Choosing Your Options- Adjustable Or Fixed Dumbbells


The main issue when setting up your home gym arises when you are all set to purchase the gym equipment. There is no fixed solution to this query as the choices you face are numerous. The right decision can be made by deciding which equipment is best for your body type. Your ultimate aim is to workout effectively and consistently. 

One of the most chosen home gym equipment would be a pair of dumbbells. The attraction is that you can achieve effective results with less expenditure, minimal space requirements, and less time consumption. 

Which is better – Adjustable dumbbells of fixed ones?

This is yet another confusion that many have. As the name specifies, the Fixed dumbbells are those that have fixed weights. The weight cannot be adjusted and is constant. However, the adjustable dumbbells allow you to add or remove weights as per your comfort level. You can decide which level of weight training is more convenient for your current exercise regime and adjust the weights accordingly.

Pros and cons -A quick look

People now tend to move towards buying adjustable dumbbells for several reasons. Some of the main advantages are:-

Storage convenience 

Are you planning for a home gym, well the first thing to keep in mind is choosing equipment that is compactable and effective.  One such must-have piece of equipment for your gym is the adjustable dumbbell. According to the article “Bowflex Dumbbells - Selecttech 552, 560, 1090 Reviewed” from Fitness Rocks, the key to a successful home gym is keeping your equipment compact.  Since the weights can be removed and stored separately, the entire unit does not take up much of your storage space.  It can be disassembled easily to fit your available space. Fixed dumbbells require a certain space which cannot be altered.

Affordability, flexibility, and durability

While the fixed dumbbells are cheaper than the adjustable type, you will be restricted to training with a specific weight for a longer period. Once you are done with that level, you will have to obviously go and buy another set with heavier weight. This can be avoided if you go for the adjustable type. Although the initial investment is higher, there is more flexibility and durability obtained. There is no need to stick onto a particular level of weights and hence your strength training can be done effectively. You can choose to bring variation and variety in the type of exercises done.

Better protection and comfort  to your joints

An issue that many people face is that over a period of time, while constantly working out with fixed dumbbells, the natural movement of shoulders or hands get limited. You cannot move them according to your choice and convenience. Rather than that, you have to keep your hands focussed at a constant weight and this causes discomfort in the long run. The advantage of using adjustable dumbbells is there is no need to focus your limbs at a particular weight. The exercise becomes less painful and more effortless. However, the result is tremendous as you are being able to utilize your energy in the right direction and work on your muscles without straining them.

Deciding to set a home gym stems from the motivation to bring about healthy changes in your body. The key is to be consistent and alert. Listen to your body and understand how it responds to your exercise regime. A healthy workout with clean eating can help you achieve wonderful results.

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