Are you one of those who consistently seek knowledge on how to flush out sperm from the body naturally? It means you regularly engage in or think of engaging in unprotected sex. Although there are many who disregard the safety of protected sex for the unending days of worry associated with unprotected sex, it is advisable you engage in sexual activities while using protection.

Quick Facts About Sperm

One of the downsides of engaging in sexual relations with a partner or many partners is the constant search for ways to stop pregnancy from occurring, especially through flushing out sperm from the body. There are many ways known to different people, especially ladies. Some are safe while others can land not just the vagina in problems, but the whole body. It is important that you scrutinize every advice given to you concerning how to flush sperm from the body naturally, before you apply them.

In this article, we will trash out the truth that is behind the ideas that form the different methods employed in flushing sperm out of the body without the use of any drug. We will also point out some that may work, and those that are flat out lies. To close it all, you will see the best options you can employ to prevent pregnancy, even when you’ve had unprotected sex.

Understanding the Relationship between Sperm and the Female Body.

Sperm is the part of the male ejaculate that fertilizes the egg or eggs in the uterus or fallopian tube of a woman. Although sperm is only a part, it is usually used to refer to the whole ejaculation of a man, rightly called Semen. The semen contains vitamins and simple sugars that are meant to keep the sperm cells alive on their journey to fertilize eggs in the uterus of a woman. Sometimes, they can be in the vagina or uterus, alive for about 5 to 7 days.

The semen is introduced into the woman’s body through the vagina that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. Usually, the semen, once introduced into the vagina takes few minutes to get through the cervix before the uterus. However, in some cases, some may remain in the vaginal canal.

When some women stand after sexual intercourse, some liquid flow out of their vagina, they believe it to be sperm but, in most cases, it is semen, which may contain some sperm cells that are less motile than the ones that have gone ahead. This flow-out does not mean you are free from getting pregnant.

Since the sperm cells get to the uterus in minutes and the flow-out from the vagina only contains a fraction of the sperm that got in. how then does one remove the ones that have gone ahead and have not flowed out with the others?

Quick Facts About Flushing Out Sperm Naturally

Some Common Practices to Flush Out Sperm from the Body Naturally.

Ladies engage in different practices to remove sperm from their body, or to be more specific, their vagina and uterus. While some of these practices may have some degree of success in getting some semen out of the vagina, there is no scientific proof that sperm cells already in the uterus can be removed. However, here are some of the practices.

  1. Drinking salt water

This practice is quite common and it is usually done immediately after sexual intercourse. It is believed that the salt and water solution, based on the high alkalinity and the ability of salt to extract liquid from biological tissues, it will help remove semen from the vagina.

This practice is borne out of ignorance and misinformation. People do not know, or tend to believe that semen remains in the vagina and that what they ingest begins effectiveness immediately.

The salt-water solution only serves to raise the alkalinity of the stomach, not the uterus or vagina. It will only disrupt the digestion process as the stomach area is meant to be very acidic.

  1. Urination

It is believed that a lady should sit on the toilet for some minutes and force out urine to help remove semen and sperm from her vagina. While this may seem like a clever idea to some people, it does not work.

Remember that semen may seep out form the vagina on its own, that does not mean sperm cells are not already in the uterus. Urine comes from the bladder and not the uterus, so urination has nothing to do with the sperm in the uterus.

  1. Douching

Douching is an act that is strictly advised against but some ladies still engage in. As a result of desperation and fear of unwanted pregnancy, some ladies use different soaps to wash the insides of their vagina to get rid of the semen that may be there.

Also borne out of ignorance, this act is ineffective in preventing pregnancy. it only causes irritation in the vagina and kills of beneficial flora, thereby giving room for the growth and possible colonization of the vagina by bad bacteria.

  1. Bathing

Bathing is a good act but there is no way it prevents unwanted pregnancy. Even if you had unprotected sex under the shower and your partner spilled some semen into your vagina, you have a high chance of getting pregnant.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a no-no during pregnancy, this is because it is a suppressant that and it can lead to pregnancy loss. However, it is only advised that pregnant women avoid it, not women who have just had unprotected sex.

Alcohol may cause your stomach to be upset and you may feel some cramps but not specifically in the uterus.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV, is a natural acidic substance gotten from apples, and sometimes used as a mild disinfectant. It effectively kills bacteria and leaves surfaces clean. However, it is not an emergency contraceptive as it does not cause sperm to flow out of your vagina.

ACV is sometimes used for douching. This practice only kills the sperm and semen, alongside some bacteria in the vagina, and not the sperm that has gotten to the uterus.

  1. Soda and Potash or Alum

A mixture of any soda and potash or alum, is what some ladies advise others to take immediately and up to a few hours after unprotected sex. They believe the foaming action of soda, combined with the catalytic and cleaning properties of potash and alum, respectively, will aid in cleaning their vagina of semen and sperm.

This mixture is dangerous and may lead to other emergency medical conditions. It is ineffective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and does not flush sperm out of the vagina.

  1. Exercising

Stretching and working the muscles of the body us a good and healthy practice that you will never get some people to do ordinarily. However, once they engage in unprotected sex and a partner fails to withdraw, they get to doing squats and lunges immediately, hoping that the stressing of the thigh muscles and increased heart beat will help them slush sperm out of their vagina naturally.

While the act is good, the purpose is wrong and ineffective.

  1. Herbal Concoctions

Some herbs, such as Uda (Negro Pepper), are advised to be taken by people who have just had unprotected sex and are not willing to get pregnant. A glass or two is believed to be enough to do the drink. However, its efficacy is not scientifically backed.

Other herbs may consist of mixtures. They are usually soaked in water or alcohol and drunk some hours after sex. Some people have them already-made. They may work on removing semen and sperm from the vagina, but not from the uterus as no known natural process is capable of doing that.

  1. Antibiotics

Some people go as far as ingesting antibiotics, such as Beecham’s Ampiclox in order to prevent pregnancy. This drug is an antibiotic, that is it helps to control the growth of bacteria, and not a contraceptive. It does not stop pregnancy from occurring in any way.

The Truth About How to Flush Out Sperm from the Body.

You now know how sperm and semen get into the vagina and into the uterus, and the common methods people employ to flush sperm out of their body. However, by now, you should have realized that while semen from the vagina can leave the body, there’s no chance you will get sperm already in the uterus out of that place.

The body itself does not expel sperm from the uterus, neither can you induce it, at least as of today. However, it is unknown what science can come up with in the nearest future.

To prevent unwanted pregnancies after unprotected sex, because to be fair, most of us engage in it from time to time, you need to use emergency contraceptives. They do not work by flushing out sperm from the uterus or vagina, instead, they prevent implantation of fertilized eggs by helping to break down the epithelium that has been formed in preparation for pregnancy, if you are in that time of the month.

No known method removes semen or sperm from the uterus or vagina.


Unwanted pregnancy is common in many developing nations, hence, the use of different concoctions and means to prevent pregnancies from happening. While some of the methods, such as exercising may be beneficial, it is ineffective against pregnancy. Other methods such as drinking mixtures and douching can have detrimental effect on the vagina and the body itself.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, abstain, use protection, or emergency contraceptives when needed.  

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