A thermometer is a device for measuring and indicating temperature. It typically consists of a short, hermetically sealed glass tube with graduation markings, a mercury or alcohol-filled bulb at one end, and a probe that extends along the pipe as it warms up.

It took decades for the thermometer to be developed, with numerous scientists experimenting with various scales and sizes. Many industries, especially the healthcare industry, now rely heavily on the thermometer.

Medical thermometers, also known as clinical thermometers, are used to measure the body temperatures of people and animals, according to this top supplier article. A typical thermometer's tip is inserted into the mouth, the tongue, the armpit, the ear, and the rectum via the anus, or onto the forehead.

This article covers the list of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

Top Thermometer Manufacturers And Suppliers

In the world, the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers are:

1. LCR Hallcrest

Lcr Hallcrest (@Lcrhallcrest) / Twitter

LCR Hallcrest is the world's leading producer of colour change materials, specialising in the micro-encapsulation of Liquid Crystal compounds as well as the research and production of Labels, Ink, and Raw Materials.

LCR has also created a variety of Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, and Photochromic materials, which are accessible as Printing Inks, Labels, and Plastic Concentrates.

LCR's dominant position is founded on more than 40 years of expertise in producing innovative temperature measurement devices for practically any purpose or application.

This, together with an unwavering dedication to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and continuing research and development programmes, firmly establishes LCR as the international leader in its area and the leading producer of colour change materials.

LCR Hallcrest specializes in the research and production of goods, pigments, inks, and paints that change colour. They also formulate and microencapsulate liquid crystal combinations.

They were established in 1974, has its headquarters in Glenview, Illinois, and produces liquid thermometers. LCR Hallcrest specializes in the research and production of goods, pigments, inks, and paints that change colour. 

It is a privately held family business that invented the first temperature-sensitive, colour-changing graphic technology. It is one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

2. Waitz Corporation

Waitz Corporation | Promotional Products And Corporate Apparel: Home

Waitz Corporation is a full-service promotional goods and awards firm that provides a diverse range of things to advertise your company. Waitz Corporation is a promotional goods and awards company that offers a broad range of services.

In 1952, Jack Waitz & Company, today known as Waitz Corporation, was established. They provide a selection of personalized awards and corporate gifts, including many styles of thermometers. They are based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

They also distribute indicating thermometers, including Celsius and Fahrenheit digital and analogue thermometers. Wall, desk, magnetic, cartoon, forehead, disposable, solar, wireless, Galileo, non-contact, mini, programmable, and waterproof thermometers are also produced.

Wine bottles, rain gauges, baths, cooking, oral, BBQ, meat, soil, and baby thermometers are offered. Laser engraved, screen and pad Imprint and a poly bag, box, and bulk packaging options too.  It is one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers.

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3. BV Medical

Working At Bv Medical | Glassdoor

They produce a range of medical items, including forehead thermometers with liquid crystals. It was established in 1990; its main office is in Barrington, Illinois. They are medical device producers serving the healthcare industry. Products include stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and thermometers.

4. Angelus Medical And Optical Equipment

Angelus Medical &Amp; Optical | Linkedin

They are the distributor of thermometers for use by pediatric patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and laboratories. Hand-held thermometer types include infrared ear and temple touch thermometers. Fever alerts, dual Fahrenheit or Celsius scales, interchangeable and removable probes, stainless steel probe shafts, LCD displays, small1 ergonomic designs, auto-off features, audible tones when the measurement is complete, and hand-held mountings are among the features that are available.

Its main office is in Garden, California, where it was established in 1946. They provide a variety of thermometers for sale, including liquid thermometers. It is one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers.

5. Dealmed

Medical Supplies And Equipment | Dealmed


In 1929, Dealmed was established. Their headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, and they have a distribution facility in New Jersey where they deliver medical goods like liquid thermometers and customized medical kits.

Dealmed is a full-service medical supplies company.

We sell any product used in a healthcare or medical facility, including medical supplies, medical equipment, vaccines, injectables, and drugs.

We also produce a complete range of medical goods under the brand name Dealmed Originals.

6. Medicaid

Medicaid - Family &Amp; Children'S Services

Medicaid covers millions of Americans, including low-income individuals, children, pregnant women, elderly people, and people with disabilities.

States manage Medicaid in accordance with federal regulations. The programme is jointly supported by the states and the federal government.

In Cerritos, California, Medicaid produces common digital and infrared thermometers. They started out in 2003. It is one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers.

7. Aoss Medical Supply

About Us – Aoss Medical Supply

The headquarters of Aoss Medical Supply is in Monroe, Louisiana. They were established in 1991 and sell clinical digital thermometers for use in medicine, such as fever, oral, and rectal thermometers.

8. DWK Life Science

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (Sls) Ltd | Lab Supplies

One of the top producers of top-quality lab glass worldwide is DWK Life Sciences, LLC, a multinational corporation. As DWK Life Sciences, the business was established in 2017 through the union of DURAN Group, Wheaton Industries, and Kimble Chase.

More than 30,000 goods, including mercury-free or mercury-filled thermometers, are available in their catalogue. It is one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers. 

9. Thermoworks

Thermapen One | Thermoworks

In 1985, Thermoworks was established. Their headquarters are in Linden, Utah, and they produce thermometers for a number of markets, including liquid thermometers for the healthcare sector.

10. Medical Indicator

Working At Medical Indicators | Glassdoor

A trait of a person, group, or environment that may be measured and used to define one or more elements of an individual's or population's medical, health.

A restricted but quantifiable component of a community's medical health is used to assess public health as a whole.

Medical Indicators has its main office in Hamilton, New Jersey. They were established in 1988 and provide both single-use and reusable medical thermometers. It has its place as one of the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers. 


We hope this aids in your search for top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers. It is also pertinent to note that this list is not arranged in any particular order.

In this article, we have discussed the top thermometer manufacturers and suppliers, and their establishment dates.


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