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PSD is a brand of underwear that distinguishes out due to its comfort, style, and fashionable designs. The majority of PSD underwear types include prints that exhibit a degree of inventiveness that is beyond what qualifies as art.

In spite of this, they provide designs for those searching for casual underwear. And each pair of PSD underwear will have a level of comfort that is exclusive to PSD, regardless of the pattern. The silky, stretchy, woven waistband that they are famous for is the greatest illustration. 

But it's only one of a number of elements that help their goods excel in terms of comfort. Professional players from a variety of sports have participated in PSD, which speaks to their calibre and flair.

Many athletes, like Jimmy Butler, Marshawn Lynch, and others, have backed PSD underwear and developed their own looks with it. 

You'll probably discover a print in 1Tilly's collection of PSD underwear that is too alluring to refuse, from Anime characters and Warface motifs to psychedelic vivid prints. Check out our whole collection of anime streetwear to wear with your PSDs.

Company Review

The proprietor of the website has been kept anonymous. As spammers utilise this data to contact website owners, this may be done for a legitimate cause.

Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult to determine who the owner is. We would prefer if his real identity were revealed on the internet.

Webshop Review

We upgraded our evaluation of the website since Tranco gave it a good rating. Website popularity (the number of monthly visitors) and listings are two factors used by Tranco to rank websites (how many other websites link to the site because they consider it valuable).

This website sells goods that sometimes are utilised by criminals, as we've seen. Supplements, sweatshirts, and iPhone covers are among the most popular items that con artists "give."

Therefore, it is advisable to spend some time verifying the legitimacy of this internet retailer. You may find it useful to read our article on how to spot scams.

Your IP address, location, and even details about your system hardware may be accessible to third-party trackers on websites geared toward adults.

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This website's domain name was registered many years ago. In general, a website grows more trustworthy the older it is. However, con artists sometimes purchase already-existing websites and begin their nefarious activities, so make sure you look for other red flags.

Technical Review

The business seems to support Alipay, Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa as well as other payment options that provide a "money-back guarantee."

Even though this money-back guarantee isn't completely safe, it usually enables customers to receive their money back if the goods don't arrive or turn out to be fake.

Since the data transferred between your browser and the website is encrypted and unreadable by others, we were able to identify an SSL certificate.

Legitimate and secure websites always use SSL certificates. Unfortunately, fraudsters are using SSL certificates more and more, so there is no assurance that you are visiting a trustworthy website.

Customer Review

1. John Teddy (Amazon)

For my wife to model in, I purchased both this short and the Thank You brief. These briefs will look fantastic on your wife or girlfriend if she falls into the "baby got back" category.

To give you guys an example, my wife is shaped like Nicki Minaj and is 5'2" and 180 pounds. She doesn't look anything like her, yet she has a very similar form.

She looked fantastic in the medium I purchased. If your woman is curvaceous and weighs between 150 and 170 pounds, you may want to choose a small. Hope this is useful.

2. Poster From Reddit: 

Little late to the party, but figured I'd add in! I was worried PSD was going to have a pouch in the front & that it’d be uncomfortable. I took a chance & I love them! The boxers actually form to my body instead of there being loose fabric. Also, most don’t have an opening in the front. I think the ones that do have an opening are the 2-3 pack bundles you can get. I only think that because when you compare the single pair to a bundle, the bundle underwear shows a little sewn C on the front area. I could be wrong though, but I've always stayed away from the bundle just in case.

3. Charles Buchanan (Trustpilot)

This was my first time ordering from this site and I must say it was a nightmare! I placed an order on Dec. 19 2021 for a Christmas gift. I never received anything, I've called several times a day and no one EVER answers the phone!

I've emailed over and over and they respond 3-4 days later. After a month I didn't even want the order anymore and just got my refund. Stay away from this site, I recommend Ethika over PSD. TERRIBLE customer service.

4. Gyula Jankovics (Trustpilot)

High-quality premium material. The price is a little bit high, but it can be understandable if you touch the material. Everything was okay with the order, nice size, and a quick shipment.

The trust score of PSD underwear is average to good. Why

We believe it is legitimate and secure for customers to visit

An automatic system called Scamadviser determines if a website is reliable and secure (or not). The evaluation of is based on an examination of 40 facts obtained from the internet, and open sources.

We gather information from a variety of sources, including if a website is listed on spam and phishing websites, whether it hosts malware, the nation in which the business is situated, reviews located on other websites, and many other details.

The website seems to be secure. However, as the website analysis is carried out automatically, we always advise you to do your own checks to ensure the website is secure before using it.


  • Based on the number of visits, Tranco has given this website a high rating
  • This website provides "money return services" for the payment types it accepts.
  • Features of online buying were found (use our shopping scam checklist)
  • A genuine SSL certificate was located (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • There may be adult material on this website (how to identify a scam)
  • The "registered until" date on the website is rather distant in the future.
  • The website was created a number of years ago.
  • This website is deemed safe by DNSFilter.
  • Flashstart's malware and phishing checks
  • Trend Micro trusts this website.


  • On WHOIS, the website owner's name is concealed.
  • This business sells goods that are often supplied by con artists.
  • We mostly found negative comments on this website.


PSD was once known as Palm Springs Design, according to the creator. After that, when more individuals wore the underwear, customers began calling it a "Pants Sagging Design."

In this article, we've collected a few reviews and described what PSD Underwear might resemble. I hope this brings you closer to the results of your search.

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    Tilly's collection of PSD underwear

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