A Deaver retractor is a surgical instrument used in thoracic and abdominal surgery for holding back muscle, tissue, and bone. It allows the surgeon to be able to reach the underlying organs. It is a thin, flat instrument with curved ends. The curved ends of the retractor are placed at the edges of the incision and held there by hand or clamped into place.

Uses of Deaver retractor

The Deaver retractor can be used to hold organs away from the surgical site inside the abdominal cavity or to move the heart or lungs gently in the surgeon's direction.

Deaver Retractor And Their Uses


The earliest recorded use of a retractor dates back to the seventh century. The modern retractor is designed after a model developed in 1936 (It is named after the American surgeon John B. Weaver).

Deaver retractors were designed to keep the large organs inside the abdomen protected from the surgical instruments used during the operation. The Deaver retractor is used during a thoracic area procedure to hold the chest flesh away from the incision.

It is essential to ensure that the retractor is in good condition for a successful operation. The surgeon must make an incision and instruct the assistant at the edges of the incision to place the retractor on the flesh. This medical tool allows the surgeon to have a clear view of the area of operation.

What is its function of the Deaver retractor?

The retractor has smoothed edges to reduce the trauma to the tissue being held in place. A Deaver retractor is generally used for deep abdominal and chest surgeries.

Surgical Procedure

There are various types of retractors. Each is unique in the form to do the least damage to the tissue that the retractor aims to hold back.

The Richardson retractor is a small, curved medical device for quick gripping with a handle. It is the most commonly used retractor in abdominal or thoracic operations. Based on the operation's surgical requirements, it may be single or double-ended.

Another commonly used retractor is the Senn retractor. It is a double-ended surgical instrument, with one side shaped like a blade and the other side having three prongs. This retractor is used for most hand and foot surgeries. The Senn retractor is used to hold soft flesh away from the surgical site for short periods of time.

The Senn retractor is another widely used retractor. It is a double-ended surgical instrument with a blade on one side and three prongs on the other side. The retractor is used for most hand and foot operations. The Senn retractor is used for short periods of time to hold soft flesh away from the surgical site.


Most retractors have a special handle to make it easier during surgery to hold it in position. Usually, a surgical assistant holds the retractor in place instead of the surgeon. Using a retractor allows the surgeon to operate more quickly and accurately.


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