Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin is a key vitamin, although needed in small quantities in the body, that helps keep your body's blood (forms red blood cells) and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, as well as a key player in the brain and nerve development.

Quick Facts About Tribedoce

Vitamin B12 also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, a blood condition that makes people tired and weak.

Now, what if you lack this key vitamin in your body, maybe due to certain illnesses like anemia or due to always eating meals that are deficient in vitamin B12, then you will look for things that can help you supplement this vitamin in your body.

This is where Tribedoce comes in. People use Tribedoce to supplement their bodies with vitamin B12.

Doctors prescribe Tribedoce for people with vitamin B12 deficiency. It is used as a supplement.

Have you recommended tribedoce to use for your vitamin B12 deficiency and do you want to know more about it?

Then you are in the right place because this article explores everything you need to know about Tribedoce, including how it works, the recommended dosage, the uses, side effects, and precautions you should be aware of when using this medicine.

Tribedoce - What is it?

Tribedoce - Healthsoothe

Tribedoce is a synthetic version of vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin ) used to prevent and cure vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Vitamin B12 is obtained from the meals we eat like beef, liver, and chicken.

Even some seafood like fish and clams contain Vitamin B12. Cereals, milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs also contain Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin is a key vitamin, although needed in small quantities in the body, that helps keep your body's blood (forms red blood cells) and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, as well as a key player in the brain and nerve development.

Vitamin B12 also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, a blood condition that makes people tired and weak.

Tribedoce is used as a supplement to make up for this vitamin B12, as well as some other vitamins; Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride.

These other two vitamins are among the constituents of tribedoce.

How does Tribedoce work?

Tribedoce is a vitamin supplement that contains a variety of water-soluble vitamins (Vitamin B1-Thiamine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B12-Hydroxocobalamin), and Vitamin B6-Pyridoxine Hydrochloride.

It has a high level of biological activity.

Tribedoce works through participating in transmethylation, hydrogen transport, and the production of methionine, nucleic acids, choline, and creatine. 

It aids in the buildup of substances with sulfhydryl groups in erythrocytes. It improves the function of the liver and the neurological system.

It promotes blood coagulation and increases the activity of thromboplastin and prothrombin.

All these activities are to help in the formation of red blood cells and help in brain and nerve development.

It is available in the following different forms; 

  • Subcutaneous Injections (SC).
  • Intravenous Injections (IV).
  • Intramuscular Injections (IM).
  • Oral form.
  • Intra-lumbar Injections (IL).

How to use Tribedoce

To know how to use this medication, you must know the general dosage of recommended;


  • Tablet form: The usual daily dose is one tab three times a day, or as directed by a doctor. During pregnancy, 1 tab daily is recommended.
  • Injections: In dire cases, 1 amp every day by IM injection, preferably gradually intragluteal, until the acute symptoms fade. 1 amp 2-3 times weekly for milder instances and follow-up therapy.Because of the likelihood of sensitivity to vitamin B1, Tribedoce IV, IL, and SC injections should be done gently and slowly, ideally as an infusion.

Dosing Information

  • For nervous system problems: 200-400 mcg 2-4 times per month. 
  • For acute posthemorrhagic anemia and iron anemia: 30-100 mcg 2-3 times per week.
  • For aplastic anemia (particularly in children): 100 micrograms before clinical improvement.
  • For Nutritional anemia in infants and preterm: 30 mcg/day for 15 days.
  • For funicular myeloid condition: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may be administered into the spinal canal at 15-30 mcg, progressively increasing the dosage to 200-250 micrograms.
  • For Central and peripheral nervous system illnesses, as well as neurological diseases with a pain syndrome: Medication is given in escalating doses ranging from 200 to 500 mcg. When you see improvements, increase to 100 mcg every day.
  • For Anemia deficiency: 100-200 mcg in 2 days.
  • For cirrhosis and hepatitis: 30-60 mcg/day or 100 mg every other day for 25-40 days.
  • For funicular myeloid anemia and melanocytic anemia with nervous system illnesses: 400-500 micrograms daily for the first 7 days, then 1 time every 5-7 days. In the absence of funicular myeloid episodes, the maintenance dosage is 100 mcg twice a month during the remission phase.
  • For Traumatic peripheral nerve system lesions: 200-400 mcg every other day for 40-45 days.
  • For radiation sickness, diabetic neuropathy, and sprue: 60-100 mcg daily for 20-30 days.
  • For dystrophy in young children, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy: 15-30 mcg every other day.

