Lime and lime juice provide several health advantages for both men and women; nevertheless, there may be some negative side effects to be aware of.

Future moms, for instance, may be concerned about the effects of lime on the womb. This article will answer the question: can lime destroy pregnancy?

Lime juice is a natural source of vitamins and energy that tastes similar to lemon juice. Nonetheless, it is not a drink that everyone will like.

Most women want to be mothers, to have a child or numerous children, and to pass on their genes to their children.

Pregnancy is a fragile state that makes prospective moms both pleased and cautious. Because she is responsible for two people throughout pregnancy; herself and of course her baby. A pregnant woman should constantly be cautious about what she eats and drinks.

Many pregnant women like drinking lime water because it is pleasant and may assist with sickness. If you're unsure if lime has an impact on the womb or not, keep reading to learn more.

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Can Lime Destroy Pregnancy?

If you assume lime has just advantages and no disadvantages, you'll be disappointed to learn that it, like any other fruit, has both advantages and disadvantages. Lime negative effects might injure a pregnant mother as well as her unborn child.

Lime is very rancid and acidic...that's why we'd want to concentrate on them, particularly the impact of this fruit on the womb. Women who like lime fruit and lime juice (or lime water) should limit their consumption during pregnancy.

Lime may have a bad impact on a woman's stomach and intestines, as well as the womb and the baby within it. You're probably aware that difficulties with the digestive system's organs may have a detrimental impact on a pregnant woman's womb.

Even if the pregnant woman's womb is not directly damaged by lime, she may have stomach aches, diarrhoea, and indigestion, which is harmful to the growing baby.


Lime's health benefits

Lime may be beneficial to healthy women who are not expecting a child. This small list of benefits of drinking lime water (1 or 2 fruits per glass of water is sufficient) or creating fresh juice sounds fantastic:

  • Multivitamins source (vitamin C, beta-carotene, biotin, magnesium)
  • Acne is fought by removing excess testosterone and regulating hormones.
  • Loss of weight


Side Effects of Lime

Teeth problems:

Extremely high quantities of citric acid may cause severe dental enamel degradation, cavities, discolouration, and even tooth destruction.

Nausea and heartburn:

The acid in fresh limes may irritate your stomach and one of the most critical muscles indigestion, resulting in an unpleasant side effect and a GERD health problem.

Stomach ache:

Citric acid, which is found in limes, may also induce severe negative effects (if you get abnormal pain, begin to lose weight suddenly while taking lime juice or eat this fruit you better stop and quickly consult your doctor).

Absorption of iron:

Because of the excess Vitamin C, the human body may cease absorbing iron (though it will still be received through your daily meals), causing you to retain too much iron inside of you, which is bad for your health (there are possibilities of heart pains, joint problems, and even fatigue).

Kidney issues:

High potassium levels are dangerous for persons with the renal disease since they may exacerbate their condition.


This might be a problem for some individuals who develop coughing, itching, or have other problems when taking lime.


Conclusion on Can Lime Destroy Pregnancy?

Although lime has numerous health advantages, it is best to consume it in moderation if you wish to reduce weight and improve your appearance. Even yet, this is not ideal for expecting mothers.

Even though the lime's impact on the womb is indirect, eating too much of it may be hazardous to both the pregnant mother and her unborn child.

Women who aren't pregnant won't have any reproductive problems if they drink lime water, juice, or eat fresh citrus fruit in moderation.


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