8 Super Actionable Steps To Get Rid Of Cowlick Hair


People who have had to deal with cowlick hair can relate well to what is about to be discussed in this post.

There are only a few things more difficult in hair care than the torment of cowlick hair. This hair growth condition presents your hair with a weird crl that won’t disappear no matter how much you try, leaving your hair unfashionable and unattractive.

This is a typical hair condition everyone hates, but, some people can solve it. How do people permanently solve cowlick hair?

If you have been dealing with this dreaded hair growth condition and you’re wondering how to solve your cowlick hair permanently. Then, you have just what you wanted. This blog is set to describe in simple steps how to solve cowlick hair permanently. So let get started. But, first thing first.

What are cowlick hairs?

Cowlicks are patterns that occur within the hair when strands oppose each other, which may mean they lay flat on our head or stick upward, or they may cause our hair to flow in an unnatural direction.

When you see an individual battling this hair condition, you sure know from miles away.

Tips to solve cowlick hair permanently

To begin on the journey to solve cowlick hair, you may have to get your regular hair care gadgets, including a little styling product, flat brush, round brush, hair clip, and hair spray. With this material at your disposal, here are the steps to take as you solve your cowlick hair in one big shot.

Wet the part of your hair with the cowlick hair

One of the first and most important steps to solving cowlick hair is to wet the area in question. For most people, cowlick hair is found toward the center of the head; although this is not the case for other people, many people have their cowlick hair in the rare front or toward the extreme back of their head.

However, to start this treatment regime, you want to fill a spray bottle with warm water and wet the area with the cowlick hair, as your case may be.

Apply a styling product to the hair root in the area with the cowlick hair.

This comes second to the first step of wetting the cowlick hair area. Using your most desired but mild hair formula that’s free from bad ingredients, you should apply to hair root in the affected hair area using the hand hair comb or other application items you are comfortable with.

Applying these hair products is essential to add little weight and body to the hair root area, thus making it easier to keep your hair in place as you set out to solve the cowlick hair.

Brush or comb the area with the cowlick hair into the entire hair body.

Using your hand brush, expose the hair root area in the affected area. However, this looks tricky but is sure easy to do.

After you have exposed the hair root in the affected area, blow-dry down the cowlick hair area gently but focus the heat above your hair root. It is important to take caution as your hair dries to prevent burning of your scalp. Brush the entire hair together and around to achieve a uniform blend

Switch up direction as you comb or brush as you brush the hair

It is important to mix up directions as you comb and blow-dry your hair on the go. You can also use the round brush to facilitate the disorientation of the cowlick and make then flow with the entire hair.

For professional hair care procedures, it is important to move both the brush and the direction of the dryer's head back and forth as the hair dries up.

Use a flat iron

Apart from using the hairdryer, the cowlick hair treatment procedure may also involve using a flat iron.

Flat irons are excessively hot hair appliances used to tame cowlicks on the scalp. Warm up the device with moderate heat to the specific zone after connecting it to electricity. A maximum of one or two minutes will be required. Using a round brush, do not touch the hair you are helping.

Avoid contacting the iron with your scalp (do not touch it to your skin; otherwise, it will burn). It would help if you gently dragged the iron down the path you wish to keep the hair laid.

Squish the cowlick hair in place

This method has worked adequately well on many occasions where the cowlick hair after the air-dried hair is squished and press down with both hands for some time. This is essential to help calm and spread the hair to look smooth and maintain its volume at the base. This trick has been very helpful in solving even the most annoying cowlick.

Set the hair hot using the non-grease hair clips

This is another step of great importance as you advance in solving the cowlick hair problem. It is important to set the hair and to hold it in place.

To get the most desired result, you should consider setting the hair while still moderately hot to bring out its beauty. The choice of the non-grease clip is to hold the hair firmly without leaving any mark afterward while also help to train your cowlick to reposition themselves.

Finish the cowlick hair treatment with a little nice hair spray

Adding a little hair spray following the entire hair care procedure is to help secure the cowlick permanently.

It's no secret that different hair types require different care, but how do we handle cowlicks differently? Haircare professional Rabiu says, "basis of treatments are the same, it centers majorly on manipulation the flow and direction of the cowlick hair, particularly from the root.

One essential trick is coming or brushing the cowlick hair in a direction opposite their actual growth direction while they are hot, protected, and wet. It is also important to state that individuals with oily kinky hair do not always deal with cowlick hair because the texture grows nicely.

No matter where a cowlick is located on the head, they should be treated the same way following the six basic steps. Meaning, cowlick hair in the hairline should be treated the same way as cowlick hair in the crown.


You should know the essential eight actionable steps to stop your cowlick hair from being an annoyance. It’s definitely up there with glitter, slime, dandruff if we’re being honest.

Similar to you, we have the stubborn cowlick, too. Therefore, let us know if you have any other tips that might be useful for the audience and we might add it into this post!

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