Understanding The Health Effects Of Vitamins Based On Research


The latest Danish research published in August shows that out of 53,000 adults observed for 23 years, those who took 192mcg of vitamin K1 were less likely to have cardiovascular disorders than individuals who took 57mcg of the vitamin, according to The Globe And Mail. Evidence reveals that vitamin K plays a significant role in improving your overall well-being as you age. Several studies also suggest that this vitamin activates essential proteins that strengthen your bones and muscles. According to one study involving 800 older men and women, those whose diet had about 254mcg of vitamin K had a 65% lower risk of hip fracture. If you’re like many people, you might be wondering how vitamins can affect your body. Read on to understand vitamins and their health effects based on scientific studies.

Vitamin D And Your Mood

In addition to maintaining healthy bones, boosting immune function, supporting a healthy pregnancy, and promoting brain function, recent studies reveal that vitamin D can improve mood. Over the last decade, scientists have been looking into the relationship between vitamin D and brain function. They found that there are vitamin D receptors and metabolites in the brain, indicating that vitamin D has a role in mood and cognitive functions.

In a 2020 NCBI research review, researchers found that people with mood concerns tend to have low levels of vitamin D. Based on fifteen research findings published in the peer-reviewed journals, researchers state that a vitamin D status of less than 20ng/ml increases the risk of suboptimal well being. To ensure you have enough of this vitamin, ensure you are exposed to sunlight, eat beef liver, eggs, fatty fish, and mushrooms.

Vitamins Prevent Aging

Instead of spending tons of money on anti-aging regimens and products to maintain youthful looks, consider taking vitamins that prevent aging like vitamin K, D, A, E, and C. Taking vitamin C triggers the production of collagen, an essential protein that keeps your skin looking young. Based on a 2021 review of studies recorded in the Molecular Biology Reports journal, vitamin C can prevent shortening telomeres, parts of a chromosome that store DNA information and they get shorter as you age.

Note that vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamin C. However, you can increase the levels of vitamin C by taking supplements orally or through IV vitamin therapy. Typically, an IV drip is more complicated than swallowing a tablet, but it offers numerous health benefits. Some of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy includes higher usable concentration, and it may help to alleviate deficiencies faster. IV therapy for vitamin intake also hydrates the body and guarantees better nutrient absorption.

Vitamins Reduce Autoimmune Disease

Previous studies found a relationship between vitamin D consumption and autoimmune diseases. Recently, researchers presented the first findings of the first large, national, and randomized clinical trial at the American College of Rheumatology convergence 2021. Findings from the trial reveal that consuming omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D for five years reduces the development of autoimmune diseases by 25-30% in older adults.

Vitamins are organic substances the body needs in small quantities to reduce the risk of developing health complications. Since the body can’t produce some vitamins or produces too little, you need to consume vitamin-rich meals. Also, you should consider taking vitamin supplements to ensure you have enough vitamins D, C, A, K, E, B1, B2, B3, and B12 in your body.


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