4 Unpleasant effects of Drugs On Physical Health


Life is progressing fast and running towards modernization with new developments every day. With society finding new ways for humans to become better by introducing new machines and technology into the market. There is a part of the community that cannot cope up with the fast life and have to rely on things like drugs to help them do and cater to normal things in life. There are many unpleasant effects of these drugs and some of the results are as follows,

Drugs damage the respiratory system

There are many different drugs such as cigarettes, marijuana and cocaine than when smoked have a significant impact on the lungs and can make an individual have respiratory issues and many other chronic diseases such as lung cancer. Many drugs can cause the lungs to go into respiratory depression which can eventually result in death or can cause the collapsing of lungs, asthma attacks or interstitial lung disease. Drugs can cause in the swelling of the lungs, if the drugs are being injected through syringes then that includes a lot of particles that can have an impact and can cause lung failure

Drug Abuse and liver

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The liver is the primary source of metabolism. A drug that goes into the system of a human being passes through the liver, and that is what makes the liver immune to injury from the overdosing of medications. Alcohol is the top on the list of the drugs that can cause damage to the liver, and if an average person tastes a drink, they will not be able to take it due to its bad taste and pathetic odour.

Alcohol can cause many diseases, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. From a recent study conducted, it has been seen that in 2015, drinking was responsible for killing 47% of people and almost 48% in 2013. Drugs can be a cause of acute liver failure, and any drug injected through a needle damaged the liver too.

Effects of drugs on kidneys

The drug that enters into the system of a human body passes through the kidneys too and has a significant impact on them before assign put of the body in the form of urine. Alcohol can reduce the function of the renal and can eventually show its contribution to chronic kidney disease. A drug known as the illicit drug can damage hard the kidneys as it causes dehydration.

Dehydration can, directly and indirectly, have an impact on the body, illicit can destroy the temperature of the body and can cause muscle breakdown resulting in death. Cocaine and heroin, on the other hand, can cause fatigue, an increase in the protein of the urine and a massive rise in edema, which means the kidneys are not working correctly.

Effects of drugs on the brain

There are many different ways in which drugs will have an impact on the brain. Constant intake of marijuana can have harm to the development of the brain. Alcohol can cause the brain structure to grow abnormally and eventually result in impairment of white microstructure and decline in cognitive. The more you drink, the more chances of you to develop dementia.

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The physical health of a person doing drugs starts to fall. They lose weight, the puke a lot. Their depression rises, they develop anxiety, the ability to keep using drugs is difficult. Lastly, they develop psychological issues such as anger. Drugs like weed are readily available everywhere, and people can buy plant online in Canada, which saves them from the hassle and has made life more comfortable.

The addiction that is developed through the drugs does give you a sensation that is out of the world for some time but then eventually with time it starts to destroy you, but then a person cannot differentiate. Thus are destroyed through the hands of drugs.

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