Sports to Avoid While Recovering from Surgery

According to a medical centre that specializes in cosmetic surgery in Kansas City, one of the biggest concerns surgery patients have is staying in shape during the recovery. Depending on the operation undertaken, a patient’s recuperating period can last several weeks or longer. And to make a full recovery, certain sports and other physical activities should be avoided. So if you’re sporty and you’re currently recovering after recently going under the knife, then below are sports you need to avoid in the meantime.


Playing volleyball can help you build your core and get that nice six-pack you’ve always been dreaming of. However, you shouldn’t play it for a while if you recently underwent liposuction or abdominoplasty (i.e., a tummy tuck). Recuperating from a tummy tuck surgery or a liposuction treatment is no minor feat, and to fully recover you need to get plenty of rest for the first few weeks. Sports that involve working your abdomen should be put on hold until then. Otherwise, you might end up straining your sutures and incisions, which could prolong your recovery period if not cause unwanted injuries.


Swimming helps you develop strong chest muscles as well as give you the ability to perform repetitive movements longer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take to the water for a while if you just had any breast enhancement procedures. Overworking your pectoral muscles after a breast reduction or augmentation surgery will not only prolong your recovery period, but it can also lead to discomfort or complications (mostly implants-related).


Although it can also help you build firm pecs, football’s primary focus is your legs. The running involved is enough to tone your leg muscles, and the distance you need to cover while engaging in this sport can easily condition your legs to endure running long distances. Thus, if you’ve recently had a kneecap replacement surgery or any procedure that involves your legs, then better avoid playing football for a while. That way, you’ll be able to recover faster, which would allow you to return to football sooner.


Golf may be the most comfortable sport on this list, but you still need to be in tiptop shape before you can play it. And one of the best things about this sport is that it helps trim your waist down. Golfing involves certain twisting motions that work on your waist. It can also tone your abdomen a bit as you rotate your body and keep your hips loose when hitting the ball. That being said, you need to keep your golf clubs shelved for a few weeks if you just underwent hip replacement surgery. By doing so, you’ll recuperate faster, and you avoid straining your hips and waist.

Recovery is Key

Although doctors do acknowledge that the right sports and exercises can help speed up recovery post-surgery, they would still recommend you to not engage in these physical activities after you have fully recuperated. If you’re a recent surgery patient yourself, you will do well to take their advice and play things cool for a while. Doing so will not only help you avoid any physical complications, but it will also enable you to heal faster, thus allowing you to return playing the sports you love.


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