In view of what we have learned about fat the question about the advisability of eating meat arises. Most meat contains at least as much fat asit does protein, which is approximately 20% in each case. Pork contains up to 55% fat. There is a tendency for non-vegetarians to eat too much fat in
their diet, fat that is highly saturated.

This is the reason we see many heavy meat-eaters suffering with arteriosclerosis. Many have a tendency also  to increase weight, a condition generally associated with this disease.
Many of the animals slaughtered for meat are suffering from various diseases. It is impossible for the consumer to detect this ; so he is likely to purchase infected meat in the market along with good meat. Sanitaiy conditions in slaughter houses are not easy to maintain, with the result that flies and roaches thrive on the premises.

Refrigeration not being available in most cases, bacteria multiply. Unless the meat is thoroughly cooked these organisms are not killed and are taken into the stomach alive. Trichina worms, tapeworm and flukes
may also be ingested in this way.
Cancer has been found in different animals. Researchers have isolated a virus that will produce leukaemia in all rats infected with it. Chickens are also susceptible and many flocks are found to be infected. Once it has been produced in animals there is no known way of stopping it. For this reason human beings have not been tested with the virus. It is possible that it could be transmitted to people when an infected bird is used for food. Whereas bacteria and worms can be killed by ordinary cooking, viruses may not be destroyed so easily.

The proved relationship between flesh foods and arteriosclerosis and the possibility of infection from impure meat should be reason enough for adopting a vegetarian diet.

Diseases in meat

One writer has said, “If those who eat meat could see the condition of some of the animals when living they would tum from it with loathing.”
Diseases among all fowl, fish and animals used by man for food are continually on the increase. Investigtion shows that tuberculosis, cancer, tumours of all kinds, worm infestation and Bang’s disease (caused by the same germ which
causes undulant fever or brucellosis in man) are all rapidly increasing in these creatures. These diseases may be transmitted to man by handling the flesh of animals, from eating meat which may not be thoroughly cooked, from drinking
infected milk, or from eating eggs from infected fowl.

Changing from Meat to Vegetarian Diet

When one accustomed to a heavy meat diet discontinues its use he feels a sense of weakness and loss of vigour. This is
due to the stimulating effect of meat. In time this feeling of weakness will not be felt and normal natural strenght will be maintained without the use of meat.

Along with realizing the dangers of using flesh food it is comforting to know that a balanced diet can be maintained without its use. Dr. M. G. Hardinge, MuD., assistant professor of anatomy, Loma Linda University (U. S. A.), after extended study of the problem of proper nutrition concluded as follows :”A. Diet composed of foods prepared from the whole grain cereals, from nuts., from a variety of root and leafy vegetables, and from both fresh and cooked fruits will not only have adequate quantities of minerals and vitamins, but will also be found to contain a sufficient quantity of protein of highbiologic value  to meet all the demands of the individual ”

Recent study shows that  foods which are especially valuable for their protein content. Meat on the average contains 20% proteins but nuts and grams contain more than that and soya beans over twice that amount.
Dried pulses take up water to such a degree that after being cooked an amount of 100 grammes contains only about one fourth to one-fifth as much protein as it did in its dry form. For example, red kidney beans have 23. 1 · grammes of protein in 100 grammes of dried beans. But when they are cooked they have taken up so much water that there are only 5. 7 grammes
of protein in 100 grammes. In other words 25 grammes of dried beans would weigh 100 grammes when cooked because of the
water that has been absorbed.


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