Top Hairstyling Tips For When You Lose Your Hair


Hair loss can affect anyone, and it can really knock down your self-confidence. If you’re used to having a full thick head of locks, then dealing with the sudden change can be difficult. Some people opt for thickening shampoos or natural alternatives like rosemary oil. But others may want a more permanent solution and opt for a hair transplant in Turkey. Whether you’re in the middle of trying everything you can to grow it back, or you’ve accepted the loss as a part of you, there are ways you can style your hair to make the most out of it. Here are some top hairstyling tips to try if you’ve lost your hair.

Consider The Colour Carefully

If you’ve always kept your hair dark, whether it’s natural or not, once your hair starts to thin out, the dark colour can actually make it look thinner. This is because the difference between your hair colour and scalp is more noticeable. However, if you regularly touch up your dyed hair, you can keep it slightly darker. It will just require more upkeep. Lightening your hair could potentially help your hair look thicker, but it’s best to speak to a professional if you’re considering this method.

Volume Is Your Friend

Hair loss is most visible at the root where the hair falls out, so if you want to hide the area try adding volume around it. Use a soft-bristled round brush when drying your hair and add some height to the roots. Keeping your hair flat against your head can make it look thinner, so try bringing volume into your styling routine and you’ll definitely notice a difference.


One of the easiest ways to style your hair when you’re dealing with hair loss is to accessorise. You could go for stylish hats that match the weather if you want to completely cover it. Alternatively, if you have longer hair, you can add hair bands or clips. They can actually help you position your hair in a way that allows you to hide any gaps you might have too.

Light Products Work Best

When styling your hair, try to stay away from heavy products like waxes. These can clump your hair together and make it look thinner at the root. Try going for light oils and sprays that will still help you achieve the style you want but won’t add too much weight to your hair.

Change Your Parting

A quick, easy way to style your hair when you’ve lost some hair is to switch up your parting. If you typically have your hair pushed over to the right, try swapping to the left. The hair should be slightly thicker here and add volume too. Parting your hair on the same side all the time can actually be damaging for your hair in the long run. Changing it up can actually stimulate different areas of your hair and potentially help boost growth.

Short May Work In Your Favour

Longer hair can actually be worse to style if you’ve lost some hair. That’s not to say you should shave it all off but keeping your hair short can help it look thicker. It can be more difficult to add volume to long hair, and when it’s too long it can become weighed down. The trick to styling your hair when you’ve lost some of it is to add volume and short hair is best for this.

Don’t Wear It Up

Wearing your hair up all the time can be tempting if it hides your hair loss. However, this can actually cause more strain on your roots and cause further hair loss. If you must wear it up, i.e., for work, then make sure you wear it loose and don’t use hair bands that can cause damage to your hair. Wearing your hair in a tight bun or ponytail can actually make your hair look thinner, so try going for loose styles to add volume and save your roots.

Hair loss can be tricky to work with when styling your hair, but it’s not impossible to style. Try using products that are specifically designed for hair loss and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Although you might not be able to bring your lost hair back, you can certainly still look great with what you’ve got.



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