What happens if you missed the dose on Tribedoce?

Do the following if you missed the dose on Tribedoce;

If you forget to take one or more doses, take your next dose at the normal time and in the normal amount. Do not take anymore than your doctor prescribed.

If you miss one dose, skip it and continue with your normal schedule. If you miss a dosage, contact your doctor for instructions.

Get your prescription filled before you run out of medication.

What happens if you overdosed on Tribedoce?

Even large amounts of B12 are not harmful to one's health. Because it is water-soluble, any excess will be eliminated via your urine.

But if you have serious symptoms or side effects, consult your doctor immediately or call your healthcare provider.


If you take other medications, substances, or herbal items at the same time, the effects of Tribedoce may alter.

This may put you at risk for major side effects or cause the medication to stop working properly. 

This medication interaction is conceivable, although not usually present.

Interactions may typically be avoided or managed by your doctor or pharmacist by modifying how you take your drugs or by closely monitoring you.

The following drugs can interact negatively with Tribedoce to increase the risk of side effects;

  • Aspirin.
  • Stavudine.
  • Thiamine.
  • Antidepressants.
  • Metformin.
  • Loop Diuretics.
  • Tricyclic. 
  • Vitamin B1 or any constituent of a vitamin B1-containing product.
  • Vitamins/supplements that contain intrinsic factor.
  • Drugs that affect the bone marrow like chloramphenicol.

The following drugs can interact negatively with Tribedoce to decrease its action in your body;

  • Heartburn medications
  • Colchicine
  • Antibiotics 
  • Vitamin C
  • Metformin
  • Bile acid sequestrants to lower cholesterol
  • Extended-release potassium products
  • Anti-seizure medications

Allergies or conditions that may interact with Tribedoce include;

  • Kidney disease.
  • A rare blood disorder called Polycythemia vera.
  • Allergy to cyanocobalamin or cobalt.
  • Low potassium levels - Hypokalemia.
  • Deficiencies in other nutrients, particularly folic acid and iron.
  • An inherited form of vision loss called Leber’s disease.

Before beginning therapy with this product, be sure to inform your doctor and pharmacist about all the items you take (including prescription pharmaceuticals, nonprescription drugs, other substances, and herbal products) to help them provide you with the best care possible.

Do not start, stop, or modify the dose of any other medications you are taking while using this product without first seeing your doctor.

Benefits of Tribedoce in the body

Benefits Of Tribedoce - Healthsoothe

  • It is used to treat and prevent vitamin B12 deficiency in adults and children which can lead to serious medical conditions like anemia and nervous system damage.
  • It helps in brain function enhancement. Tribedoce deficiency has been associated with a reduction in brain function. Two recent evaluations discovered a possible relationship between low blood levels and the development of dementia. However, the outcomes have been inconsistent, and vitamin B12 supplementation proved ineffective in enhancing brain function in persons with normal brain function.
  • It is also used to treat or prevent low blood levels of folic acid, which could cause anemia and nerve damage if not treated early.
  • It is used to treat nerve damage caused by vitamin B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia.
  • It helps to fight depression. It has been proposed that a relationship exists between low vitamin B12 levels and depression. However, one study found that supplementing with vitamin B12 did not improve the severity of symptoms. Nonetheless, taking the vitamin on a long-term basis was indicated to help avoid a return to depression. There is currently a scarcity of high-quality research in this field. Higher-quality research is required to determine if there is a relationship between depression.
  • It contains cyanocobalamin, which is effective in the treatment of people with pernicious anemia and has proven safe for long-term use in patients with this condition.
  • Osteoporosis risk is reduced. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bone mass loss, resulting in weaker bones and an increased risk of bone fractures. Surprisingly, low vitamin B12 levels in the blood have been associated with decreased bone density. As a result, it has been proposed that consuming Tribedoce may lower your risk of osteoporosis. However, investigations have had conflicting outcomes.
  • It can also be used to treat dementia caused by poor absorption of vitamin B12 through the digestive tract.
  • It helps to treat Macular Degeneration As We Age. Age-related macular degeneration is a disorder that causes progressive loss of central vision in both eyes. Adequate vitamin B12 intake is regarded to be vital for keeping excellent eyesight and preventing macular degeneration in adults aged 50 and above.
  • It is also used to counteract the long-term use of medicines that interfere with vitamin B12 absorption like acid reflux and Proton-pump inhibitors.

