Those of us who are exercise enthusiasts, fitness lovers, and workout freaks are always searching for exciting new training experiences to improve our physical & cognitive skills in any field, boost motivation, and realize our full potential.

Now, this is where Blazepod comes as it offers innovative & challenging training regimes, insights, and ideas for all those who wanna keep fit.

Keep reading to know what Blazepod is all about.


About It

Blazepod - Healthsoothe

BlazePod is a smart reaction training platform that boosts performance, helps reach better results faster, and provides an exciting, innovative, and motivating experience.

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BlazePod unequivocally improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance, fitness, and therapy most engagingly and excitingly.

How? With BlazePod’s interactive app and innovative light-up pods that encourage physical & cognitive growth. It is very compatible with a lot of sports including soccer, basketball, martial arts, tennis, fitness training, and physiotherapy.


How It Works

The platform uses visual cues that stimulate physical & cognitive activity with small, light-up Pods controlled by an interactive app designed for every sports, fitness, and therapy field.

Why It Works

Blazepod: Why It Works - HealthsootheBlazePod’s Flash Reflex™ Training (FRX) methodology trains reactions to be as intuitive and fast as possible, improving reaction time, agility, decision-making, and much more by combining physical & cognitive training.


What Does Blazepod Offer? – Features

Blazepod: Features Of Blazepod - Healthsoothe
  1. Train Like A Pro

Personalize your training experience with a platform that fits your needs – train anywhere & anytime and create & customize activities, with our stimulating & innovative platform.

  1. An Immersive Training Experience

BlazePod’s lights heighten senses, sharpen focus, and create the ultimate environment for performance training. Whether you’re working on performance, fitness, or rehabilitation: Discover versatility, intensity, and total immersion in every activity.

  1. Guidance Through Every Stage

Gain insight from in-depth analytics dashboards and view progress in each metric.

  1. Drills To Get You Going

Find hundreds of customizable drills with the option to create your personalized activity for your athletic needs.

  1. Get Real-Time Data

During each training session, get insights into your performance and push yourself to the limits.

  1. See Better Results, Faster

Enhance all performance and fitness elements beyond their potential through combined cognitive and physical training. Join our community of athletes and coaches priming mind and body to perform at full capacity, in any sports field or discipline.

  1. Tap Into Your Instincts

Unleash your full potential and reach better results faster with BlazePod’s Flash Reflex™ Training methodology. Enhance cognitive & physical skills, and step up your reaction time, agility, decision-making, problem-solving, dual-tasking, and so much more.

  1. Inspired Training

Join its global community of industry leaders, professional experts, and badass BlazePoders to maximize your experience online & in real life. Take it to the next level and become an expert yourself with our BlazePod® Academy courses, summits, and webinars.


Sports or Fitness Regimes that You Need BlazePod For

1. Soccer

Blazepod: For Soccer/Football - Healthsoothe

2. Basketball

Blazepod: For Basketball - Healthsoothe3. Physiotherapy

Blazepod: For Physiotherapy - Healthsoothe

4. FitnessBlazepod: For Fitness - Healthsoothe

5. Martial Arts

Blazepod: For Martial Arts - Healthsoothe

6. Tennis

Blazepod: For Tennis - Healthsoothe



Blazepod: Blazepod Reviews - Healthsoothe


How/Where Can You Get It? And How Much is it?

It can be obtained at their official site. The price depends on the model that you are choosing as there are 3 different models, but prices range from $399 to $624.

Choose Your BlazePod Today

Blazepod: Choose Your Blazepod Today - Healthsoothe

You can watch the intro video to learn more:

BlazePod ⚡ Official Video

About BlazePod:BlazePod is a smart, innovative & engaging platform that improves reaction time, agility, decision-making, and much more. From the highest-per...

YouTube video

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