One of the constant disadvantages of having various unprotected sexual relations with one or numerous lovers is the endless pursuit for methods to stop pregnancy from happening, particularly through flushing out sperm from the body.

There are several ways known to different folks especially females out there. While some are safe, others spell danger and destruction to some delicate body parts especially the vagina.

Hence, always ensure you confirm the authenticity of any pregnancy prevention advice or tip given to you before diving into it. This article will enlighten you on a popular method of flushing out sperm among ladies.

This is how conception works:

  1. Sperm Transport: The sperm must be deposited and conveyed to the site of fertilization.
  2. Egg Transport: Ovulation must occur and the egg must be “picked up” by the tube 
  3. Fertilization and Embryo Development: Union between the sperm and egg must result.
  4. Implantation: The embryo must implant and begin to grow in the uterus


Can Salt And Water Flush Out SpermCan salt and water flush out sperm?

The simple answer is NO! Intake of Salt and water does not have any effect on sperm. It doesn’t prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg. Do you know someone it has worked for? It’s essentially because the person is not ovulating.

If you think salt and water can flush our sperm from your body, you’ve been told wrong.

Sperm goes into your womb.

Salt goes into your stomach.

They are two diverse channels in your body system with no direct connection together.

You can't even avert pregnancy by flushing out sperm. You can remove the unwanted sperm in the vagina with warm water. Still, warm water will not reach the uterus or fallopian tubes. And even if water could in some way get there, it wouldn't be sufficient.

 If just 3 lone sperm cells reach the egg, fertilization can happen. And in one ejaculation there are thousands of sperm cells.

Salt and water solution is an unproven method used to make 'kill' sperm in the female body after having unprotected sex. It is seen as a faster and cheaper means of preventing sperm from fertilizing the female egg.

Dual Methods Salt And Water Solution Is Used


This method can be wrongly based on the fact that salt kills microbes, so it should kill sperm but sperm when released outside the moist vagina or exposed to air dry up within some moments. Sperm swims up directly when it is deposited into the vagina. It is very nearly impossible to wash out after a few minutes, even if the sperm is still around, the solution will not work. Why? Sperm contains salt and salt can not harm sperm. 


When this solution is taken orally, it goes through the esophagus and into the stomach, it then gets to the intestines where it is absorbed and filtered into the bloodstream, final absorption is carried out by the kidney, the essential nutrients move to the necessary organs, the non-essentials move to the urethral. The urethral even though is close to the female reproductive tracts, have no link together, they are different. When the non-essentials get to the urethral it is passed out of the body.

This process takes time, even if it can wash sperm from the body (which it doesn’t) the sperm would have fertilized the egg before it gets there.

Now, if you do want to prevent pregnancy, there are safer and authorized ways to do it. One of them is the use of contraceptives. 

What are contraceptives?

Contraceptives are devices or drugs that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

Types Of Contraceptives

The different types of contraceptives are:

  • Cap.
  • Combined pill.
  • Condoms.
  • Contraceptive implant.
  • Contraceptive injection.
  • Contraceptive patch.
  • Diaphragm.
  • Female condoms.


The safest way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence, if you are not ready for it, do not go into it.

Do let us know any other safe methods you’ve tried. 

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