As we all know, sophisticated procedures – gynaecological, for instance – warrant efficient execution. That is the reason why we’ve listed the Basic normal Delivery Instrument Set names for the purpose of helping the doctors and medical practitioners to know the right instruments to use and to perform their procedures better.

A total of thirty-three (31) tools and equipment are listed in the normal Delivery Instrument Set by Healthsoothe. Included are the basic scissors: Mayo used for cutting heavy fascia and sutures, Metzenbaum for cutting delicate tissues, and operating scissors for general surgical procedures to cut sutures, gauze and other similar materials. Also, we mentioned different types of forceps: different thumb and tissue forceps, Allis, Crile, Ochsner, and others. In addition, we mentioned three types of retractors for holding open the vagina while facilitating the entry of other instruments in the vaginal cavity.

Basic Normal Delivery Instrument Sets and their Uses

  1.  Surgical Knife Handle, #3 1: Use to hold surgical blade or knife
  2. Surgical Knife Handle, #4 1
  3.  Foerster Sponge Forceps, 9.5″, Str. Serr 6: It is used to hold excessive fluids and blood from the surgery site.
  4. Backhaus Towel Clamp, 5.25″ 6: It is used for holding tissue, grasping towels or drapes, and gripping or minimizing small bone fractures.
  5. Mayo Scissors, 6.75″, Str. 1: Mayo Scissors are intended to cut body tissues near the site of the wound.
  6. Mayo Scissors, 6.75″, Cvd. 1
  7. Metzenbaum Scissors, 7″, Cvd. 1: Metzenbaum scissors are surgical scissors used for cutting delicate tissue and blunt dissection.
  8. Operating Scissors, 5.5″, Str. S/B 1: Operating scissors are used to cut the sutures.
  9. Thumb Forceps, 5.5″, Serr. Tips 2: Thumb Forceps grasping, holding or manipulating body tissue. They are used to hold or move tissue during surgery or to move dressings.
  10. Thumb Forceps, 8″, Serr. Tips 1
  11. Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 5.5″ 2: Tissue forceps are used in surgical procedures for grasping tissue.
  12. Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 8″ 1
  13. Allis Forceps, 5 x 6, 6″. 4:  It is a handheld medical instrument used to grasp or hold objects or tissue.
  14. Crile Forceps, 5.5″, Str 12: It is used for clamping small vessels and tissue before ligation.
  15. Pean Forceps, 6.25″, Cvd. 6: Are use with full horizontal serrations for clamping larger tissue and vessels.
  16. Ochsner Forceps, 6.25″, Str 3: It is used for clamping off blood vessels to avoid bleeding during procedures
  17. Bozeman Dressing Forceps, 10.5″, Cvd. 1: They are used for tissue removal in dilation and curettage procedures, intrauterine device retrieval, and packing the uterine cavity.
  18. Deaver Retractor, 1 x 8″. 2: A Deaver retractor is a surgical instrument used in thoracic and abdominal surgery for holding back muscle, tissue, and bone.
  19. Parker Retractor, Large, Set of 2 1: Used to hold back the abdominal wall during abdominal or thoracic procedures
  20. Sims Retractor, 7.5″ 1: It is used during gynaecological surgeries to retract posterior vaginal wall. It gives more exposure to the vaginal walls.
  21. Simpson Uterine Sound, Graduated 1:It is used to measure the length of the cervical canal and uterus.
  22. Mayo Hegar Needle Hldr, 7″ Bulldog 2: Used to hold heavy needles during surgical procedures.
  23. Mayo Noble Scissors, 6.5″ Str. 1: Used to cut thick tissues such as those found in the uterus, muscles, breast, and foot.
  24. Russian Tissue Forceps, 8″ 1: Russian Forceps are used for grasping heavy or thick tissue. The forceps are also used in wounds closure procedures.
  25. Allis Adair Tissue Forceps, 9 x 10, 6.25″ 2: It is used to hold or grasp heavy tissue. It is also used to grasp fascia and soft tissues such as breast or bowel tissue.
  26. Crile Forceps, 6.25″, Cvd. 6: It is used for clamping small vessels and tissue before ligation.
  27. Schroeder Uterine Vulsellum, Str 2: It is used for uterus during procedures such as episiotomy, hysterectomy, or dilation & curettage
  28. Kelly Retractor, Small 2:  It is used to pull back, or retract, the edges of wounds in order to expose the surgical area.
  29. O’Sullivan-O’Connor Vaginal Retractor 1: It is used to retract the vaginal walls and access to the vaginal canal for inspection and/or surgery. It keeps the vaginal canal open.
  30. Crile Wood Needle Holder, 6″. 2: It is used for suturing during surgical procedures.
  31. Auvard Weighted Speculum, 3.5″ Blade: It is used in OB/GYN procedures such as vaginal hysterectomy or dilation and curettage.


Normal Delivery Instrument Sets

Symptoms such as vaginal itching, burning, pain and discharge are some of the most common reasons why women seek medical care. Gynaecologists perform diagnostic examinations to either confirm or rule out vaginal diseases. However, the procedure may also be done on a routine basis to monitor reproductive health. Once findings are available, the health care provider thinks of interventions suitable for the gynaecological condition of the patient. There are both conservative and surgical methods. For both assessment and operative purposes, doctors utilize instruments that are necessary for performing every step in the process efficiently. Healthsoothe has listed the collection of Normal Delivery Instrument Set.

Normal Delivery Instrument Sets

  • Spencer-Wells Forceps 18cm 02 Pcs: It is used during surgery to compress the artery, clamp and seal small blood vessels or hold the artery out of the way
  • USA Mod. Umbilical Scissors 10.5cm: It used for cutting the umbilical cord.

The Normal Delivery Instrument Sets of the baby are the culmination of a human pregnancy or gestation period with the expulsion of one or more newborn infants from a woman’s uterus. The process of normal human childbirth is categorized into three stages of labour: the shortening and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the infant, and birth of the placenta. There are several standard manoeuvres that the health care workers perform step by step. The process of normal delivery is not a sophisticated procedure in the hospital.

Normal Delivery Instrument Sets Include the Spencer-Wells forceps and the US modified umbilical scissors. When a mother delivers a child, she expects her doctor to use the most efficient tools necessary for her child safely, and with as little pain as possible. Blacksmith Surgical has the best umbilical scissors to sever the umbilical cord during birth, to separate the newborn from its mother.

The articles in the Normal Delivery Instrument Set are approved by medical practitioners in different major hospitals and facilities.


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