Aju Mbaise is an herb used for four major purposes:

  1. Weight loss and flat tummy.
  2. Fertility boost.
  3. Menstruation irregularities and infections.
  4. Fibroid treatment infused with infection roots, sour soup, fibroid roots, maca roots, and burdock roots.

It is a mixture of 5 different leaves, bark, and roots of a medicinal tree enclosed together. Aju Mbaise means "a wrap from Mbaise".

It is used mostly by singles, married and nursing mothers to lose weight, reduce belly fat, increase fertility, prevent fibroids, clear blocked fallopian tubes, etc.

Aju Mbaise is one of the most powerful and effective ways to lose weight out there today.


  1. This unique herbal tea assists a woman’s cycle to return to normal and be ready for conception hence it prevents painful and scanty menstruation.
  2. Aju Mbaise helps women to increase their chances of getting pregnant.
  3. It aids weight loss and abdominal flattening especially after childbearing within 3 to 4 weeks of rigorous planning.
  4. Aju Mbaise removes old and bad blood from the womb, the surplus fluid, and all postnatal substances that may be left behind, hence allowing the abdomen to return to its usual size.
  5. It is also used for detoxification of the stomach.
  6. Aju Mbaise also helps women improve their fertility rate by purging unwanted dead cells.

Aju MbaiseNutritional and Phytochemical Components of Aju Mbaise:

  • Alkaloids - 8.69%
  • Flavonoids - 19.10%
  • Glycosides - 6.86%
  • Hydrogen Cyanide - 0.92%
  • Phenols - 31.56%
  • Saponins - 0.83%
  • Steroids - 0.94%
  • Tannins - 16.80%
  • Terpenoids - 14.31%


Whether using it fresh or dried, Aju Mbaise herb is very effective and the nutrient is complete.

An Aju Mbaise herb for new moms is prepared like pepper soup. 

This soup is similar to any type of pepper soup, such as goat meat pepper, catfish pepper soup, etc. It is traditionally given to nursing mothers to help them regain nutrients lost during childbirth. 

The soup can also be consumed by people in other categories such as single ladies and other married women.

Aju Mbaise peppersoup has a bitter alkaline taste with an exceptional aroma.

How to cook Aju Mbaise peppersoup:

Aju Mbaise is cooked with:

  • Uhiokirihio Seeds
  • Uda
  • Ehuru Seeds 
  • And Various Fish Flavors With Fresh Fish For Protein.

Adding Uhiokirihio seeds:

Uhiokirihio, also known as whole spice, is cooked with the Aju Mbaise leaves. It is also a fat-burning spice aimed at reducing starch in cooked meals.

Aju MbaiseSlicing the seeds:

Due to Uhiokirihio's effects, it is hardly cooked with the soup. Only a quarter of the wings are sliced into the pot of soup.

Boil for 10 minutes before adding condiments:

The tree bark, leaves and Uhiokirihio seeds produce medicinal benefits together. The wrap is cooked like that, without being untied. For proper cooking and re-use, it is first boiled for 10 minutes before other condiments are added to the pot.

Adding fresh fish:

Aju Mbaise is cooked with fresh fish as protein in the soup.

Adding stock fish:

Stock fish is added for flavor.

Adding spices:

Light seasoning is added to add more taste to the peppersoup.

Aju Mbaise before Serving:

Just before the peppersoup is served, the Uhiokirihio and Aju Mbaise wrap are removed from the pot. The wrap could be re-used for tea or for preparing another pot of Aju Mbaise soup.

Aju Mbaise Tea Dosage:

When is the best time to drink Aju Mbaise in its herbal tea form?

When prepared with fresh Aju Mbaise: 1 big cup of teacup in the morning before breakfast and in the night 2 hours after dinner. (A cup of the tea should be drank in the morning before food is taken and night after dinner.)

The juice can be taken alone as a form of tea, or it can be used for cooking. Although people who want instant results such as those who need it to lose weight, would rather simply drink the tea.

For Aju Mbaise to yield a fast and effective result, take it warm, not cold. That way, your body would feel the much needed warmth to kick start its effects.


  1. Excessive intake of Aju Mbaise dosage causes light-headedness and dizziness.
  2. Also, drinking too much while on exclusive breastfeeding causes the baby to lose some serious weight.
  3. Aju Mbaise has been discovered to increase the risk of miscarriage and birth defects in pregnant women. Therefore it is advised to stay clear away from it as a pregnant woman.


You can always walk into any Nigerian Local Market in your neighborhood to buy it.

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