In this post, we introduce the BBalance Smart Scale, the first smart bath mat that seamlessly measures your weight, body composition, posture, and balance to help you reach your health goals, with one easy step.

Amazing right? Keep reading to find out more about the BBalance Matscale or the BBalance Smart Bath Mat.


BBalance Smart Scale – The World’s First Smart Bath Mat

Bbalance Matscale For Weight, Balance &Amp; Posture - Healthsoothe

BBalance, the world’s first smart bath mat is an innovative product that seamlessly fits into daily routines, measuring weight, body composition, posture, and balance.

With the BBalance Matscale, forget about weighing yourself, because the BBalance smart scale will do it for you without you even knowing. The BBalance smart scale was invented so you can effortlessly find your daily balance and live a healthier, more balanced life.

You can watch the video to learn more about the BBalance smart scale:

BBalance, the first Matscale™ that measures your weight, body composition, balance, and posture.

Meet BBalance, the world's first smart scale bath mat that automatically measures your weight, body composition, balance, and posture each day, so you can ke...

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How It Works

Bbalance: How It Works - Healthsoothe 

What Does the BBalance Smart Scale Have to Offer? – Features of the BBalance Matscale

Bbalance: Features Of The Bbalance Matscale - Healthsoothe

  1. The next-gen smart scale

Protect your bathroom floor, dry your feet, and most importantly, collect your personal health data in a simple way for regular and accurate monitoring.

One unique feature of the BBalance Smart Bath Mat concerning this is:

  • Unlocking your BBalance with your unique footprint
  1. Collects more than weight

In addition to your weight and body composition, BBalance regularly analyzes your posture and balance by providing you with daily scores you can improve with short, guided exercises.

BBalance Smart Bath Mat Unique features here include the following:

  • Measure body composition
  • Track balance & posture
  • Strengthen scores with coaching videos
  1. For the whole family

Monitor your kid’s growth, track any changes in your parents’ balance, and measure your muscle mass, weight, and hydration level from the comfort of your home.

BBalance Smart Scale offers the following features here:

  • 22 – 440 lbs
  • 100+ users: The technology can recognize over 100 unique footprints.
  • Secure private data with Footprint ID: The Footprint ID ensures total data confidentiality by attributing each measurement to the corresponding user profile.
  1. Getting all your measurements in one daily step, thanks to Footprint ID

After calibrating your footprint, BBalance will recognize who you are each time you step on the mat.

The BBalance Matscale also works here to offer the following:

  • Seamless Weight: Footprint recognition allows you to step on the mat and automatically be recognized without doing anything. Your weight is calculated and sent to your personal health profile.
  1. Connect to your health apps

Do you use Google Fit or Apple Health to track your health data? Track everything in one central location with BBalance’s health app integrations. Look at your results whenever you want, directly from your phone or Apple watch. Monitoring your health and well-being has never been easier!

  1. Coaching experience
  • Balance & Posture: Improve your balance and posture in just a few minutes a day.
  • Body & Mind: Work on your joints, improve your flexibility, and increase core strength to prevent injuries.
  • Musculoskeletal Health: Regular exercise has many health benefits for people with musculoskeletal conditions such as easing joint pain and stiffness, building muscle strength, improving or maintaining bone density, and lowering stress levels.
  1. User Modes & Tracking
  • Weekly Recap: Get a weekly recap to see if you are getting closer or further away from your health and fitness goals.
  • Long-term trends: See daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views of your key body metrics.
  • Friendly vs Data Mode: Choose how you visualize your data: see each metric every day or just the direction you’re trending in.
  1. Compatibility
  • iOS & Android: The BBalance application will be available from both the Apple Store and Google Play when BBalance is launched.
  • iPhone & Apple Watch: Access your data directly from your Apple Watch to get your stats on the go.
  • Apple Health & Google Fit: Automatically sync your health data from your favorite apps: Apple Health, Google Fit
  • Languages: The application will only be available in English when the product is first released.


What are the Health Indexes that the BBalance Smart Scale Measures?

  • Weight: Weight remains one of the main indicators of a change in health condition. It is now possible to automatically weigh yourself every day without actively thinking about it.
  • Body composition: Measure the elements that our bodies are made up of: Muscle mass, Fat mass, Bones mass & Water percentage.
  • Balance: Our body constantly corrects our imbalances to keep us stable and grounded. BBalance allows you to perform a dynamic analysis of your balance at home.
  • Posture: Balance and posture are closely linked. Measuring posture is a static analysis. By analyzing the distribution of mass within the body, you can obtain your posture score.


How to Set Up Your BBalance Smart Scale

Bbalance: How To Set Up Your Bbalance Smart Scale - Healthsoothe Bbalance: How To Set Up Your Bbalance Smart Scale - Healthsoothe Bbalance: How To Set Up Your Bbalance Smart Scale - Healthsoothe Bbalance: How To Set Up Your Bbalance Smart Scale - Healthsoothe Bbalance: How To Set Up Your Bbalance Smart Scale - Healthsoothe


Which Awards or Recognitions Does the BBalance Matscale Have?

Below is a snapshot showing the awards that the BBalance smart scale has:

Bbalance: Which Awards Or Recognitions Does The Bbalance Matscale Have? - Healthsoothe


Why is the BBalance Smart Scale Unique?

Bbalance: Why Is It Unique? - HealthsootheThe BBalance Matscale is an innovative and unique invention because you can do the following:

  • Weigh yourself without thinking about it: Step on and BBalance automatically collects your weight and connects it to your profile.
  • Learn about your holistic health: Don’t just measure your weight! Get a full overview of your health with body composition, posture, and balance metrics with this 3-in-1 health device.
  • Track regularly to take preventive action: Regularly measuring and tracking changes in your health indexes helps detect potential anomalies or issues early on.


How Much is the BBalance Matscale and Where/How Can You Get It?

The BBalance Matscale is available on pre-order since it is available in limited units. So when you pre-order now, the maximum time for it to arrive is 1 week to 3 months. And the price of the BBalance smart scale is $449.


Designed With Scientific Advisors

Bbalance: Designed With Scientific Advisors - Healthsoothe Bbalance: Designed With Scientific Advisors - Healthsoothe Bbalance: Designed With Scientific Advisors - Healthsoothe


What Top Companies and Sites Are Saying About the BBalance Smart Scale

  • The Telegraph: “Making the bathroom scales less scary and more convenient.”
  • GadgetFlow: “This is an intuitive, natural way to take care of your health at home.”
  • GQ: “It’s one of the nice surprises of the CES in Las Vegas!”
  • Financial Times: “Is anything more joyless than stepping onto a bathroom scale?”
  • CNET: “Weight tracking is terrifying. This bathroom mat wants to fix that.”
  • WIRED: “A chance right out of the shower to have an immediate summary of the state of the body.”


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