Which UK cities are having the most sex?


In the pandemic, many couples started having more exciting sex while locked down at home. Thousands of Brits were put on the furlough scheme with no work to do at home. Couples binged Netflix, argued about the washing up and kickstarted their sex life. There’s nothing like a national lockdown to ramp up your sex drive.

Lingerie specialist, Hunkemoller, carried out a study on the UK’s sex life. As it turns out, nine million Brits started having more sex than ever in the year of the pandemic. London was crowned the friskiest city, with a whopping 43% of residents having more sex. Leeds and Liverpool closely followed London with 31%, and Southampton and Edinburgh with 28%.

Roleplay and sex toys made an appearance in lockdown for some couples. They decided to spice up their routine and try something new. After all, there wasn’t much to get excited about in lockdown.

More people started buying sexy lingerie sets to wear both in and out of the bedroom. However, surprisingly, men were twice as likely to buy a sexy underwear set compared to women.

Charlotte Davies, Global Design and Buying Director for Hunkemoller, said: “Despite the challenges that many have faced in the last year, we’re pleased to see that so many UK couples have been making the most of their time together, with some even revealing they’ve been having better relationship experiences over the past year than ever before!

“As a brand, Hunkemöller is all about female empowerment and inclusivity, and whether they’re in a relationship, dabbling in the world of dating, or spending some much coveted time on themselves, we want every woman – and man – to look and feel their most beautiful self – especially when it comes to their underwear.

“Understandably, we were so delighted to see such a substantial rise in people making purchases over the past year from our Private Collection, a selection of more daring underwear choices that we’ve carefully designed with confidence, empowerment and seduction in mind.”

Top friskiest cities in the UK

  1. London
  2. Leeds and Liverpool
  3. Glasgow
  4. Edinburgh and Southampton
  5. Newcastle
  6. Birmingham
  7. Belfast
  8. Bristol

The UK appears to be turning down the lights and spicing up their sex life. Try something new this Christmas and wear your sexiest red lingerie set.

Make sure your hometown makes the frisky list next year.


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