Northerners use a natural plant called kayamata. Goron Tula, Kayan Maza, Kunum Aya, and Kayanmata are some of the various names for it, depending on the materials used to make it. Kayan Mata and Kayamata have the same meaning.

Nigerians from the north are well-known for their use of aphrodisiacs. Herbs, tree roots, and barks are used both for medical reasons and for food production. Kayan Mata is also a part of it, and it has existed for a long time.

However, this Whitehouse booster plant, which has traditionally been popular among Hausas and other Northerners, has exploded in popularity in Nigeria and West Africa. And a lot of people are curious about its supposed capabilities.

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What is Kayamata?

Kayamata is a phrase that refers to items used by women to improve the game between men and women. Concoctions, ointments, herbs, tree barks, and roots, among other things, may be used.

It is said to enhance activities in the ‘za oza room‘ and assist women in tying down their ideal husbands. The combination is widely available in Nigerian marketplaces. The vendors are typically treated with respect and regarded as experts in the field of bedrooms.

Many individuals feel that this fetish material might also help with conception. The Hausa aphrodisiac has been used by many women in West Africa to treat infertility.

Premature ejaculation in males is said to be cured by Kayan Mata. As a result, this medicine is not only beneficial to females but also males.

Uses and Benefits of Kayamata

KAYAN MATA, also known as KAYAMATA, has many uses and benefits, but we will only share some which seem to be more important.

Men are now using Kayan Mata, which was previously only used by women. The enhancer material has a variety of applications, some of which we will discuss below.

1. Enhancer of Conjugal Relationships

Women use it to improve their “za oza room” experience: Couples that are dissatisfied with their experience might employ Kayan Mata to improve it.

2. Helps Women Fertility

Kayan Mata helps women conceive: The popular inner-room medicine has also been believed to help women conceive, and many women have agreed.

3. It serves as a source of nutrition

The Goron Tula called Kayan Mata, according to several sources, provides a wide variety of health advantages.

4. Prevents premature ejaculation with Kayan Mata

Yes, many people believe that men and women are equally capable of curing the 2-minute Indomie sickness. It is used to keep males from ejaculating too soon.

5. Other Health Advantages

The Kayan Mata or maza, according to several accounts, provides a variety of health advantages. The inclusion of one of the essential elements in the herb’s preparation is responsible for many of these health advantages.

The Goron Tula is the component under examination. According to research, the Goron Tula may help with chest discomfort, cough, liver issues, sexually transmitted infections, menstrual disorders, and infertility, among other things.

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We must inform them about the herb’s adverse effects. “The thing that is pleasant may also kill,” as the Igbo proverb goes. Kayan Mata has both a positive and negative side.

If care is not exercised, it might cause a variety of health problems for the user. As a result, you should obtain guidance from experienced users, the dealer, or a doctor before consuming the substance.

If not properly handled, the Goron Tula used to prepare the drug can cause a slew of negative health effects. As a result, before utilizing, consumers are recommended to obtain guidance.

The user may become ill as a result of contamination of microbes and bacteria in the Goron Tula, which can occur if the Goron Tula is not properly washed before use.

Unwitting purchasers of adulterated concoctions risk liver damage and kidney failure. Because this may be deadly, novice users should not purchase or consume the medicine without first seeking professional counsel.

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