Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and spine ache are common problems among adults and seniors. In fact, up to 80% of adults experience pain in these areas at least once in their lifetime.

While there are treatments available in the form of over-the-counter medicines, physiotherapy, and pain clinics, it is often useful to know some handy home pain management tips that can be used to help family members when they suffer from back pain.


The most common and organic way of managing chronic pain is to exercise. When a person exercises, his muscles shift the spine support muscles as per the body weight. This gives relief to the body and pain subsides. Some stretching exercises can also help in relieving pain. People should stretch their bodies for at least 30 seconds and continue till they feel comfortable. Some of the stretching exercises are: touching the toe, Cobra pose, Cat-Cow pose, Child’s Pose, and so on.

Hot & Cold Compress

Both hot and cold compresses can be useful for managing pain at home. A cold compress helps in providing a numbing effect in case of sudden intense pain. Ice Packs are easily available and are proven for reducing inflammation which often is the cause behind the pain. But it is not advisable to apply an ice pack for more than 20 minutes at a time.

A hot compress can also provide relief to stiff or achy muscles. Hot water bags are easily available for a hot compress.

Apply a pain-relief cream or oils

Pain relief cream or oils can often provide quick relief if applied to the affected area. Pain Relief sprays are also available that can be carried along and applied quickly if there is sudden pain while on the go. A word of caution: applying too much pain relief cream, especially containing menthol can cause a person burning sensation till the effect fades. A very popular pain relief product is CBD oil. Experts have proved that CBD can really help in dealing with chronic pain. Learn more at HealthCanal's website and get your product here

Try homeopathic Remedy

Arnica, a homeopathy remedy, is useful for pain management. One can either take 2-3 drops in the mouth or apply the liquid directly on the skin to treat muscle swelling or pain.

Changing Shoes

Wearing certain shoes, especially the one with high heels, can cause muscles to strain and result in pain. People with a chronic back pain problem should look for shoes that fit correctly and support the feet.

Be Careful about Postures

Improper postures such as slouching or straining at the desk or looking at a computer screen that is higher or lower than eye level can lead to an increase in back, neck and shoulder pains. Keeping back straight by using chairs with high backrest and keeping the computer screen at eye level can be helpful. People who lift heavy things should squat and use their legs’ strength to lift the weight.

Get enough sleep

It has been found that lack of sleep can aggravate pain. Moreover, an uncomfortable mattress or a wrong size pillow can also trigger pain. Adequate sleep of 7 to 9 hours, proper comfort, alignment of the back and neck while sleeping can help avoid pain in the morning.


Massage can also be a helpful remedy in reducing pain and offer relief. But massage can only be done by people who know how to do a massage. Visit a reputed rehab centre to get your back straight and reduce stiffness.

Manage or reduce stress

Stress can trigger muscle tension and result in pain. Those who lead a stressful life should use stress-relief techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and yoga.


While home remedies are useful in case of chronic pain, it is not always possible to help our loved one manage pain. In some cases, we need advice from experts. You must consult a specialist in pain management in Spokane, WA or wherever you are based.



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