Side effects of Tribedoce

Even large amounts of Tribedoce are not harmful to one's health because it is water-soluble, any excess will be eliminated via your urine. 

However, Tribedoce may have side effects, especially if not taken as directed.

Common side effects of Tribedoce include the following;

  • Increased thirst or urination.
  • Constipation - dark or green stools.
  • Mild diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Fluttering in your chest or swelling sensation.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Itching, redness, and pain at the injection site.
  • Vomiting.

Severe side effects include the following;

  • Cough with foamy mucus.
  • Rapid weight gain.
  • Cold and clammy skin
  • It can affect the CNS by putting you in a state of arousal (This side effect is rare).
  • Severe allergic reactions like urticaria (rare), itching, difficulty breathing (rare), rash, hives, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue).
  • If you have severe anemia, this drug may induce low blood potassium levels (hypokalemia) when your body produces new red blood cells, although this side effect is rare.
  • Unusual weakness or fatigue.
  • Itching and swelling of the face, throat, or tongue (Rare side effect)
  • It can affect the cardiovascular system by causing pain in the heart and tachycardia (A rare side effect)
  • Slurred speech (rare).
  • Black, tarry stools.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Limp feeling or numbness/tingling of the skin.
  • Swelling of the feet or ankles.
  • Severe dizziness (rare).
  • Severe or persistent stomach pain or cramping.
  • Sudden vision change (rare).

If your doctor has prescribed this medicine, remember that your doctor has determined that the benefit to you outweighs the risk of adverse effects.

Many people who use this drug have no major adverse effects. So just use this medication as prescribed to get the most out of it.

Precautionary Measures for taking Tribedoce

  • When administered at the prescribed levels, Tribedoce goes into breast milk and is unlikely to damage a breastfeeding newborn. Before breastfeeding, consult your doctor.
  • It is dangerous to consume alcohol while taking medications as prescribed by a pharmacist because it causes sleepiness and endangers patients' health.
  • Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to cyanocobalamin, any form of vitamin B12, cobalt, or if you have any other allergies. Inactive chemicals in this product may cause allergic reactions or other complications. For further information, see your pharmacist.
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this drug if you have any of the following health issues: Leber's disease, gout, iron or folic acid deficiency anemia, and low potassium blood levels (hypokalemia).
  • Tribedoce which contains cyanocobalamin should only be taken orally if your body is capable of effectively absorbing it. If you have pernicious anemia, food absorption problems, stomach/intestinal surgery (such as gastric bypass or bowel resection), stomach/intestinal disease (such as Crohn's disease, colitis, diverticulitis, pancreatic insufficiency), or small bowel irradiation, you may require a form of vitamin B12 that is injected or inhaled through the nose.
  • Inform your doctor or dentist about all of the products you consume before undergoing surgery (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products).
  • When taken in the prescribed quantities, cyanocobalamin is safe to use during pregnancy. Higher dosages should be used only when necessary. Consult your doctor about the dangers and advantages.

It is critical to take the correct dose at the correct time to get all of the advantages while avoiding any possible adverse effects.

If you are pregnant or nursing, inform your doctor. Your dosage requirements may alter during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is it safe to use Tribedoce, especially long term?

Even large amounts of Tribedoce are not harmful to one's health because it is water-soluble, any excess will be eliminated via your urine and the duration is determined individually by your doctor depending on the kind of condition that requires Tribedoce.

If you experience dizziness, sleepiness, or weakness as a result of Tribedoce, consider it unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery after ingestion.

That is, if you feel unusual side effects such as dizziness or exhaustion after taking the tablet, do not drive or operate heavy equipment. 

It is dangerous to consume alcohol while taking medications as prescribed by a pharmacist because it causes sleepiness and endangers patients' health.

For appropriate guidance and medical consultations, it is important to call your doctor on time.

It is critical to take the correct dose at the correct time to get all of the advantages while avoiding any possible adverse effects.

How long do you have Tribedoce before you see improvements

The course of treatment with Tribedoce (Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)) is normally for 2 weeks before you start noticing improvements, but that doesn’t mean the supplement wasn’t working till then, 

It was working right from the first day you started the medication, but before observable or physical improvement will be seen, it will be from 2 weeks.

