5 Side effect of exercise and other Condition in the body


In recent time, photographs, videos or other material are used to provide various methods of exercise and be physically Fit.

However, various individual, company, news, magazines, publisher and more, provide various articles on the topics on, how you can be fit; how to reduce belly fat in few month; effective planning for weight loss; Exercise that develops the strength; Exercise that develops the muscles; Home remedy for weight loss, and lot more.

Even there is also a drug remedy for this also. But all these articles or ways did not tell us about the weakness or Side effect (i called it discomfort) that you may experience/encounter during your first time of the exercise and getting your body fit.

During my first time of training I experienced so much discomfort, I feel like backing down and so much more. That is the major reason for sharing this article with you right now/today. This article is intended for beginners of the exercise. They are as follows; General Anatomy and physiology-System of The body:

Side effect: Anatomy of the head

We all know a bit information on the anatomy and how the bodywork, but am not going to details. I want to mention the anatomy of head and neck, how does this affect your body system and exercise. The brain is the key to everything, your brain sense that there is a new development going in your body, and if we start showing some weakness, a reaction like;

  1. Slightly headache sometime after your morning exercise.
  2. Eye ache sometimes.
  3. You will be feeling like your head is a little bit heavy .e.t.c

Side effect: Money;

Actually, everybody knows what money does, I think money does 90% of things in this world.

However, in recent time, we all know that you can spend less on fitness without spending much money, but you still need money.

Health and beauty category

A lot of people saying you can be physically Fit without spending money, but I somehow disagree with that, because money is the major challenges that we all have to face in our entire life. Reading is money; Eating is money; living is money; Health is money; everything is money.
So be prepared for money if you want to start anything in life.

Side effect: Exercise Motivation

    In recent time, a lot of fitspiration is not achieved, because they are not self-motivated. Unless in some cases that need medical attention for you to lose weight, some people are forced to do this through video and other materials to be physically fit, which lead to failure or weakness.
However, major motivation did not come from oneself rather than from the outside pressure. Unless you have a person want to reduce weight, you may not accomplish the task in doing so, certainly not permanently, even though if you appear to be trying.
You must be ready for your self properly and emotionally before the goal or losing weight it's accomplished. It may be very difficult not only for your friends and family but for you as a person and be absolutely sure and you are self-motivated.
 It may be possible that you could be harmed psychologically because of losing weight since you might need to be overweight for some reason. This can also affect both children and adults.

Side effect: Polyuria(frequent urination):

This we are some sort of disturb for you because you will always experience some sort of dryness in the mouth, which lead to the major challenge of drinking much water and causes frequent urination.

Side effect: Frequent eating:

For, me I feel a little disturb because since I start my exercise have been eating a lot.

Side effect: Loss of appetite:

This is usually caused by poor balance diet. As a person, you need to eat well so that you be free from the stress and strain of life. This is where the money comes in, as mentioned above. Someone that can not have adequate 3 meal a day cannot be fit for exercise. Because during your exercise you lose a lot of energy calorie and some other nutrient, so you need to eat a balanced diet to balance the equation.

Side effect: Diseases:

Someone that have a disease condition of others may not be fit for exercise, please contact your local physician for more information. Some of these conditions are:
1. Increased in heart rate.
2. Increased in pulse rate.
3. Diabetes.
4. Physical factors.
5. Temperature and many others.

Side effect: Time:

As we all know time is one of the important factors in life, it is our greatest enemy. Someone that does not have time for his/her self cannot be fit for exercise.

Other factors include:

  1. Feeling usual.
  2. Stomach discomfort.
  3. Sharp pain in the stomach(it depends on the type of exercise).
  4. Shoulder pain.
  5. Ribs pain.
  6. Back pain.
  7. Limb pain.
  8. Joint pain .etc.

Getting fit is a good thing in someone life, but my question is are you up for the challenge?

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