Low progesterone levels: How do Natural Hormone Balance Cream Works?

Hormones influence overall health and functions in the body. A small imbalance in the hormone levels can wreak havoc and disturb the overall functionality of the systems in the body. Varioussynthetic and natural remedies are known to bring the hormone levels back to normal. Natural hormone balance cream is used by women of all ages to maintain the progesterone level in their bodies. As age increases, the production of hormones in the body slows down and the equilibrium of hormones gets disturbed.

Hormone imbalance can lead to weight gain, mood swings, sleeplessness, and a range of complications in pregnancy. Understanding the role of hormones and identifying the symptoms of hormonal disorder helps you find suitable supplements to balance your hormone level and bring back personal wellbeing.

Need for natural hormone balance creams:

Natural hormone balance cream like progesterone cream is normally used by women of childbearing age although there is no restriction of age for using it, supplementally. Progesterone is a female hormone mainly produced by a woman’s ovaries following ovulation each month. The placenta and the adrenal glands can also produce these hormones. The progesterone level is highly dependent upon women’s menstrual periods and its levels decrease after menopause. When hormone imbalance occurs in our body, progesterone levels are likely to drop and create problems. Under these conditions, some women prefer to use natural progesterone boosters to uphold the hormonal equilibrium. Some studies show a link between low progesterone levels and miscarriage. Balanced progesterone levels help to regulate the menstrual cycle.

How Does Progesterone Cream Work?

The main purpose of progesterone is to get the uterus ready so that it can receive, implant, and support a fertilized egg during pregnancy. After ovulation every month, progesterone helps to thicken the lining of the uterus to make it ready for a fertilized egg. As ovaries release an egg, progesterone levels start to rise and if for any reason enough progesterone is not available, one may have difficulty in getting or staying pregnant. If the egg isn’t fertilized, the corpus luteum breaks down, leading to a drop in progesterone levels. This decrease causes the endometrium to break down, causing the beginning of a menstrual period. Throughout the pregnancy, progesterone levels remain elevated and play a pivotal role to keep the body from producing new eggs during the pregnancy. Progesterone cream is a natural hormone balance cream and makes up for the low level of progesterone in women having a hormone imbalance.

Health Issues with Low Progesterone:

Low progesterone may cause a number of health conditions for women along with fertility issues. A decrease in the production of progesterone may cause trouble in the form of headache, migraine, anxiety, depression, and delay in menstrual cycles in women who are not pregnant. Abnormal uterine bleeding is also one of the symptoms of this disorder. In case of non-availability of progesterone to compliment it, estrogen becomes dominant and some other problems, such as weight gain, skin problems, decreased sex drive, and breast tenderness is triggered.

Research Backs Efficacy of Progesterone Cream

Research suggests that women with progesterone disorder can administer this hormone through various supplements orally and also apply on their body in the form of some top-rated progesterone creams available in the market. Some recentstudies suggest interesting results for the use of natural hormone balance cream to counterbalance estrogen dominance and may even manage PCOS symptoms. It also suggests that bio-identical progesterone cream might be useful for maintaining weight and handling other disease symptoms in women.

A smallstudy has reported stimulating results for applying 2% progesterone cream in improving the skin firmness and elasticity as compared to one without progesterone. Additionally, a four-month study shows that using a progesterone cream may help in reducing the wrinkles and laugh lines in the skin. It has also been observed by the health experts that sometimes patients are asymptomatic and the common symptoms of decreased progesterone do not appear as such. In any case, women who are willing to get pregnant could undergo hormone therapy and take advantage of hormone balance to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Natural Hormone Balancing Cream

Progesterone levels increase 200 to 300 times once ovulation has occurred and the egg has been produced. Some modernstudies recommend the use of natural hormone balancing cream as the first stage action that might help in bringing the hormone levels back to normal. Furthermore, natural hormone balancing cream works as a topical supplement and is safe to use which makes it a better choice as compared to other supplements that are administered orally. Natural progesterone cream is normally obtained from either soybean or wild-yam. Sometimes, a lack of progesterone in the body can lead to deterioration of skin elasticity, firmness, and strength. Natural hormone balancing cream is a kind of hormone replacement therapy that may help in relieving menopausal symptoms, the prevention of bone loss, and may also improve the signs of skin aging.

A review of studies published in 2010 shows that progesterone, when used in combination with estrogen, is generally more effective and may help to improve bone mineral density. In addition to this, a recent review of studies published in 2018, opines that applying natural hormone balancing cream twice daily for a period of 12 days gives the same result as any supplement administered orally in a quantity 200 millimeter per day. Normally progesterone cream is applied on the neck, forearms, lower abdomen, inner thigh, and vaginal area. However, for long term use, it is advised to apply progesterone cream on different areas of the body with each use because applying it on the same area of skin for several times in a row can lead to irritation.


Pregnant or breastfeeding women must consult their doctors before using any hormone balancing cream. It is also advised that if you are using another topical supplement then you will not want to apply progesterone cream on the same area of the body. Natural hormone balance cream can’t be presumed weaker than oral progesterone and the bio-identical hormone balancing cream is considered as a top-rated alternative of synthetic progesterone pills and other supplements.

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