Sometimes your doctor can even prescribe the medication for one month or even long-term depending on your condition. 

Causes of Low Vitamin B12 Level

The following people are commonly vitamin B12 deficient. See the causes;

  • People in certain conditions: Those who have had intestinal surgery, including weight loss surgery, are also at risk of deficiency. Those suffering from gut diseases such as Crohn's or celiac disease are also at risk.
  • The elderly: Because the ability to absorb vitamin B12 decreases with age, deficiency is more common in the elderly. 
  • Vegetarians: Deficiency is common, particularly in vegetarian and vegan diets. It is estimated that up to 90% of people who follow these diets are deficient. This is because B12 is only found naturally in animal foods.
  • Vegans and vegetarians, however, are not the only ones who are deficient. Even some meat-eaters have difficulty absorbing it. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin B12 absorption is dependent on a protein produced in your stomach called intrinsic factor.

Signs that will make you know when you are low on B12

How can you increase or boost your vitamin B12 naturally?

To increase the amount of vitamin B12 in your diet naturally, eat more foods that contain it, such as:

  • Chicken.
  • Shellfish and fish such as salmon, tuna fish, clams, and trout.
  • Beef
  • Liver
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese.
  • Fortified breakfast cereal.
  • Low-fat milk
  • Eggs.

How do you get your Vitamin B12 levels checked?

A blood test is often used by doctors to determine vitamin B-12 levels, although home urine tests are also available.

A doctor may examine vitamin B-12 levels as part of a routine blood test.

Most home tests look for the presence of Methylmalonic acid level (MMA) in your urine, which has been related to the early stages of vitamin B-12 insufficiency.

You may be required to submit a urine sample to a laboratory. These kits will come with a jar as well as sending instructions.

You can also go to your doctor who will do a physical exam and may request one or more of the following tests:

  • A complete blood count test: This test determines the size and amount of red blood cells in your body. Your red blood cells will not appear normal if you are deficient in vitamin B12. They will be much larger and formed differently than healthy ones.
  • Test to check the level of vitamin B12: This test determines if you have enough of it in your blood.
  • Test to check antibodies that fight intrinsic factor: Intrinsic factor is a substance secreted by the stomach which enables the body to absorb vitamin B12. It is a glycoprotein, but there are certain conditions you might be in, especially a diseased condition in which your body proteins instruct your immune system to target your intrinsic factor causing a significant drop in your vitamin B12 levels. You will have these in your blood if you have pernicious You will have these in your blood if you have pernicious anemia, and it will indicate you have vitamin B12.
  • The Schilling test: This test uses a radioactive version of B12 to determine if your body has an adequate supply of intrinsic factor.
  • Methylmalonic acid level (MMA) test. This test determines the level of MMA in your blood. When your vitamin B12 level falls, your MMA level rises.

When Can I Expect to Feel Better From Taking Tribedoce?

Tribedoce (Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)) therapy normally lasts two weeks.

If you don’t see any improvements by then, consult your doctor, specifically the one that prescribed the medication for you.

Where can you buy Tribedoce?

You can buy this medication at your local pharmacy and hospital or online stores like Amazon.

How much does Tribedoce cost?

The medication cost ranges from $5 to $30 depending on where you buy the supplement or which form or dosage you purchase.

The cost of the medicine is determined by variables such as the brand of the drug bought, how successful it was for the price spent, the nation or location where the drug is sold, and the patient's financial situation.

Users who believe the medicine is too costly should hunt for an alternate brand or a generic drug to save money.

Misconceptions to be cleared about Tribedoce

Certain misconceptions have to be cleared if you want to have more knowledge about Tribedoce;

