Major Food That Build Strong Bodies


food-food for growth, food for energy, food to regulate the body processes, and food to replace worn-out tissues ; food adequate in amount and composition, The foods needed for the body are divided by the chemist into the following groups : water, proteins, carb ohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.
Except for water and certain minerals the ultimate source of man's food supply is the plant kingdom. Plants utilize the mergy of the sun, the oxygen and carbon dioxide of the air and the water and mineral salts, including nitrogen
compounds, from the soil to manufacture the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins which serve as foods for man.

This is in harmony with the Sacred Record which states that the all-wise Creator who made man provided him with a diet consisting entirely of fruits, grains, vegetables and nuts. It is evident that He who created man's body knew exactly the kind of food best suited for man.
Carbohydrates ptoduce heat and energy for the body.
They are found in fruits and vegetables but are most abundant in such foods as rice, spaghetti, potatoes, sweets and bread.
Fats also yield heat and energy. Those of animal sources are butter, cream, egg yolk and ghee ; and of vegetable sources.
coconut, olive, ground-nut, cotton-seed, mustard, soya bean and saffower (kardi) oils.
Proteins yield some energy but their main function is to keep up the continuous body : processes of growth and repair of
tissues. Almost all foods contain some proteins but the greatest sources are lean meats, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts,
cereals such as unpolished rice and wheat-and the legumes, peas, soya beans, beans, ground-nuts and dha1.
Minerals are needed by the body to help maintain the growth and repair of cells. All minerals are essential and are found in abundance in fresh fruits. And vegetables. Calcium and phosphorus are found in the body in larger amounts than other
minerals. Children and elderly people need twice as much of these two minerals as young adults. If the diet contains eggs,
cheese, curd, vegetables and milk, a sufficient amount of these minerals will be obtained. One must take care that the diet
contains sufficient iron. This mineral is found in all green leafy vegetables, in raisins, grapes and in liver, lean meat, egg yolk and in molasses.
Vitamins are as essential to the body as food. If one's diet contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain cereals, he will get a sufficient amount of these vitamins.
Water is not a food but it is essential in man's diet in order that his foods may be prepared for assimilation by the body.The amount  of water needed by the body depends on one's age and work and the climate. One should form the habit of drinling several glasses of water betweeh regular meals.
From these paragraphs one can see that a proper, well balanced diet may  consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, both cooked and raw, and whole grains and nuts.
Such a diet is called a "vegetarian diet. " when eggs and milk products are added to the vegetarian diet, it is called "Lacto-vegetarian." It is less difficult to keep a proper balance between the difterent food elements if the lacto-vegetarian diet is followed. Milk is a protective food since it is well supplied with certain minerals and vitamins as well as being a rich source of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Major Food That Build Strong Bodies

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The Importance of Fat in the Diet

During the last decade there has been much investigation on the subject of fats in the diet. It has been determined that the degree of arteriosclerosis in the body is directly proportional to the level of cholesterol in the blood. The blood
cholesterol level rises when the intake of saturated fats is greater than that of unsaturated fats, even when
the total amount of fat and cholesterol in the diet remains the same. In other words by including largely unsaturated fats in the
diet one can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and hence retard the progress of arteriosclerosis.
In view of this it is necessary fot us to difterentiate saturated fats from the unsaturated. The distinction is simply
this : Saturated fats are from animal sources, meat, milk, eggs and cream. With the exception of coconut oil, vegetable fats
are unsaturated. One of the best is corn oil, but best of all and also available in Southern Asia is saffower oil commonly
known as kardi oil. This is 92% unsaturated. It should be used for all cooking purposes. Margarine is made of unsaturated
vegetable fat, which does not remain firm at room temperature. It is too soft to be used as butter. The manufacturers correct
this characteristic by hydrogenating it, but by this process they change it from an unsaturated state to a saturated state,
making it no better than butter or any other animal fat. Fish oils are unsaturated.


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