How Weed Kills Cancer Cells and Slows Tumor Growth?


Cannabis has long been known for its medicinal properties. It was used to treat insomnia and pain in ancient India. It was used by the Greeks to treat ailments such as nosebleeds and tapeworms. Weed was used as a diuretic, antiemetic, and antiepileptic in Medieval Islam.

Even in the Western world, cannabis was the most commonly prescribed pain reliever until Aspirin took place in 1897. There were at least 2000 different weed-based medicines before the "war on drugs" began around 1937. Many people used to think that it's hard to get weed delivery in vancouver but now they are well aware about the stress free online service.

Let’s Learn About What Cancer is?

The term "cancer" is a broad one. It relates to diseases that occur due to cellular changes that cause uncontrolled cell growth and division. Certain cancers cause rapid cell growth, whereas others cause cells to grow and divide slower. Other types of cancer, such as leukemia, manifest as noticeable growths called tumors, whereas others, such as lymphoma, do not.

Heavy alcohol consumption, excess body weight, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition are all common causes of cancer. It should be noted that genetic factors can also play a role in cancer development. This is because a person's genetic code tells their cells when to divide and when to die, so changes in the genes can lead to defective commands, which can cause cancer.

Weed: What is it?

Various weed compounds have different effects on the human body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), for example, appears to cause the "high" experienced by cannabis users and can also help relieve pain and nausea, decrease inflammation, and act as an antioxidant. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to help treat seizures, reduce anxiety and paranoia, and counteract the "high" caused by THC – the main psychoactive that helps reduce tumor growth in cancer patients.

The amounts of these and other active compounds can vary between different cultivars (strains) of weed plants and different crops. This means that the effects of weed can vary depending on the strain.

Weed's effects also differ depending on how weed compounds enter the body. Weed is most commonly used in food (edible weed) and smoking or vaping.

Weed Taken Orally: THC is poorly absorbed when it is consumed orally, which is why it can take hours to absorb when it is eaten orally in cooking oils, beverages (beer, tea, vodka, soda), baked goods (biscuits, brownies, cookies), and candy. THC is absorbed with help of the gut, and the liver processes it, producing a second psychoactive substance (a chemical that changes mood or consciousness) with a different effect than THC. It's critical to understand that the amount of THC in weed-infused foods is frequently unknown, and consuming too much THC may result in overdose symptoms.

Weed inhaled: When weed is smoked or vaporized, THC quickly enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain. Weed inhaled has a shorter duration of action than weed taken orally. Because the second psychoactive compound is produced in small quantities, it has a smaller effect.

Does Weed Kills Cancer Cells and Slows Tumor Growth

Even if cannabis is identified as an effective natural health remedy, numerous weed cancer studies provide evidence of the herb's powerful anti-cancer properties despite an onslaught of negative cannabis warnings, most of which are likely generated by drug companies that stand to lose trillions of dollars on dangerous cancer drugs.The National Cancer Institute, which is required by law to educate Americans about cancer and the most recent research efforts, has even demonstrated that cannabis does kill cancer cells.

The organization confesses that cannabinoids in cannabis inhibit tumor growth by causing cells to die, preventing cell growth, and delaying the occurrence of blood vessels that tumors depend on for expansion.It also shows that cannabis can help with cancer-related side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, pain, and difficulty sleeping. The FDA has approved dronabinol, a pharmaceutical form of THC, and nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid drug, to treat certain conditions.

How does Weed affect cancer symptoms?

  • Several small studies on smoked weed discovered that it could help treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy.
  • Several studies have found that neuropathic pain (pain caused by damaged nerves) is treated by inhaling weed (smoked or vaporized).
  • In studies, smoking weed has also improved food intake in HIV patients.
  • There have been no human studies on weed or hemp oil effects.
  • Long-term studies have shown that people who took weed extracts in clinical trials required less pain medication.

Final Statement

There have been some preliminary clinical trials of cannabinoids in treating cancer in humans, and more research is being planned. While research has shown that cannabinoids are safe for use in cancer treatment, there is no evidence that they help control or cure the disease.

However, relying solely on weed health benefits for cancer while attempting to avoid or delay standard medical care may have severe health consequences. Consult your doctor about your doubts and weed dosage before consuming it.

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