  • Too much tribedoce might be harmful: While pregnant, adults need 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 per day, while nursing moms require 2.8 micrograms per day. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, your body excretes any excess via your urine. In other words, even at large dosages, it is usually regarded as safe. Because of its low toxicity, vitamin B12 has no Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL), thus you don't have to worry about receiving too much via meals and supplements.
  • Tribedoce cures stroke and heart disease: Higher homocysteine levels may be linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Tribedoce may reduce homocysteine levels, which may lead to a lower risk of heart disease, but only in persons who have a documented B12 deficiency.
  • Tribedoce is only for vegetarians since they are very commonly vitamin B12 deficient: Because vitamin B12 is available in animal products, many people wrongly believe that only vegans and vegetarians are at risk of B12 deficiency. However, as lifestyles, diets, and medicines change, anybody might be in danger of being vitamin B12 deficient. For example, if you take certain drugs to lower stomach acid or cure heartburn, or if you follow a rigorous diet, you are at a higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. You are also more likely to be vitamin deficient if you are over the age of 50, have had gastric bypass surgery, or have gastrointestinal problems.
  • Tribedoce stops Infertility: Tribedoce B12 has been demonstrated to boost sperm mobility. However, if there is no deficit, B12 pills are unlikely to assist.
  • Tribedoce can provide an immediate energy boost: Vitamin B12 has long been recognized as an energy booster. This vitamin can indeed increase your general energy levels and relieve exhaustion, but don't start taking Tribedoce to improve your energy levels. This is because supplementing with this medication has only been seen in persons with low or sub-normal blood levels. As a consequence, if your body already gets enough vitamin B12, you may not achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Tribedoce cures Alzheimer’s disease: Low B12 levels have been linked to memory problems and even dementia, but studies have found no benefit from Tribedoce in people with one of these conditions, even at megadoses of 1,000 micrograms.
  • Tribedoce cures cancer: Various studies have linked both high and low B12 levels to cancer. That is, no one knows if the Tribedoce helps or harms you, or whether deficits raise your risk. That is, no one knows if the Tribedoce helps or harms you, or whether deficits raise your risk.
  • It cures eczema: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one study found that Tribedoce reduced eczema in adults. A large study, however, found no link between B12 levels and the risk of eczema. "Other B vitamins, but not so much B12, are involved with skin health," a professional dermatologist says."Other B vitamins, but not so much B12, are involved with skin health," a professional dermatologist says.
  • It helps with macular degeneration as we age: Folic acid, B6, and B12 supplements may lessen the risk of age-related macular degeneration, an eye disorder that worsens with age. However, experts have refrained from suggesting Tribedoce for it because it might come with unintended side effects.
  • Tribedoce helps in loss of weight: If megadoses of Tribedoce help with weight loss, it's most likely a placebo effect, according to Wright, a professional doctor.
  • It can be used to treat sickle cell disease: According to a professional doctor, B12 supplements like Tribedoce frequently do not help and may even harm people with sickle cell anemia. She goes on to say that you should only take supplements after consulting with your doctor or a professional medical practitioner.
  • Shots of Tribedoce are always preferable to Tribedoce oral pills: Tribedoce injections are the quickest method to get dosages straight into your circulation, but they may not be the best option for everyone. Tribedoce injections, for example, need a frequent visit to a wellness center, which may not be ideal if you have mobility concerns or difficulty getting out on your own. Instead of getting injections, it's ideal to take this supplement in a way that works for your budget, health, and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tribedoce

What are the different forms that tribedoce is available in?

Tribedoce is available in subcutaneous (SC), intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), and intralumbarly (IL) injections, and is also available in oral form.

How long do Tribedoce side effects last?

The side effects normally last a week but contact your doctor right away if you are experiencing these side effects in a very severe manner or if the side effects persist.

Can operate heavy machinery or drive after using Tribedoce?

Depending on your body's response to Tribedoce, if you experience dizziness, sleepiness, or weakness, consider Tribedoce unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery after ingestion.

That is, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking the pill if you experience odd side effects such as dizziness or tiredness. 

It is unsafe to consume alcohol when taking medications, as recommended by a pharmacist since it can cause sleepiness and risk patients' health.

Please keep this in mind, particularly if you are using Primosa capsules. It is vital to contact your doctor on time for accurate advice and medical consultations. 

Is Tribedoce habit-forming or addictive?

No, it isn't. Medicines are not created to cause addiction or abuse to the users' health.

The government categorizes Addictive Medicine as Controlled Substances. Controlled drugs include, for example, Schedule H or X in India and Schedule II-V in the United States.

Please read the medication's instruction booklet to confirm it is not a restricted drug before using it. To summarize, self-medication is detrimental to your health.

Consult your doctor for an appropriate prescription, advice, and recommendations before using any medication.

Does Tribedoce have ant withdrawal side effects or symptoms?

Nope. It wasn't designed that way. It is not a medication that is a mood stimulant, so it doesn't have any withdrawal symptoms.

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