What is CBD Good For?


Most people are familiar with marijuana as a plant which, when dried up, is used as a drug. However, the same plant also produces a number of other products, including cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical extract from the same plant. CBD interacts with the body’s neuroreceptors, the same nerve connections that impact multiple controls of the body exercised by the brain ranging from the immune response to moods and movement.

Harvested from the cannabis plant, CBD is then applied topically, or it can be ingested or inhaled via burning and smoking. And, through that experience and medical research, CBD has been documented to have a number of clear benefits, many of which were not available until CBD started being used as a curative product in recent years. Infuzion CBD repeatedly sees these positive outcomes with multiple patient cases the company provides supply for. These benefits include:

  • Mood Impact – A clear modern problem for many people has been a struggle with depression and negative mood swings. CBD has been evaluated and confirmed to produce a significant calming effect on subjects, reduction in anxiety, and stress reduction. On this aspect alone, CBD is probably a huge leap forward in terms of anxiety and stress management, especially as a step away from artificial chemical prescriptions.
  • Epilepsy Symptom Treatment – In a similar fashion, CBD has been able to produce a positive reaction in the form of less seizures in epilepsy patients, especially juvenile patients. The research results were so strong, the FDA approved the use of CBD for child patients over the age of two in 2018.
  • PTSD Treatment – Similar to extreme anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome creates significant negative mood swings, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. CBD has been used regularly in conjunction with outpatient counseling to decrease the frequency and intensity of PTSD symptoms. While it has not been a perfect solution, nine out of ten patients see improvements in their conditions with a regular CBD application.
  • Opioid Addiction Problems - A significant problem nationally, opioid addiction has been affecting people from all types of background without discrimination. Because of how powerful the addiction can be, loss of self-control has been a real barrier to treatment. CBD has been shown to be promising in helping patients reduce their addiction cravings significantly, enough of other treatment aspects to kick in and help in withdrawal recovery.
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS Treatment – ALS does not have a cure and involves the continued loss of nerve control, which in turn leads to loss of muscle control over time. Eventually, the body shuts down completely. However, the patient’s mind is fully present and functioning, making the suffering from ALS so much worse. However, research on the application of CBD has shown it alleviates a significant amount of the symptomatic spasticity in muscle sets otherwise suffered by ALS patients in mild to moderate cases.
  • Chronic Pain Management - A big advantage of CBD has been proven case after case with how it helps patients manage chronic pain. This particular condition is oftentimes a symptom of many other conditions ranging from cancer to fibromyalgia. Pain is normally the body’s response to something being wrong, but it is also temporary. Chronic pain, on the other hand, tends to be a deeper problem, many times permanent. CBD has shown itself to be particularly effective in helping provide reliable temporary relief and without the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Diabetes – CBD has been found to have an impact on diabetic patients, particularly with helping reduce levels of resistin as well as helping increase hormones that improve the body’s own ability to create its own natural insulin internally. This gives promise that CBD could be an alternative to external insulin treatment, helping patients improve their own ability to regulate sugar levels without chemical dependence. However, much of this research was in small studies and needs extensive support with more extensive research first.
  • Arthritis Resistance – Along with helping manage pain produced by arthritic joint inflammation, CBD has been confirmed to help with actually resisting and reversing the negative effects of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to providing relief, the natural ingredients of CBD actually have an ability to push back the progression of arthritis and slow or stop its degradation of patients’ joints. While the European research involved was not conclusive, it did attract a lot of expert attention, especially with regards to patients suffering from severe arthritic conditions.
  • Neurological Protection – Finally, CBD has been showing performance in helping patients fend off neurological developments. The natural ingredients in CBD have a direct beneficial effect in providing the body a defense against pathological conditions and neuro-inflammatory problems. This includes some of the more debilitating age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

What is CBD good for? In short, CBD has and continues to prove its worth as a natural medical solution for a number of conditions, both temporary and ongoing. Most importantly, however, it gives both medical providers and patients an additional resource for addressing sickness with a natural resource that works well with the body versus chemicals that oftentimes produce strong side-effects or lose strength over time. Folks who have not tried CBD yet and fall into one of the categories mentioned above should talk with their doctor about the possibilities of trying CBD, especially for pain management and relief. Unlike the stigma of marijuana, CBD has repeatedly been effective in providing medical help, especially for chronic cases. Infuzion can help with questions about CBD, as well as supply and support for patients considering a long-term use.


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