A dental prophylaxis is a medical term used in dentistry to promote good oral health. The procedure includes dental exams to getting dental sealants to prevent the teeth from cavities and tooth decay. Also, known as scaling and polishing tray set up instruments.

Learn the basic prophylaxis tray setup and different types of prophylaxis.

Dental Prophylaxis Services

Prophylaxis Tray Setup

  1. Cavitron Tip
  2. Mouth Mirror
  3. Perioprobe
  4. Scalars
  5. Straight Nose
  6. Prophy Angle
  7. Prophy Paste
  8. 2×2 Gauzes
  9. Cotton Rolls
  10. Floss

Alternatively, you can set up your Prophylaxis Tray / scaling and polishing tray set up instruments like this: 

  1. Basic: Mouth Mirror
  2. Explorer
  3. Cotton Pliers
  4. Periodontal Probe
  5. Topical Anesthetic
  6. Cotton tip applicator
  7. Aspirating Syringe
  8. Carpule
  9. Needle
  10. Needle Protector Cutting
  11. Spoon Excavator Procedure
  12. Scalers 1 or 2
  13. Disclosing Agent
  14. Cotton Tip Applicator
  15. Prophy Angle
  16. Prophy Paste 
  17. Dental Floss
  18. Nose Cone


Instrument for prophylaxis tray setup : Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

Function: To use with water-cooled ultrasonic tips, to remove calculus
Characteristics: Has ultra-high frequency tip movement that also sprays water, attaches to the dental chair

Instrument: Ultrasonic Scaler Tips
Function: To remove supra/subgingival calculus on teeth, remove bacteria from periodontal pockets and stain.
Characteristics: Used with Ultrasonic Scaler Unit, water is used to cool tips, 25 k 30 k size tips. Not interchable

 Prophylaxis Tray Setup Utrasonic Scaler

Instrument: Universal Curette

Function: To Scale and remove deposits and stain, remove calculus
Characteristics: Blade has two cutting edges, rounded toe, round on the back Single or double-ended.

 Prophylaxis Tray Setup Universal Curette

Instrument: Area-Specific Curette

Function: To scale and remove deposits from specific subgingival surfaces.
Characteristics: Anterior and Posterior specific Curettes.

Instrument prophylaxis tray setup: Sickle Scaler

Function: To remove large amounts of deposits from supragingival surfaces, ideal for anterior interproximal area
Characteristics: Variety of sizes, sharp edges with a sharp point.

10 Basic Prophylaxis Tray Setup

Instrument: 0.12 % Chlorhexidine

Function: Oral rinse before treatment, aid with lowering patients oral bioburden
Characteristics: Blue or Pink liquid, 15 ml oral rinse before and after cleaning.

10 Basic Prophylaxis Tray Setup


Instrument: Prophy Cup & Paste

Function: To polish the coronal surface after cleaning or before certain operative procedures
Characteristics: Different prophy cups/points fluoridated or non-fluoridated pastes, also differ in grit

Instrument: Fluoride varnish

Function: To decrease in post-cleaning sensitivity, remineralize incipient carious lesions, caries prevention

Characteristics: Differs in colour, sticky, resin-based, some patients may be allergic to the resin in the varnish

Instrument: Patient Tooth Brush

Function: To allow the patient to continue good oral home care
Characteristics: Soft bristle toothbrush

Instrument: Patient floss

Function: To allow the patient to continue good oral home care
Characteristics: Waxed or non-waxed floss

Instrument: Prophy Angle

Function: To polish teeth with prophy cup or brush
Characteristics: An attachment for straight or prophy handpiece; types: prophy cup for polishing all surfaces of teeth, prophy brush for polishing occlusal surfaces and lingual surfaces of anterior teeth.


In this article, I have provided 10 Prophylaxis Tray Setup and INSTRUMENTS & SUPPLIES FOR PROPHY AND SRP. These are the tools used during Prophylaxis services or scaling and polishing tray set up instruments. If you have any suggestion or addition to what I have listed above feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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