Being active for a "long time" during sexual intercourse is the ultimate goal for most men. When the man peaks early during intercourse, partners are left unsatisfied and consequently frustrated.

The ability to last longer during sexual performance is what most men are looking for in order to satisfy their partner. No man would like to be called the 2 minutes man. This make them turn to medications such as samsu oil.

What exactly is Samsu oil?

Samsu oil is a herbal remedy for men suffering from premature ejaculation or rapid climax. Samsu oil is produce in jakarta— Indonesia to help men manage all conditions of premature climaxing in men. 

Samsu Oil is a potent product for the men who want strongest sex oil, that serves to reduce the level of sensitivity of the nerves of the penis, to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation and prolong ( first round for at least 30 minutes or more) the power of your sexual relationship. 

Premature ejaculation basically, is the ejaculation within one minute of starting intercourse. 

Once you apply this Samsu oil before sex, you will grow in the long delay of ejaculation, your partner will climax automatically, satisfied and addicted with your sex play. 

Samsu oil is very well known to make the women feel satisfied and hooked on the bed. 

The ingredients used in the production of Samsu oil is Zingiberis Rfizoma Root Extract and Mycroetices Semen

What Is Samsu Oil Use For? 

Samsu OilSamsu oil is used for men suffering from premature ejaculation only. The product will work for you as long as your condition is not caused by any medical condition or psychological issues. 

This product is known as the overall best in curing premature ejaculation. In addition, samsu oil is formulated for Men(not for men below the age of 18). 

🔹Samsu oil can be used to manage or control premature climaxing in it does this by reducing the oversensitivity of the p*nis

🔹By extension, it prolonge peaking to up to 30 minutes or more.

🔹The oil is also good for the improvement of sexual energy.

🔹Surprisingly, samsu also solves poor erection issues(If applied correctly). 

Samsu is very suitable to use if you don't last long during sex but end up releasing semen prematurely before you and your partner have really enjoyed the act. 

Samsu Oil Won’t Work For The Following Conditions: 

  • Samsu oil can’t be used to increase the size of your organ. Besides, there is no proven drug that will drastically increase the width and length of your penis. I am afraid, if you want a real increase, you will need surgery. I wouldn’t recommend such anyway.
  • Similarly, the product won’t give you a strong erection. 
  • Furthermore, samsu oil is not formulated to give you multiple erections. You need to have an erection before using samsu oil. However, it can help you sustain your erection.

If you apply samsu and you lose your erection, all other things being equal, you have overapplied it. reduced the quantity. Similarly, if you ejaculate quickly after using samsu oil, it simply indicates that you have been miserly with the application. Please increase the dosage a little. 

How To Use Samsu oil

It is important to know how to apply Samsu oil so as to get the desired results. Over application of the oil may cause some side effects. While applying too little of the oil may also not bring out the desired results. That's why it is very vital to know how to apply the oil for the overall best results and performance. Kindly adhere to the guides below to get the desired result. 

🔹Simply turn the bottle's opening against the tip of your finger to extract a drop. 

🔹To begin, use only around 4 drops on a non-absorbent flat surface such as flat plastic. This will be ideal if you have a damaged DVD or CD. Otherwise, a plastic flat plate will suffice. Please make sure that anything you're using isn't absorbent and is completely dry. 

🔹Apply it to the p*nis cap and let it to go around under the shaft/rod. Wait around 4 seconds for it to completely dry before putting on your clothes. You can also stroke the liquid around the other parts of the skin, but not the scrotal sac/scrotum.

🔹Make sure you apply it 30 minutes to 2 hours before you start your action. To relieve the tingling sensation that occurs quickly after application, you can wash it off after 15 minutes. 

🔹The tingling sensation is similar to that of using mentholated solutions. Don't be concerned. It's completely safe and demonstrates that the active components are working. 

🔹The efficacy will not be harmed if you wash it off. Even a bath won't help. In fact, the better the effect, the longer you wait after application. As a result, it will perform best after 3 or 4 hours from the time it was administered. 

🔹You may or may not wash off. But it’s advised you wash off, especially if BJ is part of your lovemaking routine. 

For the best results, you can have a clean bath or wash the organ clean before applying it to it. 

🔹The instruction isn’t exactly generic. With time, you’ll be able to figure out what amount of drops work best for you. 

🔹While the product isn’t toxic, it’s not edible and is for external use only. 

Samsu OilWhat are the side effects of using Samsu oil? 

These side effects occur when Samsu oil is not properly used. This are some of the side effects that can occur: 

🔹If you use too much, your fragile organ will feel like it's being rubbed with a scorching balm. The more you use it, the hotter it makes you feel. 

🔹Another adverse effect is that if you apply too much of it, it numbs you. 

🔹Please don't become addicted to it. Consult your doctor if you have any other underlying medical concerns. Furthermore, you should only utilize this once in a while. 

As you can see, when used correctly, samsu is well tolerated and has few negative effects. 

Benefits of using Samsu oil 

🔹To begin with, unlike other pharmaceutical medications, it is not chemically packed. It is entirely made up of root extracts. 

🔹Second, because samsu oil is only for external usage, it will not harm your kidneys or liver if you consume it. That's the danger with most edible herbal mixes, especially if they're not taken in the correct amounts. 

🔹It also doesn't matter whether or not you have intercourse after using Samsu Oil. An application has no adverse effects if it is not used. 


  1. Fake samsu oil is spelled differently than genuine samsu oil. The genuine product is simply referred to as "Samsu Oil," while the counterfeit is referred to as "Samsu Super Oil." 
  2. The Original comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. 
  3. After a few hours of using the original, your organ becomes bruised or inflamed. Only a tingling sensation is felt. 
  4. The counterfeit is significantly less expensive. Buying from a trustworthy provider is a safe bet. 
  5. Keep an eye out for the NAFDAC number. It's not in Samsu Super Oil. 
  6. *Samsu Oil's* liquid content does not completely fill the bottle. 
  7. There is no viscosity in the liquid. It is effervescent and does not tolerate heat. As a result, store it in a cold, dry place at all times. 

Thanks for reading through. Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments section. Have you tried using Samsu oil before? Kindly share your experience in the comments section. 


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