9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!


Dental braces are the best option to straighten teeth, fix the gap, but it is necessary to avoid these nine foods to ensure braces don’t do more harm than good.

 Let’s assumed you corrected your crowded or crooked teeth, or a misaligned jaw, and unknowingly you eat all the foods that make your dental braces worst and effectively rotting your teeth.

9 Dangerous Foods to Never Eat with Braces

Good oral hygiene can eliminate cavities and decay teeth, and improve your oral health.

1. Sticky and Hard Candy

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

One of the major reasons to avoid this food is that it can hook around your dental braces and destroy them.

Also, the hard candy will stick to your teeth and around the braces. For this reason, cavities and decay may start under the dental Braces if not clean properly.

2. Hard Nuts

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

As a braces wearers, you need to avoid these nuts because it is very hard and small and it can break your braces in the process of eating it. That means you will have to visit your dentist again to fix them.

This is bad news as it can break the brackets on your brace and mean another trip to the dentist to fix them – not great news if you’re not a fan of the dentist.

You can eat nut butter but not the hard ones take the soft nut to boost your protein and healthy fats

3. Popcorn

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

This food may seem good to you but it is actually the bad ones for your teeth if you are wearing dental braces. If the Unpopped kernels and bits of rogue kernel get stuck to your gums in a hard to reach an area of your mouth it can remove the braces and you have to fix it again

If you can’t do without popcorn, then avoid caramel covered types and check if there are no rogue kernels in it.

4. Hard Tacos

foods to avoid if you have braces

Hard tacos can wear away the surface of your dental braces and lose them. Note, your braces are added with the help of adhesive substance.

Although the adhesive is very strong and can withstand some certain foods, hard foods like these ones will eventually pull them down. If your braces are loose don’t put it back yourself let your dentist help you fix them.

5. Gum

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

Gum is the worst offender than popcorn. As a braces wearer, you need to avoid it completely because it can make the wires between your brackets to bend.

Also, it can push your teeth to the wrong direction and you may not even notice it. Remember the aim of dental braces is to straighten your teeth.

6. Ice

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

Chewing ice will cause your tooth to crack with or without dental braces. – and with braces, there’s a risk that the crack tooth happens beneath the brackets and you may not notice it until the braces are removed, or the tooth breaks completely.

7. Hard Pretzels

9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!

If you eat add food like pretzels can cause your bracket to break, or worse, your tooth succumbing to the pressure of biting down while being restrained and cracking or snapping.

You can try soft pretzels instead of the hard ones if you really craving for pretzel taste!

8. Corn on the Cob

foods to avoid if you have braces

Biting hard on corn cob can cause trouble for your braces and dislodge the wires. Also, avoid any food that you scrape with your front teeth across is a risk with braces. I know you don’t want the wires in your mouth to cut.

Go gentle on your braces by removing the cob first before eating your corn.

9. Hard Cereals

foods to avoid if you have braces

Cornflakes are one of the hard cereals that will wreck your brackets and cause your wires to bend out of shapes. It all depends on you. You can either buy softer ones or pour your Cornflakes inside the milk a little longer until it goes soaked. Whichever method you choose don’t use sugar

A Word From Healthsoothe

Some of your colleagues or your close relative that as wear dental braces in the past may have no issue in the past with some of the hard, chewy/sticky foods for braces but it is very essential to avoid them and listen to your dentist for food recommendation if you wear it.

Avoiding worst foods will keep your teeth and braces healthy, and allow you to get brace free and sporting your perfect smile in no time.


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9 Major foods to avoid if you have dental braces on!
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