Some things in life have an essential role in rejuvenating us and renewing our energies. They let us refresh ourselves and participate in the activities of life with new zeal. Those things also allow us to have greater faith in what we do and how we do it. In simpler words, they enable us to achieve our milestones set for each day. It is the daily exercise that renews many people's energies, while others find meditation powerful. Likewise, sexual intercourse provides an exhilarating rejuvenation.

There is an understandable reason why one of the said activities, including sex, renews us. If we look at this subject from a psychological point of view, we find scientific evidence. When we are engaging in it, then certain neurotransmitters release in the brain. It causes us to feel excited and renewed.

But, it does not happen without a price. Let us understand it from a broader perspective. Suppose an individual is not careful about their overall hygiene and maintains a safe distance from others. In that case, they may catch any contagious disease. Such diseases can be many; from small flu to a life-threatening one, infections could be commonplace. Precisely, talking about sex, communicable diseases form an entire topic.

To understand it, let's look at the two main terms of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). If your doctor diagnoses you with an STI, it would mean that you have an infection. Likewise, if you have STD, then it'd be a disease. But as understandable, an infection ultimately causes disease.  Irrespective of the STI vs STD debate, let us now look at the prevention and risk factors.

Preventing the STDs

It may not be easy to believe, but 20 million cases are related to STDs in the US every year. The ironic part is that most of those who get these infections are the youth, from age 15 to 24 years. So, there's an urgent need to know how to prevent them and ensure collective health. Let's review the following tips to avoid it.

  1. Minimize Exposure

The first and foremost rule for avoiding any STD is to limit your exposure. It is as simple as it gets, as you have to follow a few steps. Avoiding multiple partners is the key to preventing the infection. It essentially limits the spread of disease and keeps you in a safe zone.

The second way you can minimize your exposure is by using as much safety as you can. Condoms are great, but they cannot suffice for all of the exposed areas. It is imperative to keep a watch to avoid all diseases.

  1. Avoid Cloth Sharing

It is easy to go with the following and succumb to a pleasurable act. But even in the heat of the moment, one must stay conscious and make the right decisions. It is imperative to avoid all sorts of sharing of clothes if you want to prevent STDs at all costs. When we say clothing, we mean not just the underclothing but also the towels. Be mindful, and you will remain safe.

  1. Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene has the utmost importance in any situation, and sexual intercourse is no exception. It is necessary to adopt all basic measures to remain clean and clear of all infections. Particularly about sex, it is a vital need to wash and clean, especially the genitals. Remember to wash your hands before you begin with the cleaning. You can also use soap for the purpose, but remember to choose one that's not harsh. Furthermore, use warm water as it will ensure you wash away the bacteria and minimize the risk.

Risk Factors for STDs

The risk factors are equally important as considering them helps you avoid STDs in the first place. But to avoid those risks, you will need to know what those are. Let's have a look at them in the following details.

  1. Choosing Your Partner

We know it can be practically difficult to 'choose' your partner, but you have to be savvy. Remember, you're the one who has to worry about your health; no one else will. If you have known that your partner has had multiple partners, ask them to get tested before you engage in sexual activity.

  1. Consistent Safe Sex

There is not one 'safe' sex without adopting safety measures. Don't think it won't happen if you avoid contraception 'just for once.' You never know if that's the time when you may get it and then regret having sex for the rest of your life.

  1. Past STD History

It is essential to be careful if you have had a history of suffering from an STD in the past. Be vigilant and cautious in all your future endeavours, as you may already be too vulnerable. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry; enable yourself to enjoy life.

Final Thoughts:

Sex, as earlier explained, is one of the most enjoyable activities. It fills our heart with joy to be with the love of our life. But there are always some safety precautions to take. So, be mindful of them and be sure to carry the above checklist with you when approaching a partner. Taking safety precautions doesn't hurt; not taking does. Lastly, lifestyle changes are a must to ensure maximum safety.


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