7 Myths About Contraceptive Pills That Women Are Still Living With


Unprotected intercourse leads to many possibilities, including- STD & pregnancy. For some, pregnancy is a cherishing experience, but for those who are not ready to take this responsibility, contraceptive pills are a common solution.

These pills are safe and recommended by experienced OBGYN from Mesa, AZ.

Oral contraceptive pills are the combination of two hormones (estrogen and progestogen) which suppresses ovulation. If not this, these pills thicken the cervical mucus to block sperm penetration.

Contraceptive pills tend to show 92 to 99% effective results and are an inexpensive birth control option than IUD or birth control implant. Yet a high number of women relate it with many myths, including the below-mentioned list.

7 Myths About Contraceptive Pills:


Myth No. 1: Contraceptive Pills Cause Cancer

Women think contraceptive pills results in life-taking cancerous cells in the body which develops uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. But that’s a major misconception.

Instead, COCs (combined oral contraceptives) are proven safe to reduce the chances of gynaecological cancers (endometrial and ovarian). In addition, the pills save the women from the cancerous disease for at least 15 years from the time you stop taking pills.

Myth No. 2: Increases the Chances of Birth Defects

COCs do not harm the fetus or reproductive process at all. Even if the woman gets pregnant while taking contraceptive pills, there is no damage to any part of the body.

Myth No. 3: Invites Infertility or Miscarriage

No matter how long you are taking these pills, it is never going to affect your infertility rate anyhow. In fact, COCs help to preserve fertility by creating a protective shield to avoid pelvic inflammatory disease.

So far, no sign of fertility damage has been detected in COCs, which eventually makes it a safe birth control option.

7 Myths About Contraceptive Pills That Women Are Still Living With

Myth No. 4: Absorbs in the Wrong Body Part

Many women avoid taking COCs just because of the fear of body parts absorbing pills. The actual reality is when you take these pills it dissolves in the digestive system, and its hormonal properties produce required contraceptive effect after which the hormones (estrogen and progestogen) dissolve in the gut to be eliminated from the body.

Myth No. 5: Women Have to Bear General Health Issues Forever

There is no doubt that these pills leave a mild and short-term effect on a woman's body, which includes- nausea, headache, temperature, and bleeding patterns. But these minor health issues do not stay for long. In case you do not get rid of these issues after a certain time, it is highly recommended to consult a gynaecologist.

Instead of making you ill, COCs helps with a lot of issues including-

  1. Reduces the endometriosis symptoms
  2. Reduces the amount and growth of facial hair
  3. Helps getting rid of excessive menstrual bleeding issues
  4. Protects you against ovarian cysts, if any
  5. Reduces the chances of ovarian cancer
  6. Almost eradicates the chances of developing a pelvic inflammatory disease

Myth No. 6: Women Gain Weight After Having Contraceptive Pills

A woman’s weight may fluctuate according to diet, age, and other factors, but COCs can never be a reason to weight loss or gain.

Studies have ensured COCs does not contain any element which may affect a woman’s weight or structural changes anyhow. And even if you are in doubt that your increasing weight is all because of the pills you take, the results are reversed when you stop taking the pills.

Myth No. 7: It Adversely Affects the Sexual Desire

It does not affect a woman’s sex drive anyhow. Instead, many women notice an increase in their sexual interests. Rest, other body complications can result in decreased sexual desire, but then it can be treated easily.

Note: However, all the contraceptive pills easily available in the market are safe to use still it is highly recommended to consult a gynaecologist first, undergo a rigid medical test, and then take prescribed pills to avoid any side effects later.

The Final Word:

Contraceptive pills have been the most preferred birth control method for women. It is not just effective but quite hassle-free too.

Where a high majority of women take these pills, on the other hand, a few women are still living under the misconception that birth control pills are not safe.

The above-mentioned myths justify the myths with satisfactory clarification.

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