Founded in December 2009, Stance is an American company that sells socks, underwear, and t-shirts. San Clemente, California serves as the home base for Stance.

By the end of March 2015, the business has made over $115 million in investor funding and sold over 36 million pairs of socks.

Stance started seeking $50 million to finance its entry into the underwear industry at the beginning of January 2015.

In a fundraising round led by Mercato Partners in April 2016 that valued Stance at $400 million and featured returning investors August Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Menlo Ventures, Shasta Ventures, and Sherpa Capital, Stance raised an additional $30 million.

NBA and MLB designated Stance as its official sock in April 2015 and May 2016, respectively.

18 of the company's US retail locations are in the following cities: Tulalip, New Jersey, Chicago, Minnesota, Cabazon, Livermore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Clemente, San Diego, Las Vegas, Cabazon, San Diego, and Los Angeles. In Covent Garden, London, England, Stance unveiled their first global location in October 2018.

Stance History

Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Aaron Hennings, Ryan Kingman, and Taylor Shupe established Stance in 2009. The initial creators recognized a chance to target a fashion segment they believed had been disregarded by most companies and the industry at large.

Since August 2010, when the business started delivering its goods, more than 15 million pairs of socks are currently sent out annually.

Stance is offered in more than 40 countries around the world and has garnered a sizable amount of venture funding.

The 1Wall Street Journal reported in March 2015 that the company had received $50 million from venture capital companies in Silicon Valley and that the brand will be expanding into men's underpants.

The NBA declared Stance to be its official on-court sock beginning with the 2015–2016 season in April 2015. As part of the agreement, Stance would be given permission to place its brand on every pair of socks that players wear while playing, a first for clothing businesses in NBA history. In November 2015, Stance debuted its first location in New York City's SoHo district.

At its San Clemente offices, Stance reported a 356% growth in staff from the previous year, totalling 114 people. On the list of the 51 Biggest Based in Orange County Apparel Businesses published by the Orange County Business Journal, Stance came in at number 24.

The corporation has many rounds of layoffs between 2017 and 2020. With its homage to artist 2Gucci Mane, the company took up the Best Socks of the Year award in 2017.

Due to outside disturbances and poor money management, the business regrettably saw the first of many layoffs early in the same year.

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My Experience with Stance Underwear

It never occurred to me that underpants could be that cosy. The bag in them is a pretty clever design, and it functions much better than you would expect. 

This material effectively stops any uncomfortable sweat down there, and unlike other brands, the legs do not ride up.

It would be a good idea to try them if you haven't already. I don't believe I'll ever want to wear another brand of underwear.

Are Stance Game Over Boxer Briefs of interest to you? Stop waiting and get this item right now at the greatest price possible while always enjoying the security that dressing provides. You may learn all about Stance Game Over Boxer Brief right here. 

One of the top fashion labels, Stance creates unique men's apparel products that are targeted to the demands of its clients.

Is Stance Underwear one of the best Underwear

Well, it makes sense. A proprietary Cotton and Butter Blend yarn manufactured from casein, a protein byproduct of milk and cheese, is used by the California-based sock and underwear company Stance.

As a consequence, men's underwear is very soft, elastic, and comfy to the point where you forget you're wearing it.

Yes, Stance's Butter Blend has a buttery texture that makes your thighs feel as if someone just put butter on them. Your legs just feel somewhat smooth and opulent. That is exactly how we want to feel while wearing our underwear.

"Protein feels wonderful. I'm certain that Butter Blend is one of the world's most comfortable yarns because of its superb hand and balanced PH.

More often than not, the incorrect pair may ruin your whole day or, worse, your entire fit. There is no time for bunching and chafing. We genuinely think that men (yes, you) should spend a little more money on premium skivvies when stocking up their underwear drawers for these precise reasons.

Going on a budget for your underwear, in precious cargo terms, is equivalent to purchasing a car seat based only on price (i.e. don't do that). 

Therefore, stop purchasing the shrink-wrapped eight-packs you've been buying since a decent underwear resupply demands high-quality items.

We're talking about high-quality fibres that adapt to your movements, whether you're transferring weight at a standing desk or working out with kettlebells in beast mode.

We are discussing a cut that is both cosy and attractive. And we're talking about a style that won't cause a stir in the locker room or on your third very successful date.

That may seem like a lot to seek in a single pair of underwear, and it would if we hadn't already done all the searching for you and chosen these 30 unbeatable pairs for every taste and body type. 3The greatest underwear for guys is shown here.

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Product Reviews

In 2015, Stance tested the Butter Blend fabric for surface friction and fabric roughness using the Kawabata assessment technique. Shupe claims that of all organic or semi-organic fabrics, "ours had the softest touch.

Today, Stance employs Butter Blend for their 4"Wholesaler" underwear line, boxers, boxer briefs, a few pairs of socks, and men's t-shirts. 

The business is also using the technology in a new vegan T-shirt that will employ amino acids derived from seaweed in place of casein.

Company Reviews

With our favourite sports underwear brand, up your underwear game. The top query that pops up when you Google "stance socks" is "are they really worth it?" Really, yeah.

If you choose high-quality socks the same way you choose high-quality athletic shoes, you would be aware of this and your feet would be appreciative. Stance has also entered the underwear market, providing the usual level of design and quality.

Finding the absolute finest underwear for guys should be your first step if you're looking to develop a superb wardrobe.

The one garment that comes closest to your valued property than any other is your underwear. It is the first thing you put on and the final thing you take off.

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I feel a bit ripped off when I consider how much I spent on one of them and the fact that they are produced in Cambodia rather than the USA.

How long will they be able to withstand the washer and dryer? Stance is undoubtedly succeeding in certain areas, but come on, at least sell a pair of boxers for that amount.

I hope this article satisfies your search needs.

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