Fashion items naturally change, but the rate and direction of such changes are often unpredictable. Economic expansion, a rise in free time and education, and technical advancements, which bring new and better items to the market that adhere to our modern-day requirements, are among reasons that quicken the speed of change.

Fashion accessories vary at a faster rate in certain categories than others. Men's fashion, for instance, evolves more slowly than women's.

Even fashion historians have studied the fundamental forms of clothing and come to the conclusion that some basic silhouettes predominate and, as a result, persist for at least a century at a time. But something is about to change!

As you are well aware, many body parts are the centre of fashion. Success for new fashion entrepreneurs hinges on making accurate technological and trend forecasts and determining when and how much a product will be adopted by customers.

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About the Brand, T-Bo Underwear

A tiny US firm called T-Bo makes comfortable underwear with waistbands that don't slide down that is breathable, hypoallergenic, and made from a sustainable bamboo viscose and birch tree micromodal fabric.

When they discovered how difficult it was to locate a pair of trousers that supported rather than hindered them, they set out on their trip in 2017.

All of them were warm, constrictive, and riding up! So they got to work designing the perfect pair of trousers for the contemporary guy and his way of life.

They gathered a community of guys from all around the world to cooperatively design this unique underwear experience because they firmly think that the greatest ideas come from teamwork.

The co-creative strategy used by T-Bo, a first among underwear companies in the globe, is what gave rise to all the ground-breaking inventions.

We have tremendous involvement on all social media platforms throughout the globe, with more than 120,000 Facebook friends and more than 15,500 Instagram followers, and they just began last year, but they are increasing extremely rapidly.

Numerous prominent Instagram personalities and male models have worn T-Bo underwear, and the brand has previously worked with Mister France.


A specially developed fabric combination of Premium Bamboo Viscose and Birch Tree Mircomodal fibres is used to make the whole T-Bo collection. It is incredibly odour resistant, breathable, and pleasant to wear.

The pairs I tested endured many cold washing while maintaining their excellent appearance. To help preserve things at their best, I would advise letting them air dry naturally after washing and avoiding tumble drying if at all feasible.


The undergarments I tested on all had good fit. They are less prone to rub or chafe while participating in sports since it includes flat lock stitching as well.

The broad and comfy waistband also prevents them from folding over, which can be quite uncomfortable with certain sports underwear.


Really, the only distinction between the Ballsy and the Must Have that I could identify was the waistline.

The larger waistline of the Ballsy is just what I need for gym days or whenever I engage in any outside activity. Simply put, greater waistband equals more hold.

The bamboo fabric is layered over the same soft spandex elastic used in the Must-Have waistband to make it somewhat thinner and more breathable for a better fit.

These are more suitable for regular tasks like operating pricey vehicles, raising exotic birds, and juggling chainsaws, which are things I do on the weekends.

To be quite honest, I couldn't tell much of a difference between the two waistbands. Fortunately, both were quite ease and remained put.

The Comfy AF style, which is intended for relaxing, is another offering from the company. It is said to be comfortable since it is made of a micromodal combination of bamboo and birch. And not just any comfortable—Comfy AF.


The front pouch is where T-Bô concentrates most of its design efforts.

They tested 14 distinct styles before shipping their first pair of underpants. They kept asking themselves along the road how they might do better.

Although it required 14 trials, the brand's commitment in the feedback process has resulted in a design that perfectly complements the natural form of men all over the world.

T-Bo Boxer Briefs

For those who like shorter legs, their go-to underwear is the T-Bo Must-have boxer briefs. They feature flat lock stitching and a wide waistband like the rest of the underwear collection.

T-Bo Boxer Long

For sports like trekking and trail running, I like T-Bo basic underwear with a longer leg since it stays put on my thigh.

T-Bo Ballsy Trunk

Therefore, I assume that the name contains the key. For a little bit more comfort and support for your, well, "man parts," they contain an additional pouch.

T-Bo Comfy AF Boxer Long

These feature slightly different stitching than the Must-haves but are otherwise extremely comparable. These, in my opinion, are made to be worn when lounging about on the couch for extended periods of time.

Closest Alternative to T-Bo

The closest competitor, in my opinion, is 1BN3TH, which I examine here.

Pros and Cons of T-Bo Underwear


  • The outstanding bamboo fabric is what truly makes T-Bô stand out. It is supple and permeable.
  • How else would I describe the silhouette except as aggressive and virulent? That must be what results from talking to 200,000 males, I suppose.
  • Where it matters, a large front pouch provides enormously more support.
  • I'm not sure whether I like the mid-thigh boxer underwear or the trunks. They both feel and look fantastic.


  • A fly has no other options. Although I consider the flies to be worthless, I am aware that other readers probably find them to be useful. It is simpler to propose something to everyone when there is a choice.
  • Although there aren't many colour choices right now, I loved the ones that were offered, particularly the stripes.

T-Bo Underwear Reviews (Customers)

Lampa, Paul C (Amazon)

One of my most comfy pairs of underpants. The bamboo fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear when at home or out and about.

I wouldn't wear them for activities like basketball that need a lot of movement since they don't keep your stuff in place, but I would for comfort.

ROSS (Amazon)

unlike other boxers, it is quite comfy and doesn't bunch up.

Aafan (Amazon)

My least favourite pair of undies ever. The XL that I bought fits more like a medium. It has been 12 weeks and I still haven't gotten the proper size from T-BO.

Their XL measures 30 inches only if you have problems. T-BO customer support is nonexistent. T-BO won't give a damn.

William Benedetti (Trustpilot)

made for men but by guys. I'm really happy with the product; it is, as always, incredibly comfortable, attractive to look at, and also helps me seem a bit better!

I've become so used to not wearing anything while yet having the essential support. For as long as you (or I) am here, I'll probably purchase. I appreciate that you provide clothing for males.

Steve Barbee (Trustpilot)

I adore your goods. However, despite the fact that you instantly charged my card on two consecutive times, neither I nor the things I bought ever got an order notification.

I finally got the order after sending multiple emails. Your marketing and advertising are confusing and difficult to understand. You should pay an outsider to come in and counsel with you so that you can sort it out, in my opinion.

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I found the T-Bo range to be comfortable overall. Because I spend a lot of time participating in sports and outdoor activities, I personally prefer boxers with longer legs. If you're unsure about what to buy initially, I recommend going with the Must-have T-Bo Boxer long.

It's doubtful that comfort would come to mind when you thought of wearing bamboo underwear for the first time. T-Bo has succeeded in using a silky bamboo viscose fibre to make exceptionally comfortable underwear.

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