4 Reasons Why The World Population Is Facing A Substance Abuse Crisis


Addiction is something that takes the life out of the living and leaves them pathetic. Whether its alcohol, opioids, or cannabinoids, the number of addicts are increasing day by day. According to a recent report, more than a fourth of the world population is addicted to one or the other form of intoxicants.

Considering this fact, there is a growing need to understand the reasons for this outbreak. The understanding of these reasons might help us cope up with this tragedy and safeguard the future generations from the effects of these substances.

  1. The Recession Sting

Hardly more than one and a half-decade ago, the world economy was hit by the biggest recession ever. Many were left unemployed and many others lost their handsome jobs. Of course, this affected the lives globally and left the world population in mere distress.


Eventually, many turned to substances to cope up with the stress. On the Canadian soil alone, the number of addicts rose by millions in just a decade, after the recession hit the world. Although, it would be wrong to comment that substances help cope up with the stress, but it does help get mind off of the concerned.

  1. Bio-War Is True

Recently, the leading economists and government agencies, have revealed a bio-war threat. It could possibly be true that the substances that are turning people addicted and leaving them incapable of participating in the economic development of the nation, could be a form of bioterrorism.

Terrorists and anti-human organizations are over their toes to destroy the world order and reform a new one. And what could be a better weapon than substances, to flip over the governments around the world? Isn’t it convenient to pollute the minds of the most important resource that a country has? It’s citizens!

  1. Psychological Receptors

Considering the scientific facts and reports, psychology has a lot to do with the addiction. According to a scientific report, there are specific receptors in the human brain that trigger craving for substances.


Every year, more than 8 million Canadians are reported to the rehab centers here, that are addicted to either alcohol or other forms of intoxicants. This is probably the only factor controlling the addiction, that can be treated with medicines and medical support.

  1. Government Aid Is A Promoter Indirectly

The governments all around the world, offer their citizens a number of aids in the form of financial assistance. There is assistance for unemployed in some countries, while there is an aid for teens and non-adults for education and daily expenses, in some other countries.

All of these aids are meant to support the citizens for a healthy life. But over time, many have started abusing their aids and support. This has indirectly led to an increase in the number of addicts. Especially, the children that are supported for their education or unemployment. Children are turning to the substances rather than finding a source of stable and righteous income.

If we wish to help the world cope with this epidemic and stop our generations from heading towards a slow death, we need to make sure that these problems are resolved first. Only then can we think of fighting the enemy that has no brains of its own.



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4 Reasons Why The World Population Is Facing A Substance Abuse Crisis
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