Gummies or Candies? What would you prefer for healthy hair?


On average, a person loses about 50 to 100 hairs every day. However, if the number drastically increases, you should be worried. But you are not alone in this. Almost 80 million women and men go through hereditary hair loss.

While searching for solutions, you might come across CBD as a potential remedy. There are several methods to consume it, such as CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, etc. Most consumers confuse the two widely used edibles, gummies and candies.

So, through this article, you will understand whether gummies or candies are better for healthy hair.


Gummies or Candies

Honestly, the two edibles are almost the same. Both of them contain the claimed benefits of CBD. The hairline difference is, CBD gummies UK are subsets of CBD candies. However, this does not change that you will get equal benefits from both the edibles in terms of hair health.

How do gummies or candies affect hair health? What are those benefits? And what are the benefits of choosing gummies or candies over other consumption methods? These are some yet unanswered questions. The subsequent section deals with them.

Benefits of CBD Gummies and Candies for Hair

Have you tried gummies or candies? The sweet-flavored treats with different shapes, colors, and flavors. Well, CBD gummies and candies are no different. They also taste like regular candies but contain the benefit of CBD.

That means that these gummies and candies provide you with similar benefits as CBD. So, here are a few things to learn about the benefits of CBD on hair health.

  • According to a study organized in 2021, topical application of CBD oil for 6 months on hair and scalp gave regrowth to it. The study shows more promising results in men than women.
  • Besides, some research also suggests that the effects of Cannabinoids on hair depend directly on the dosage. In the 2021 study, the researchers concluded that consuming 3-4 Mg ( approx.) of CBD for 5-6 months encourages hair growth by almost 93.5%.

If you consume CBD through gummies or candies, try to consume slightly more than the recommended dose. That is because gummies and candies have low bioavailability. So, the body absorbs a small quantity of what you consume. Most of the CBD gets lost while moving in the digestive tracts.

  • Several clinical studies show that CBD oil improves hair growth by strengthening the hair and nourishing the scalp. Packed with the goodness of omega-9, omega-6, and omega-3 acids, CBD oil might also improve the quality of tissues in the scalp.
  • These omega acids are also known to moisturize the hair and nourish the cuticles. As the scalp absorbs nutrients, its dryness goes away, promoting hair growth. Besides, CDB might also encourage blood circulation in the region around hair follicles, further promoting growth.
  • Some researchers believe that CBD supports the removal of chemical deposits and dust particles in the hair. Studies also show that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. It helps in soothing scalp inflammation and eczema.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD might particularly help in conditions such as psoriasis and folliculitis. It might also impact the natural oil levels and sebum of the scalp. Thus, keeping it free from dryness and dandruff.
  • Several people claim that they benefit from CBD. For instance, the founder of Hari’s hairdressers, Hari, said, “CBD increases blood circulation therefore when used in our in-salon, Hari’s CBD Life Force Hair Treatment, it promotes hair growth and healthy hair production. In addition, the CBD Oil balances sebum production so it’s great for both oily and dry or problem scalps helping to address a variety of hair and scalp complaints.”

So, this means CBD might help with hair health. But why choose gummies or candies? The following section deals with it.


Gummies or CandiesCBD Gummies and Candies Over Other Methods

Here are some benefits to get by consuming CBD gummies and candies over other methods for hair growth.

  • Convenience

While consuming oils or capsules, you have to keep a glass of water or close your eyes for easy swallowing. The situation is uncomfortable if you are around people. They might ask you what you are consuming that could embarrass you. However, with gummies, no such situation arises. All you need to do is, pick candy out of the box, eat it, and enjoy its taste and benefits.

  • No Feeling of High

A key benefit CBD gummies provide is no feeling of high. If you have ever vaped marijuana, you might have experienced the psychoactive effect. Well, that is because of THC. However, pure CBD gummies are free from THC or contain a meager amount (0.3%). So, CBD gummies or candies will give relaxation and clarity without getting you high.

  • They are Delicious

If you have consumed CBD oil, tincture, or vape, you have felt a bitter taste. Most people do not like the natural taste of CBD. For them, consuming CBD becomes difficult. However, gummies are flavored and sweet. They mask out the usual taste of CBD.

  • No Worries of Overdose

A common query while consuming CBD is about the dosage. Gummies solve that issue too. The bottles of gummies or candies carry the dosage per gummy. That means, if you consume one piece, you know exactly how much amount you are consuming. It stops you from consuming more than required. Besides, you can also adjust the dosage according to your requirements. These things are difficult to maintain with other methods of consumption.

  • Smoke-Free

The fastest method to administer CBD in the circulatory system is CBD vapes. The vapes go to the lungs and mix with the blood vessels. However, the vapes might cause damage to your lungs. Gummies are smoke-free methods. They save you from the undesirable effects of vapes.

Besides, consuming CBD vapes is not discreet. People will know that you are vaping, which most people do not like. However, with gummies, they will think that you are consuming candy that won’t affect anyone.

  • Legal in the USA

The farm bill 2018 legalized using CBD products with less than 0.3% of THC. However, state laws might differ.

So, these are the benefits you get from choosing gummies or candies over other methods.


Whether you choose CBD gummies or candies, both edibles will give your hair the claimed benefits of CBD. Besides hair, CBD is also known for reducing anxiety, insomnia, pain, etc. However, before consuming, it is better to contact a professional to understand the dosage.


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