need to do particularly unique things with your underwear, it is only an extension of purity culture, as stated in Separating the Myth from the Medicine, OK? It is this notion that they are fragile, the beginning of some kind of contagious catastrophe, and that they need particular care. It's completely untrue.

What are the health risks associated with wearing undies that you've had for too long?

Because underwear is a frequent place for germs to grow, in addition to age playing a role in how clean our underwear is generally, how we wash and store them may also affect how germy they are.

"Both men and women may significantly increase their risk by wearing unclean undergarments. It notably raises the risk of urogenital infections in females, such as yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections "Dr Yalda Jamali explains.

"When it comes to underwear, certain materials perform better than others. Choose cotton clothing over synthetic.

This is due to cotton's superior ability to absorb heat and moisture, which lowers the incidence of yeast infections. Choose the proper size; you don't want your underwear to be too tight and your skin should have enough room to breathe."

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Why and how frequently should you change your underwear?

There are several variables that affect how often we should replace our underwear, but Dr Yalda Jamali promises that you'll know when the time is right.

"Due to their frequent washing, underwear rapidly loses its form, making fit and cleanliness essential. There is no reason to throw them away if they have been cleaned properly and still feel excellent.

When they develop a bleached-looking stain, women often replace them wrongly. There is no need for concern since the stain is typical. 

It is brought on by the pH of vaginal discharge and doesn't always indicate that the underwear is filthy. It's time to get new underwear if your current pair doesn't fit correctly or stinks."

However, the frequency of wear may influence the precise period of time when it is acceptable to change your underwear. Ebony and Laura recommend at the very least a yearly refresh.

"You may increase the life of your underwear if you properly care for it. But generally speaking, underwear has to be changed every six to twelve months. To prevent an 1excessive bacterial buildup, you may want to think about upgrading as soon as three months, depending on the extent of soiling."

What is the best way to care for your underwear?

According to researchers, you should take the greatest care with your underwear drawer.

"Different textiles, such as cotton, bamboo, and lace, need varying amounts of maintenance. We advise checking the care label on each item of clothing before washing it, and, if it can be machine washed, running your underwear through a hot, soapy cycle."

"We also advise utilising your best buddy, the delicate bags, while washing your clothes to help prolong the life of your underwear. Before putting them in your wash bag, separate your bras from your underwear and group items of the same colour."

Additionally, it is essential to wash underwear in hot water to give the germs the greatest chance to be killed out.

"Bacteria may also be killed by ironing after washing or, if feasible, drying in the sun. They will last longer if you store them in drawers with no smell and away from mould and moisture."

Telltale Symptoms You must let go after six

 Telltale Symptoms You must let go now.

Let's begin by stating the obvious. You must throw away your boxer underwear if they are torn or holed. There is no getting around this.

Here are a few additional indicators:

Stubborn Stains

Get rid of the underwear if bleach and detergent are unable to remove a stain.

Too Loose

Your underwear's elastic and perhaps even the fabric will get stretched out over time. When that happens, it becomes too flimsy to hold your gems. The most comfortable men's underwear is made of Micro Modal, so if you don't want to give up the additional breathing space, acquire some in your life.

Sheer Texture

You are not going insane if you feel that your underwear is becoming smaller and more transparent. Over time, all the washing and wearing cause the fibres to degrade, giving the fabric a transparent appearance. Tears and holes come after this phase.

You may treat your crown jewels like the royal treasures they are by changing your underwear as soon as you see those warning signals. But wouldn't it be wonderful if your underwear had a longer lifespan?

How to Take Care of Your Underwear

There are several things you can do to lengthen the lifespan of your underwear, but the most important thing is to wash them properly. So, to assist you to master it, here are some pointers:

Wash With Hands

The greatest thing you can do for your underwear is to stop using bleach and the washing machine completely. Compared to hand washing, both are quite damaging to the cloth.

Use a Washing Machine Properly 

Put your underwear in a separate load and use the delicate cycle if hand washing seems tedious and you must use a machine.

Put each of your pairs in a separate mesh bag to take it a step further. By doing this, the clothing won't rub against one another and create those unattractive fuzz balls.

Let the Air Do Its Magic

Finally, avoid using an electric iron or a machine drier. Instead, spread your underwear out on any surface, ideally one that is exposed to the sun. Simply go on with your day and wait for the air to work its magic. Believe us when we say that air drying helps underwear last longer and feel better.

If you adhere to those suggestions, your favourite underwear will continue to cosily protect your coconuts for a very long time.


Your underwear will stay clean and germ-free if it is washed appropriately rather than merely often. To prevent the spread of germs both ways, I advise washing underwear separately.

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