8 Amazing Out of The Box Life Hacks You Can Do With Cotton Swabs


Life hacks are tricks or shortcuts that help you do something more efficiently. They can be simple tips, like using a banana peel to shine your shoes, or more complex hacks like folding a shirt with just one hand.

Life People who want to solve their problems use life hacks as a clever and alternative solution to everyday life issues.

Today, we’re discussing 8 amazing life hacks using cotton swabs, or you can visit allswabs.com to see more.

1.Boost Your Lashes With a Cotton Swab Life Hack

A cotton swab is an excellent tool for applying mascara evenly without smudging. Dip the cotton swab in mascara, then use the pointed end to apply it to the lashes.

2.Fix a Zipper

If your zipper is stuck, you can use a cotton swab to help it slide more smoothly. First, moisten the cotton swab with alcohol. Then, rub the swab along with the stuck teeth of the zipper until it moves again.

3.Clean Hard to Reach Places With Cotton Swabs

You can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean hard-to-reach places. Alcohol is a solvent that easily dissolves dirt. Some examples of hard-to-reach areas include: lint in your hair dyer, in-between your computer keyboard, scooping out materials like lip ointment to avoid adding bacteria, cleaning your car interior like air vents, door handles, and car knob functions

4.Use a Cotton Swab as an Applicator

Cotton swabs are a handy applicator for applying lotion, makeup, and other makeup products to hard-to-reach places on your face.

5.Remove a Pimple With Two Cotton Swabs

Here are the steps to follow to remove a pimple with two cotton swabs:

-Hot water to make your skin soft and supple

-After the skin dries, grab two cotton swabs and press them against each other on the pimple.

This method helps you pop your acne without introducing oils from your hands to worsen the effects.

6.Use a Cotton Swab for Makeup Contouring

If you're looking to add depth and dimension to your cheekbones, you can do so with a cotton swab. Use the swab tip to find where your cheekbone is and start applying your contour there. You can also use a cotton swab for makeup touch-ups like your eyeshadow without smudging your makeup.

7.Use Cotton Swabs as a Makeup Remover

Cotton swabs are great for removing makeup as a simple alternative makeup removal process. Dip the cotton swab in lotion or oil to remove eye makeup, then wipe away all of the mascara and liner until your lashes are clean.

8.Remedy for Puffy Eyes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your eyes looked puffy and swollen after a long night's rest? If so, using a cotton swab will help deflate puffy morning eye bags. Simply dip your cotton swabs in your eye cream and freeze them overnight. In the morning, apply your frozen swabs under your eyes and watch those bags vanish from the cooling sensation.


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